The kitchen is one of the most functional rooms in the house that is packed with appliances, cabinets, and many other useful objects. Integrating windows is the only way to add more character and embellishment to the space.  There are a few things that one needs to consider when selecting window designs for the kitchen.

Kitchen window design is an essential architectural element that can truly transform the entire space. Typically, the window is placed above the sink, but it is not always the case with contemporary design. Modern-day designers always focus on enhancing daylight exposure, which helps create beautiful views inside the kitchen. Homeowners should consider some modern window ideas to add much-needed aesthetics to their kitchens.

modern window ideas for kitchen

Modern Kitchen Window Design Ideas

Modern designers are taking on traditional designs and adding their contemporary touches. Frameless windows over the sink that are open to a green backyard or a swimming pool are an excellent choice. Some designers also use this space to create an open home bar- as the window opens, the bar is ready to use.

Modern kitchen window designs that feature traditional designs always have a size advantage over the usual panes used in kitchen windows. Besides, contemporary frames have a much different appearance than traditional ones. The panes are slimmer and have a more industrial look to them.

Backsplash Window

Backsplash on a letterbox window is an excellent alternative to allow maximum light in the kitchen. When the kitchen does not have sufficient windows, using a backsplash window helps bring in maximum light. Installing a letterbox window is the simplest of all, and it forms a part of the cooking top. Such a simple kitchen window design is also easier to clean and maintain.

backsplash window

Panoramic Windows

Panoramic windows are the best type of kitchen window design to get excellent views from the kitchen. They are an excellent investment to give the kitchen an airy feeling. However, it also includes an additional cost as the house needs to be located in a picturesque pot to make the windows work.panoramic windows

Transom Windows

Transom windows are great as they enhance the aesthetics and also bring sufficient delight to the interiors. Some variations look like Kitchen Window and add a perfect element for contemporary kitchens.transom windows

Big Windows

Big windows that border the kitchen or function as doors are a lot more practical than any other type of kitchen window. Homes with an excellent outdoor area can install these windows to have better access to the kitchen. They also look impressive in terms of architectural design.

big windows

Window Seat

The kitchen window seat is gradually becoming popular among homeowners. It makes for an excellent space to keep an eye on your favourite meals. The addition of a bench along with a couple of questions makes a window look special window seat

Kitchen Window Design with Shutters

If you have the luxury of too much natural light in your kitchen, why not add trendy shutters like the one shown below to your kitchen window design? This is the perfect example of form meets functionality for a modular kitchen with windows. Don’t forget to notice the smaller windows on top of the backsplash for added ventilation.

Plus, this kitchen small window design adds more character to the space and makes it look complete. You can always add fresh greens around the window sill to give it a green makeover. Finally, remember that you can always experiment with different window shapes, sizes, and forms if the space allows and transform your kitchen into an open and airy space.small kitchen window design

Modular Kitchen Ideas with Big Windows

People owning apartments on a higher floor can consider installing large windows in the kitchen to enjoy the outdoor view and maximum ventilation. Big windows allow the occupants to enjoy the serene view of the street and clear blue sky while taking a meal by the window.

Similarly, natural light gives much-needed warmth and brightness to a kitchen. Adding a glass door helps bring in sufficient daylight inside the kitchen. Large casement windows add to the kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and also give a clear view of the outside.

It provides a stunning view of the outside and uses the kitchen with a bright and airy ambience. Natural light makes it easier to spot things, particularly when cooking meals. It also increases storage space inside an L-shaped modular kitchen. The light also enhances the beauty of polished cabinets and the floor.

kitchen windows ideas

The layout of the kitchen itself largely influences the design of the Kitchen Window. A large kitchen window can become a functional element of the cooking space. Designing a contemporary kitchen can become quite tricky when selecting the right window size and design. Homeowners should consider the above-mentioned factors and consult with an experienced designer to figure out the right window for their kitchen.

An interior window is something that can help open spaces get more light and air. Contemporary designers prefer to maximise the number of windows without affecting the architectural design. It opens up the interior space to get more light. The addition of big windows is an excellent solution in places where the small modular kitchen is tucked away in a corner and has no windows. Modern Kitchen Window Ideas help homeowners create kitchens that will make cooking pleasurable.

At present, a long shaped window is also trending as it increases light and ventilation simultaneously. It also lends an elegant look to a straight modular kitchen. Minimalist house ventilation is a general-purpose design that almost fits all types of pigeons. Homeowners can also choose to change the size of the glass as per their requirements. Such kinds of windows are relatively easier to modify depending on the available air volume.

simple kitchen window design

If you are planning to design a window for your kitchen, then visit Homelane. You can also choose to visit their offline stores to get a 3D visualisation of Kitchen Window Ideas. Their team of design experts guides clients in selecting the best window design and size for the kitchen. The company uses a process design approach to provide high-quality interior solutions.


1. Which Window Is the Best for the Kitchen?

When it comes to understanding the best kitchen windows ideas, consider the following kitchen window design ideas:

  • Glass window design for kitchen for unobstructed views of the outdoor
  • Corner window kitchen design to maximise the available space and make use of awkward corners
  • Kitchen sliding window design for unparalleled convenience and ease of use

2. What Type of Window Is Used in the Kitchen?

If you are looking for a simple kitchen window design, go for sliding windows. You can choose between single-hung, double-hung,  and slider window styles.

3. What Type of Window Is Best over a Kitchen Sink?

You can take inspiration from the following modern kitchen window design ideas for over-the-sink:

  • Garden kitchen window design: This is perfect for a modular kitchen window design. Think of it as a miniature form of a greenhouse, which reflects the natural light from multiple angles. You can even beautify the space with fresh greens and houseplants.
  • Sliding kitchen window design: One of the most user-friendly kitchen window designs, the sliding window design can be customised to the width of your kitchen sink.
  • Casement kitchen window design: You can go for French casement kitchen window designs that have two sashes and offers a wide opening from the centre of the window. There’s no central post in the window frame blocking your view.
  • Double-hung kitchen window design: Another popular kitchen window design is the double-hung window, which offers the ability to open either the lower or upper sash and efficiently ventilate the kitchen area.

4. How High Should a Window Be in a Kitchen?

When it comes to modern kitchens with windows, your windows must be placed at the height of 42 inches. Remember that a modular kitchen with windows is placed at a higher height than the rest of the rooms in the house. Also, placing your window higher will provide additional space to create storage-friendly lower cabinets or create a creative backsplash to boost your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.

5. Why Is There a Window above the Kitchen Sink?

Ever wondered why a modular kitchen design with windows is conceptualised in such a way that the window is placed above the kitchen sink? There are many reasons for this, such as:

  • Lighting: At this height, you get the advantage of the most natural light streaming in.
  • Dish drying: Your plates will dry quicker if you wash the dishes manually.
  • Fresh air: Another advantage of having the window above the kitchen sink is that your kitchen will always be properly ventilated with fresh air, and this will allow you to get rid of unwanted smell.

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