The dictionary for decor lovers has bloomed and is bursting at the seams with jargon that is both colourful and versatile. With globalization and its resultant blend of culture and fashion, new terms and phrases are constantly being added to the decor vocabulary.

Whether when buying a piece of furniture or explaining to the interior designer his/her tastes, these terms will come in handy and are very useful. Here is a list of common terms every home owner should know.

1. Antique


Any piece of furniture or object is called ‘antique’ when it is more than 100 years old. It’s type, utility, rarity and other features define whether it is truly a collector’s item. Antique pieces that are well looked after, appreciate in value over time and are considered an investment. With eclectic decor done as per one’s taste, it is common to mix with contemporary styles furniture.

2. Console Tables


A narrow wall table, often greeting guests at the entrance of a home, console tables can be used to display collectables or artefacts. They are placed in foyers and hallways and often have very ornate legs. They are also sometimes placed at the back of sofas as sofa tables.

3. Dhurrie Or Woven Rugs


Dhurries are flat woven rugs made from cotton or wool, indigenous to India. Dhurries are woven on looms in a tight-weave and are therefore strong and reversible that have diverse patterns and are made in varied colours. They can be used as floor rugs or wall rugs to ward off the chill.

4. Faux Decor


Faux is ‘false’, a term that describes materials, finishes and objects that imitate the original genuine object. Synthetic leather, embossed vinyl, man-made stone, printed wooden floor, textured paint finishes that mimic marble, stone and wood are all called faux decor.

5. Coverlet



Bedsheets are called by many names, but a bedspread specifically is also called a coverlet. It is often of a quilt variety but falls just over the sides of the bed. It is not similar to a duvet or a comforter.

6. Wall Scones

wall sconce


Having been derived from older terminology, scones are small lighting fixtures attached to the wall surrounded by ornamental brackets. They are often placed near the front gate or on the outer walls of the home. They are available in a variety of styles and mimic torch scones of old.

7. Ikat Fabric


Ikat is a type of fabric with a very distinct pattern originating from South American and Asia. Bright and bold, this fabric is characterized by the tie and dye patterning before getting stitched. The styles and patterns are very symbolic in meaning.

8. Re-purposed


Re-purposing is taking an object with one purpose and re-using it for another, often because it has run its course. This new trend is quite popular in eclectic decor, where old window frames are used as large picture frames, discarded crates are used in building new furniture, used rugs are re-purposed into carpets and trunks are used as coffee tables. Mix and match different type of chairs which can be worked as a dining table chairs.

9. Textured


Texturing is creating unevenness in a material. In fabric, texturing is the surface quality of a material, whereas, in stone, it is the size and shape of the rock grains. This adds another dimension to material, giving it depth and feel that cannot be achieved by a flat surface.

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