Wardrobes are an indispensable part of Indian bedrooms. From maximizing floor space to keeping bedrooms tidy, they are classic space-saving furniture. Modern wardrobes have a rather fascinating history, dating back to the 17th century. Back then, it was among the few early-export products from American to British soil.

However, the earliest use of wardrobes can be traced back to the 12th century. It was a worthy replacement for iron chests that people used to store clothes and valuables. In time, the wealthy nobles felt the need for more room. Standalone wardrobe ideas were introduced much later. Today, wardrobes strike a balance between design and function. From open shelves to wide panels, wardrobe design trends are evolving every minute. Here are eight trending modern wardrobe design ideas for Indian bedrooms.

1. Minimalist Wall Wardrobe Designs for Bedrooms

Minimalist wall wardrobe designs

The elegance of clean lines, neutral hues, and subtle textures are hard to let go. These days, minimalist wardrobe designs for bedrooms are a hit among Indian families living in small, compact apartments. Why? Because it saves them ample room to store special-occasion wear, especially wardrobes with slide-out drawers. Among other minimal options, a wall-fitted, wooden wardrobe is the most spacious, with dedicated compartments for seasonal and everyday wear.

2. Sliding Door Wardrobe Design for Bedroom

Sliding door wardrobe

Looking to maximize space while still keeping it stylish? Nothing beats sliding door wardrobes. Unlike hinged doors, they blend effortlessly into any interior and offer multiple customizations. For instance, you can choose mirrored doors to create an illusion of space. Fancy a contemporary touch? Say yes to frosted glass. Sliding wardrobes also rank high on eco-friendliness. Plus, you can use every inch of space. Beyond everything, it renders a timeless look, adding to your property value. Another great alternative to sliding doors is an L-shaped wardrobe design. It’s sleek and sophisticated and fits easily in small bedrooms as well.

3. The Charm Of Open-Concept Wardrobe For Bedroom

Open concept wardrobe

Open-concept wardrobes are on trend, especially for individuals who like to display their fashion-forward outfits. As a simple wardrobe design for a bedroom, the biggest USPs of open-concept wardrobes are exposed shelves and hanging rods. Together, they create a point of visual interest and entice you every time you pick an outfit or accessory. If you’re looking for wardrobe internal ideas that ensure a tidy look, go with uniform hangers and stylish storage boxes.

4. Customization Galore With Modular Wardrobes 

Do you crave a simple wardrobe design for a bedroom that is also functional? Customization is the key, and nothing comes close to modular designs. Modular wardrobes pack a punch with highly personalized storage solutions. You can choose from different drawers, shelves, and hanging rods in matching materials to complement your bedroom design. 

In contrast to conventional wardrobes, modular designs promise unmatched flexibility. They can be easily assembled and disassembled, which is great if you live in a rented apartment. Also, modular wardrobes are a practical solution for evolving consumer needs where relocation is a necessity due to employment or other needs. 

5. Industrial Wardrobes Are Chic

Industrial wardrobe design

Aesthetic and edgy, industrial wardrobes hit a different chord with consumers. Raw wood textures, exposed frames, and the glass-steel unison is sheer magic. But fair warning, industrial wardrobe designs are not for all bedrooms. For homeowners looking for a stunning wardrobe design for a bedroom, industrial models are a worthy investment. They can be seamlessly paired with other furniture pieces to complete your bedroom look. For instance, you can introduce a bedside table or a chest of drawers for additional storage. You can also bring a chair, a bench, or an ottoman to cosy up the bedroom scene. 

6. The Rise Of Bold Wardrobe Finishes

Bold wardrobe finishes

Whether it’s laminate, acrylic, or high-gloss lacquer, modern wooden wardrobe finishes are future-proof. They are focused on longevity more than style. While you can choose from multiple materials, durability and ease of maintenance top the list. Here’s a rundown of popular wardrobe finishes.

  • Laminate- It’s super easy to clean and maintain and takes minimum installation time. Plus, it’s economical and resistant to shocks and scratches. 
  • Acrylic- The most premium finish that promises super glaze and shine but can be a fingerprint magnet. 
  • Membrane- It gives your wardrobe a natural look, is available in matte, wood, and glossy finishes, and is water-resistant. 
  • PU-finish- A solvent-based high-sheen finish that works great for closet doors, has high durability, is non-reactive to acids and abrasives, is heat-resistant, and blends with any bedroom interior.
  • Veneer- An excellent option for robust wardrobe surfaces with curved edges. It prevents cracks from developing early and is economical.

Besides standard wardrobe finishes, you can also deck up things with metallic accents and glass doors.

7. Delightful Illusions With Floating Wardrobes

Choosing the right kind of wardrobe contributes to a light, dreamy bedroom scene. Floating wardrobes for bedrooms are a great option. They are wall-mounted designs that create an illusion of space above the ground. This is important, considering a small bedroom can’t handle heavy floor furniture. Floating, wall-mounted wardrobes are also a practical choice as they are easy to clean. Given varying room sizes, it’s recommended to consult an interior design expert to get a customized floating wardrobe ready for you.

8. Asymmetrical Designs For Artsy Bedrooms 

Asymmetrical models are challenging the status quo for modern wardrobe interior design. Different compartments, door styles, and finishes make way for unconventional storage solutions. Asymmetrical designs are a deliberate choice, which adds an element of surprise to the scene. Swanky, asymmetrical wardrobes also act as a functional piece of art. For instance, transparent glass doors attached to a metal frame are popular among consumers.

Closing Thoughts 

Wardrobes are undoubtedly a focal point in Indian bedrooms. And with ever-changing consumer demands, wardrobe designs have come a long way. From minimalist to asymmetric, modern wardrobe designs for bedrooms offer the full monty. But, hey, don’t just follow the trend blindly. Instead, choose one that resonates with your bedroom decor and reflects your personality and taste in decor.

At HomeLane, we are your one-stop destination for an inspiring range of wardrobe styles. Discover endless designs customized to your needs, from single-door units to multi-door armoires


Q: What are the key factors to consider before buying a wardrobe for your bedroom?

A: Selecting a wardrobe for a bedroom varies from one family to another. For starters, you will need to determine your storage requirement. Then, take into account the size of the room and plan your layout accordingly. Next comes your choice of design and finish. Remember, budget is important too. 

Q: I have a small bedroom. Should I go for a sliding wardrobe or an L-shaped wardrobe design?

A: While sliding wardrobes are a good choice for small to mid-sized bedrooms, an L-shaped wardrobe design is more suited for larger spaces. If you aren’t fond of sliding wardrobes, opt for open-concept wardrobes instead.

Q: Can you help me with some wardrobe internal ideas?

A: No two people use a wardrobe in the same way. For a made-to-order wardrobe, it makes sense to reconsider the design inside a wardrobe. Here are some pro tips to help you.

  • If you plan to store shoes and accessories besides clothes, you’ll need several similar-sized compartments.
  • For long dresses and suits, include both double and single hangers.
  • If there are more than two members in your family, it’s a good idea to split the wardrobe for individual hanging and individual space. At HomeLane, our designers can help you create flexible spaces to maximize storage.
  • Consider a shelf above if you have clothes and other items that are used less frequently. 

For wardrobe internal ideas, choose a colour scheme that compliments the exterior of the wardrobe and the overall bedroom.

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