Also known as sofa tables, console tables are one of the key elements in home décor and home interior. They are essentially tabletops, usually supported against the wall. Tracing their origin back to the Latin term ‘consolidare’, meaning ‘to strengthen’, console tables might come off as fancy little decorative pieces of furniture. 

But, these tables can surprise you with their capacity to hold just about anything, and there are no limits to their value-add. Given their strength, they are extremely functional and can serve multiple purposes.

Here are five clever ways of making the best use of console tables:

Let your entryway speak for itself

Your home’s entryway is the first location that catches the visitor’s eye. Needless to say, it needs to be presentable and give off warm and welcoming vibes. The entryway is one of the most common areas to place a console table. Ensure you make the optimum use of the space by placing a console table that is both gorgeous and functional. You can add a bowl for keeping your guests’ keys and hooks for holding their scarves and hats.

Where to place your console table: By the entry door.

Tips on décor for your console table: We recommend putting up family photos on the console table as they always radiate positive energy. You can place an elegant yet not too flashy lamp next to the table and hang a wall mirror above it.

console table for entryway

A little drama does no harm

Your living room is a safe space for you and all your guests, and it deserves some proper decoration. Glam up your living room by providing it with a classy console table. If the walls of your living room are in subtle pastel shades, you can go for a gold-accented console table. Place a hanging, gold-toned mirror on the top of the console table and an armchair next to it. You can also put some framed art next to the mirror to add to the aesthetics.

Where to place your console table: Against the wall facing the sofa set.

Tips on décor for your console table: Try not to overcrowd your living room’s console table as this might overshadow its charm. Decorate it with little candleholders and a lamp. 

modern console table

Coming in handy in the dining room

Aren’t we all tired of the numerous trips we make from our dining table to the kitchen when we forget one thing or the other? It’s irksome to have our meals interrupted; if only we could bring our kitchens to the dining room. Well, console tables are just the solution you are looking for. Get a console table with additional and larger compartments. You can use it to store your silverware, cutlery, napkins and other miscellaneous items you might need from the kitchen.

Where to place your console table: The entrance to the dining room or next to the dining table.

Tips on décor for your console table: You can adorn the console table with centrepieces and, additionally, pair it up with some wall art or a wall mirror. You can also go for some basic vases to place on top of it.

console table for dining room

Your bedroom vanity

Console tables are a great substitute for huge dressers that occupy large spaces. You can fit in the same amount of items in your console table while they take up a much smaller area. All you need are a complementary mirror and stool. You can stash all your make-up, jewellery, ties, handkerchiefs, slings, perfumes and watches in the compartments of the table. You can even get separate little stands to hold your accessories and place them on the table.

Where to place your console table: Next to your bed, making sure the area has good lighting.

Tips on décor for your console table: There are no limits on how you can decorate your bedroom’s console table. Polaroids, fairy lights, fancy souvenirs; doll it up however you want to!

console table for bedroom

As a multi-purpose desk

Be it our home offices or study rooms, we always get frustrated when we have to go on a scavenger hunt for scattered items. Save up on the distractions and your precious time and space by getting yourself a console table. Get a compact console table with multiple drawers. You can use the shelf for keeping your laptop and books and the drawers for storing essentials like stationery.

Where to place your console table: Next to a power source.

Tips on décor for your console table: An efficient table lamp and a comfortable chair to go with the table.

console table designs

We are sure that by now, you are already eyeing these versatile pieces of furniture and are scheming on how to incorporate console tables in your home. Well, home décor can be such a task. HomeLane does just the job for you. We serve all your home décor and home interior needs so that your home gets the best possible makeover. It deserves nothing less!

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