The Kanagasabai family had a very simple design brief—that of maximising storage, while blending utility with aesthetics. IT professional Rajaguru and his wife Jhansi, a business analyst in a software company in Chennai, share the home with their parents Kanagasabai and Karpagam. 

“Our home should reflect who we are,” Jhansi tells us, “And that was the most important thing to me!” The elder Kanagasabai adds his thoughts, “After work, we need a place to rest, and we can’t stay just anywhere—it should be our home!” And Rajaguru sums it all up, “We wanted the home to be very calm, without any flashiness. We wanted it to be plain, simple and sweet!”

The HomeLane team from the Thuraipakkam centre in Chennai was roped in to craft a low-key design that is centred around comfort and practicality. Every expanse is well-planned, giving equal importance to form and function; with light coloured walls, streamlined furniture and bursts of colour lending a cohesive aesthetic. In every room, visually captivating focal points garner visual interest, while meticulously curated furniture and furnishings anchor each space.

Delightfully warm, inviting, and infused with the vibrant spirit of its owners, this lovely apartment is everything a home should be, and then some more! Let’s take a look at how each space in this Chennai home makes for a harmonious whole.

The living room sets the tone for the rest of the home, leading the way in understated elegance! Soft shades of cream provide a serene backdrop, while the carefully chosen gold-patterned wallpaper lends a timeless air. The old-fashioned seating in wood and wicker is perfect for entertaining guests and enjoying quiet family time. The entertainment centre blends into the backdrop, seamlessly adding functional storage and space for displaying artefacts.

The four-seater dining table in dark wood is simple and practical, and is drawn up against one wall to maximise space. The crockery unit in black and white incorporates a pooja unit as well. At the far end of the room, French windows with striking beige and brown curtains open to a light-filled balcony.

Karpagam is all praise for the tech-empowered design process that HomeLane followed. As she tells us, “We could view the 3D designs on the computer right at the very beginning. Earlier, everything used to be done by carpenters, but now things are not like that. We know how each space is going to turn out when finished, and it feels great to see that on the computer!”

Another view of the open concept living-dining space shows how the subtle, clearly defined material selections and colour palette underpin the design vocabulary that is used throughout the house. Thoughtfully planned yellow LED lighting fixtures cast a glow of warmth that beautifully complements the décor.

Jhansi tells us that the family decided to sign up with HomeLane after a lot of thought. “HomeLane was actually not the first option for us, and we explored a lot of other companies as well. But the clarity and confidence in designing we got from HomeLane, we didn’t get from the rest—so that is why after comparing with so many others, we went back to them!” And after they moved into their finished apartment, they were truly happy with their choice, as every bit of space has been cleverly utilised and all their requirements were met.

Here, a little corner near the kitchen has been put to good use by adding a hand wash area with a vanity. A circular mirror bounces and reflects light, enhancing the brightness in the space.

The crockery unit is uniquely styled around a black and white canvas, with a judicious mix of deep drawers and closed cabinets that serve to store dining essentials. Glass shutters above the counter showcase the family’s collections of fine glassware and ceramics. The pooja unit is cleverly integrated into this design, hidden behind shutters with intricate CNC-cut jaali designs.

The black and white kitchen is modern and sleek, with cabinets made of high gloss laminate that can be easily cleaned. Moroccan tiles in the backsplash add a touch of pattern and neatly tie the upper and lower cabinets together. 

Deep drawers below the gleaming black granite counter hold pots and pans and bulky utensils. The drawers and cabinets are handle-less, adding to the streamlined aesthetic.

Essential spices and daily-use staples are stored together in a glass-fronted cabinet, allowing for easy access while cooking. Open shelves alongside hold frequently used items like jars of sugar and salt, tea and coffee. 

A vibrant aqua shade on the wardrobes and entertainment unit lends vibrancy and tonality to the master bedroom, while the textured bed linen dials up the aesthetics and ties the décor in with the wooden furniture.

The designers have maximised the storage space by seamlessly adding a loft that runs the entire length of the wall, allowing to store seasonal items that need not be accessed regularly. A storage unit next to the window doubles up as a table top on which Jhansi has placed her small collection of lush potted plants.

Rajaguru and Jhansi both work from home on weekends, and need a quiet space for Zoom calls. Next to the door, a built-in work desk is designed with ample storage, and follows the same colour language that runs through the space.

As Rajaguru points out, “The wardrobes are all designed with smooth closing doors, and the sliding shutters help to create more space in the room and give a cosy feel!” He adds, smiling, “Everyone who comes home asks us who has done the interiors! They are all impressed with the top-notch quality and have even enquired about the cost!” HomeLane has given the Kanagasabais the best quality materials and workmanship at highly competitive rates.

Jhansi walks us through the parents’ room, telling us how the design unfolded. “For my in-laws, we wanted to try something new, and felt that they should also experience these new-age features. HomeLane showed us many interior design options, and they picked one that worked for them!”

Karpagam adds, “Our old house in Madurai has a very open design; it was a very simple construction made with limestone and cuddapah stone. In this house, we have explored modern designs. HomeLane promised that everything will be taken care of. They picked really good designs and did it really well.”

In the parents’ room, wardrobes in pale pink —Karpagam’s favourite colour— add a delightful hint of pastels. Here, too, the end-to-end loft cabinets stretch out every bit of storage space, helping to keep the room clutter free.

Wrapping up their experience with HomeLane, Rajaguru beams, “If there’s any homeowner who is looking for interior design recommendations, HomeLane at Thuraipakkam is the best!” And his mother adds, “Our home looks a whole lot better than before. We loved it, it’s marvellous!”

Loved the way the HomeLane team has worked its magic on the Kanagasabai’s home in Chennai? If you’d like our expert designers to hand hold you through your home interior journey, do get in touch for a free consultation today. We’ve got plenty more ideas where these came from! 

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