Renovating a kitchen is perhaps the most difficult of all home improvement tasks. Adding practical and stylish solutions to the interiors within a budget requires impeccable planning and designs. From considering which material is good for a modular kitchen to bringing harmony between designs, colours and utility of items, there are endless options in textures and finishes to match your unique preference.

For most of us, kitchens have become more than mere cooking spots. It is all the more why you must consider which modular kitchen material is best! It is possible to create a well-furnished small modular kitchen with specifically designed modules manufactured and assembled for a neat aesthetic value.

Let us get to know which wood is good for modular kitchens.

Which Is the Best Material For a Modular Kitchen?


Wondering which plywood is best for a modular kitchen? It is one of the most popular choices of materials for kitchen cabinets. Plywood is manufactured by pasting multiple layers of veneered wood with resin. The material can be cut into different shapes and patterns, forming a uniform and flat surface. Thus, it is the best material for the fabrication of furniture. It is also more cost-effective and economical than most other materials.

plywood kitchen materials


 Bonding wooden particles make engineered woods with high-density and medium-density fireboards with hot glue. They are commonly used for making island modular kitchen cabinets but may be less durable than plywood. However, the smooth finish of the board makes it possible to get a neat appearance on the surface.

fireboard kitchen material


It is one of the most economic options for a parallel modular kitchen. It is very lightweight since it is engineered by compacting waste materials and sawdust. However, it is mostly used in a low-budget modular kitchen since it is the least durable of all materials.

particle board kitchen material


If you can spare the budget for it, then a wooden modular kitchen with natural wood is a great choice. Although the core wood is not the easiest to work with, the right seasoning will give the wood a natural finish. Beech and teak rubber wood are among the best options for a straight modular kitchen.

wood kitchen


Laminates are the perfect material for outer finishes as they come in various vibrant colours, finishes and textures. They are highly durable and can also be cleaned effortlessly. They are quite popular for semi-modular kitchens as they remain light on the budget.

laminate kitchen


A membrane material is factory coated around the shutter and wraps around the grooves, mouldings and sides. The result is a seamless finish which remains on the higher side of durability. It can be found in matte, wooden and glossy finishes. Nowadays, the membrane is among the most popular finishes for L shaped modular kitchens. If you want to build an acrylic modular kitchen, then the luxury, sleek and elegant make material will be perfect.

membrane material in kitchen

Polyurethane or PU

The finish of PU material can be either glossy or matte. The painting on the shutter gives it a seamless and durable finish that is quite appealing. The material is extremely durable but can often slip out of the budget for many for U shaped modular kitchen.

Polyurethane for kitchen material


It cannot be easy to decide which modular kitchen and wood are best. With so many options available to choose from, it can be a tricky task to choose the right one. Buying a new home can be stressful enough, but decorating your interiors should not be such. We at HomeLane bring you the best variety of materials for your kitchen. Read our blogs to get inspiration to redecorate your kitchen.


1. Which type of material is best for a modular kitchen?

In India, plywood is among the most favoured materials for building a modular kitchen. They provide the most feasible base for making innovative kitchen cabinets and high-design modular kitchens. They can be fashioned to get a desirable finish as well.

2. Which finish is best for a modular kitchen?

Some of the best materials which can be used for finishing kitchen cabinets are laminates. They are also commonly known as sun mica and are highly prevalent in modular kitchens. They are an excellent substitute for natural wood and can be crafted in various colours, designs and patterns.

3. Which material is most durable for kitchen cabinets?

The most durable materials for kitchen cabinets include solid wood, which adds a natural beauty to the appearance of the kitchen. It is known for its strength, longevity, durability and versatility. It can be styled using different designs, which gives it a premium look.

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