Many apartments do not have the luxury of dedicated foyer space. When the front door opens directly into the living room, it is often difficult to demarcate spaces neatly. In most home interiors, foyers are typically used to hang bags, keys, jackets and umbrellas and to store frequently used shoes. It’s also nice to have a small entry point so that guests do not see the whole living room all at once.

Don’t worry; with a little bit of ingenuity, you can create a functional and aesthetic entryway, even if your home doesn’t automatically have one.

Demarcate the Entryway Using Furniture

The foyer is the first space that your guests see when they enter your home and it should be a cheery, welcoming spot regardless of how big or small it is. This eclectic entryway is defined by a stylish coat stand, a mirror, some plants and a woven chest. If space is at a premium, you can get some pretty enamel or metal wall hooks for your coats and umbrellas.home interior look like Entryway

Create a Partition Wall

If space permits, a great way to direct the traffic and add a sense of privacy is to create a partition wall. It could be a solid wall or just a wooden bookshelf that serves to separate the entryway from the rest of the room. You could have it up to the ceiling, or just the lintel height; either way it creates a foyer where there was none.

Define the Space Using a Rug

A colourful runner or rug alongside some seating works well to demarcate and define the space, even in an open room. This rough-hewn bench seat accommodates shoe storage in the drawers underneath.

Wooden Ledges on the Wall

Here’s another great idea for a smaller space. Wooden ledges on the wall can hold bags and hats, or even small artefacts, while the wall hooks alongside hold jackets and coats. The large mirror bounces light around and makes the home interior space look more spacious than it is. The tiny seat with shoe racks below is just right for several pairs of shoes.

Mark the Entryway with a Console

Dress up and define the space next to the door with a console, add a mirror or a couple of pictures above it, and you have the perfect entryway! The console can tidily house your keys, your mail and umbrellas, jackets, newspapers and so on.

Minimal Décor for Maximum Utility

Especially if your home is on the smaller side, you can go minimalistic in the foyer so that your interior doesn’t look cluttered as soon as you enter. We love this foyer décor that’s spot-on the minimalism, with an intriguing lean-to ladder that can be used to hang coats, small potted plants, or bags. The small table can be used to drop off things when you walk in through the door.entryway decor

Does your entrance door open straight into your living room, too? If you have any great home interior ideas to circumvent this problem, do add a comment below and share with our readers! And if you need help with your interiors, talk to the experts at HomeLane today.

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