With WFH, a.k.a. work (study) from home becoming a part of the ‘new normal’ scenario, study tables make an imperative addition to your home. After all, you need a proper setting to work long hours or attend online classes and meets from home. Right?

Sitting on the bed or couch with the laptops literally on your lap is not a healthy solution at all. You might get a portable laptop table and sit wherever you want. But, that is not a permanent fix either. And the dining-cum-living area? Well, that might not be the ideal place to work or study. And you know why? Also, there might be space constraints at your home.


Your problems are genuine, and we know how to troubleshoot them. How about getting a wall-mounted study table? It is functional yet stylish. And will make your home decor ideas work while allowing you to work comfortably.

Wall Mounted Study Table Designs are space-saving and practical. No wonder more and more homeowners are considering these.

Are you also looking forward to buying a wall-mounted and foldable table but are confused about how to go about it? Relax. Here we have rounded up some expert tips that will make choosing the right product easy. 

So, let us get started.

Choosing A Study Table To Suit Your Needs

It is always a good idea to know about the features of a given product before taking it home. So, when it comes to wall-mounted study table designs, you need to consider the size, design, shape, ease of installation, and placement in the first place. 

The Right Size Makes The Perfect Nook

Do you need a study table only for official purposes? Do you think you may run out of open space after hanging a table? Make sure to consider the size. A wall-mounted table should not be too big or too small. It should be adequate to allow you to set your computer and accessories without making things cluttered.


Space-saving Does Not Necessarily Mean Cramming

Besides size, you should also watch out for the design and style of a table. Some wall-mounted study tables also come with storage options. If space-saving is on your mind, you may opt for a model that offers extra space for storing essentials. Whether you are looking for Wall Mounted study table designs for a comfy home office or your hyper-active kid’s study, a minimalistic design makes the perfect fit.

Corners Have Something Special

If the corners of your bedroom or study appeal to you, why not get a wall-mounted study table for your favourite corner? A simple, sleek, and classy corner study table will do the magic. It will enhance the decor of your room while not eating up room space. 

Play with Wall Mounted Study Table Designs

Can’t get your eye off the stunning wall-mounted desks you see at home improvement stores? You can get those designs to your home as well. All you need to do is play with the colours, designs, and textures of the shelves in line with the current decor of your home. Always buy a piece of furniture according to the existing ornamentation of your home or a specific area. Or else, it can mar the entire interior decor.

Make It Blend Effortlessly

Workstations or study desks are not mere furniture or home decor items. These also impact your performance and productivity. So, make sure not to undervalue your study table and how it looks. Go for a design that not only meets your needs but seamlessly blends with the colour and decor scheme of your study. Go for something that motivates you.

Go The No-frill Way

You know that at some point in time, your 9 to 5 life would resume. Therefore, you do not want to spend lots of bucks on buying a study table. No worries. How about a no-frill study table that is good enough to meet your requirements – a table that disappears once your work is over? These foldable study tables do not eat a lot of space. The best part – you can fold them when you do not need them.

Tailor Your Study Table Your Way

Are you someone pretty sure and nit-picky about what you want? Do you love being in sync with what you do or choose? You can customise your study table according to your preferences. Many home improvement stores provide high-quality customised products at affordable prices. So, you can consider checking out those stores online. If you are looking for wall-mounted study table designs for your kid’s study, made to order styles makes the best choice.

Space Constraints Do Not Matter Anymore

If you have limited space at your home, go for compact and ergonomically devised wall-mounted study table designs. You may find a table with inbuilt storage space and some hooks to go well with your needs. A study table on wheels is also good to go.

Study tables make a crucial part of your daily routine. Plus, it is also related to your overall health. So, make sure not to compromise on choosing a quality product. At HomeLane, you will find a plethora of options that you will love.

Available in a diverse range of materials, designs, and colours, the workstations and wall-mounted study table designs with them exude quality and class. If you wish, you may seek expert advice from their interior design professionals. Or else, you may use their 3D design tool, SpaceCraft, to find the right product within your budget.

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