Let’s face it. Given a choice, there’s no child who really likes to do their homework, or sit down with their school books. They’d much rather go to the nearby park, or brave the Minecraft dungeons to take down the evil virtual enemy. But sadly, homework is a part of their lives, and there’s no escaping it.

So how can you win favour with your kids and get them to do their lessons without a daily struggle? Design a cool study table that’s comfortable, personal and above all fun—and you might just find that you won’t have to call them twice!

Here’s how you can do away with the homework problem once and for all! These beautifully designed study tables are guaranteed to set the right mood and make study time a pleasure. Ready to get inspired?

Craft Desk

Your busy bee can create little masterpieces on this simple oakwood desk, set up right next to a white storage ladder. The table folds up when not in use, so it’s perfect for a compact playroom.

Of Blues and Greens

A blue-green palette is always calming and restful, and if you have a child who needs to be calmed down this is the perfect space for him. There’s plenty of built-in storage in blue and white; all around the study desk and even under the bed.

Loft Bed and Desk

Children love climbing, and this loft bed is one that your little one is sure to love! The storage makes great use of the vertical space below the platform, and the desk is placed right below the window to capture all the natural light.

Creative Corner

Kids always have more toys than they can count! Keep them organised with this creative corner unit that uses storage boxes in bold colours to put away all their Legos and blocks. As they grow older, the storage shelves can be used for books and gadgets.

Tucked Below the Window

Sitting pretty below the skylight windows is this little white desk with a unique, ergonomically designed kiddie chair. Just the right size for your precocious kindergartener who’s just learning to read!

Twin Desks

A two-seater corner desk right by the window is perfect for two kids, who each get their own storage shelves alongside. The cheerful prints in the wallpaper, bedcovers and rug make this a high energy space, perfect for kids who pack a lot of activities into each day!

Kiddie Workstation

What a gorgeous workstation for your little one! The corner table is fitted with storage cabinets on one side and wall cabinets on the other, and offers up plenty of space for the most creative of pursuits alongside some serious A-B-Cs.

Upcycling Ideas

Catch them young! Teach them about the value of upcycling with this charming homework corner that has storage fashioned out of old pinewood crates. The hexagonal shelf units can be easily put together by the DIYer in you.

Fold-away Desk

This Wall-mounted Table is the perfect solution for a corner that’s short on space. The table itself folds up into a scribble pad when not in use, neatly covering the wall behind.

Keep These Design Tips in Mind

Natural light energises children, so if the study area can be organised around the window that will be a huge plus.

  • Make sure there’s enough storage that’s accessible right from the desk. Children get distracted easily, and if they have to cross the room to get to their supplies, they might never make it back to their books!
  • Add some fun elements to their study space. Pretty decals, posters they love, mobiles hung from the ceiling, or samples of their own artwork could do it.
  • You can never go wrong with indoor plants! Add some greens in pretty pots around your child’s work desk, to refresh the air and liven up the space.
  • Make it easy for your child to keep her things organised. If she has to climb up on a chair to reach the shelf, you can be sure she won’t be using it! Scale heights down so that everything is accessible.
  • Children grow up before you know it. Smart furniture that grows with your child is a great budget-friendly option. A table with adjustable heights, for instance, will stay with your child for a long time; rather than one that she will outgrow all too quickly.
  • A whiteboard or chalkboard nearby comes in handy if you’re helping with the homework session. You can always use the board to sketch out concepts.
  • Always plan for focused task lighting from the side, such as a reading lamp, in addition to general ambient lighting around the desk.
  • Plan to have child-safe electrical sockets just below the desk and use a wire manager to pull the wires up, in case your little one wants to plug in a gadget while working.

Kids will love a creative workstation that’s fun, and can double up as a space for playing, craftwork or reading when their homework is all done and dusted! Loved our ideas, but need help with the specifics? HomeLane Junior can help. Connect with us today.

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