Having a wash basin in the dining area makes perfect sense – you can wash your hands and dig right in – there is nothing coming in between you and your food! While the idea of installing an additional fixture may seem daunting, choosing the right dining room wash basin area design could validate this decision.

Plus, if you are smart enough, you could even install a double wash system to do your dishes right then, right there; or make the best use of a nook or corner wasted otherwise in your dining space. In other words, a wash basin for dining halls can be an absolute asset even for small families – and a life-saver for large ones.

Dining Room Wash BasinIf you are pretty convinced with the case that we have made for installing a wash basin in the dining area but don’t know where to get started, then we have a few dining room wash basin area designs that you can consider.

Pristine White Dining Room Wash Basin

Pristine White Dining Room Wash BasinThis dining room wash basin area design is a timeless classic that can suit every household. The marble countertop and backsplash add elegance to its appearance, while the ceramic basin makes the setup cost-effective.

Not to mention that ceramic is a lot more durable and easy to maintain than marble, which is why it is perfect as the wash basin. Those on a tight budget can get a regular countertop and cover it with marble-like wallpaper. However, you will have to do a thorough job at it because once the moisture gets into the air pockets, the entire dining room wash basin area design would turn into an eyesore!

Pair the wash basin area with a mirror, some artificial flowers, fragrant toiletries, and even tealights infused with essential oils. You get a calming sanctuary where you can shed all your worries before you sit down to eat!

Vintage Wash Basin in Dining Area

Vintage Wash Basin in Dining AreaSpeaking of sanctuaries, this wash basin in the dining area design looks like it is straight out of one! It features a vintage design, quite like what you would expect in old manors and antique structures. Plus, it is easy to install as well. The structure is entirely wall-mounted, with the faucet jutting out from the wall.

The basin outlet also goes inside the wall for a discrete look. This dining area wash basin design is entire space-efficient and inconspicuous. So, if you are looking for something subtle yet functional, then this design will do the trick.

However, don’t be fooled by its simplicity because therein lies its beauty. Despite its basic design, the Plaster of Paris (PoP) moulding around the wash basin lends a charming old-timey appearance. You can display works of local artisans or that of cultural significance and add more personality to the wash basin and dining area.

Minimalistic Stone Wash Basin for Dining Hall

Minimalistic Stone Wash Basin for Dining HallIf you are looking for something rustic and inspired by nature, then you will love this design of a stone wash basin for your dining hall. Set aside all the bells and whistles for something truly natural and raw, like this wash basin cut from stone. You can see all the grooves and “imperfections” on the outside of the basin, which only adds further authenticity to the look and feel of the wash basin.

At the same time, the inside is polished and super smooth, which makes cleaning easy and hassle-free. The shades of black and grey impart a natural colour palette, which makes it suitable for any home decor or bathroom interior design. Plus, the matte fixture makes the design look elegant, modern, and even artistic to some extent. This dining room wash basin area design is perfect for a no-nonsense decor with minimal colours.

Chic Modern Dining Room Wash Basin Modern Dining Room Wash Basin

While some would prefer a neutral and muted dining room wash basin area design as above, others would want something more glitz and glam. If you belong to the latter category, then we have the dining wash area designs for that too! This dining hall basin design has virtually everything you can dream of. You get ample countertop space to hold all your items – and some storage space below if that’s not enough.

The pinstriped wallpaper lengthens the space and makes it look roomy, while the lights are cleverly concealed between the stripes for space optimization. The warm lighting accentuates the homely look, while the geometric shapes and lines make the setup look more contemporary. We’d say that this wash basin for the dining hall is every Instagrammer’s dream!

Outdoorsy Dining Area Wash Basin 

Outdoorsy Dining Area Wash Basin DesignDo you want something more worthy of your ‘Gram, then this outdoorsy dining area wash basin design is what you need! The whimsical design promises a cosy nook that makes you one with nature. Of course, it helps that the wash basin is located in a shrine of beautiful and vibrant foliage.

Fortunately, it is not very tough to pull off – and neither is it expensive. You will find a variety of indoor or outdoor plants that can dot the area and set the base for this design. Then, all you need are some more natural elements, as we can see in this example – earthen vases, terracotta pots, jute rope, wicker basket, wooden counter – the whole nine yards. Finally, top it with a gorgeous antique mirror, and you have a fairytale wash basin area!

Portable Wash Basin in Dining Area

Portable Hand Wash Basin in Dining AreaAll the dining wash area designs explored so far are beautiful, aesthetic, and add to your home decor. But what if you want something that is purely functional and takes up as little space as possible? Sounds tricky, but we still have an option for you! This dining hall basin design looks a blast from the past – and well, it is – hence the name “wash basin”!

Despite being centuries old, it still does the job – you have the removable ceramic basin to wash your hands, a towel stand to dry them off, a mirror to check your appearance, and a jug for fresh water. Emptying the basin would be quite a chore, but at least you don’t have to tear down a wall!

Pastel Dining Room Wash Basin 

Pastel Dining Room Wash Basin

Whoever said pastel colours are timeless was not lying. This dining area wash basin design could have been from the 1960s or the 2020s; nobody knows! If you thought that the chrome faucet was a dead giveaway for the era, we’ll have you know that any designer worth their salt would make it a point to incorporate old designs to make the setup look like a time machine into the past.

Plus, when you pick an evergreen colour like teal, blush pink, charcoal or grey, and royal blue, your design can easily stand the test of time. And so, you can have a dining hall basin design reminiscent of an era bygone just with the right shades!

Bowl-Shaped Dining Hall Basin 

Bowl-Shaped Dining Hall Basin DesignThe bowl-shaped wash basin design is yet another bathroom and home decor staple that never goes out of style. Here, we have a Belgian granite basin sitting on top of a pristine white counter to create a sharp contrast. The same effect can be seen with the anodised faucet and handle against the mint grey wall, while the entire ambience is made dramatic with the mirror’s soft white backlight.

The towel reflects the same visual consistency but with varying intensity, while the lavender flowers offer a visual break. As you can see, the entire dining area wash basin design appears deliberate, with every item earning its spot in the layout. This design is not trying too hard and yet leaves a lasting impression.

Floating Dining Room Wash Basin 

Floating Dining Room Wash Basin If you are a fan of floating islands, then prepare to fall in love with its closely-related cousin – the floating dining room wash basin! Such a design is super useful if you have an open floor plan for the kitchen with an island counter and yet seek some modicum of privacy. One section of this layout can have your kitchen, while the other can be your dining area.

Then, you can partition the two, starting with the countertop – one part for cooking and one part for the wash basin. The design would also be space-efficient and strategic as the island would already have room and resources for the basin and water supply. At the same time, everything will fall in place logically – the kitchen, the dining space, and the wash basin for the dining hall.

White and Gold Dining Area Wash Basin 

White and Gold Dining Area Wash Basin DesignWe have something luxe and uber exuberant as a wrap-up of our list of ten dining room wash basin area designs. This dining area wash basin design turns up the wow factor to a 100 with its regal darkly veined marble, sparkly golden fixtures, and layered overhead lights. It strikes the perfect balance between form, fashion, and function, as every item in the wash basin area serves a specific and well-designated function.

You can also take a moment to appreciate the two handleless drawers right beneath the wash basin, which are as good as invisible! You can replicate the same design with marble with flecks of gold, obsidian or pitch-black granite, or any other monochromatic natural stone with a jewel tone. Such a wash basin for the dining hall could form a statement piece for your entire home!

Final Thoughts

Wash Basin For Dining HallThe wash basin in your bathroom may feel a little gross to use before eating, while the kitchen sinks are basically for doing dishes, making them impractical. As such, having a wash basin in the dining area can be a great way to increase hygiene.

Plus, it can utilize any forgotten corner or recess in the dining space. And when done right, the dining room wash basin area design can increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. All in all, an excellent decision.

However, if you feel confused about getting started on this journey, you can always consult a design expert at HomeLane to lead the way!


Where do you put a wash basin in the dining room?

Ideally, the wash basin in the dining room should be located near a water outlet. However, we have shared an idea of a portable wash basin in the dining area, which can be used anywhere!

How do you install a dining basin?

The process of installing a wash basin in the dining area depends mostly on the type and design of the wash basin. You may have to build a counter first, extend an existing water inlet/outlet, or wall-mount the basin – there are several things to consider even before getting started. For this reason, we would highly recommend that you leave this task to a professional.

How do I choose the right basin?

Choosing the right wash basin for the dining room depends on the space available, the design you like, the overall decor and colour scheme, your budget, etc. As a rule of thumb, we often recommend the following:

  • Opt for bowl-shaped sinks for standalone designs, or pair the wash basin with a countertop to minimise spillage.
  • Consider investing in freestanding, long, and sleek faucets to localise water flow.
  • Select a design that offers a minimum clearance of at least 4 feet so that it doesn’t cram up the space.
  • While you may be attracted to high-end materials for wash basin sinks, ceramic is the best material in terms of durability and cost-efficiency. Plus, it allows you to play around with designs and colours.

Different homes may have different requirements. So, it is best to involve an expert designer, such as that from HomeLane, to help you with this decision.

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