Small kitchens need big ideas, some smart designs and ingenuity. If your new apartment has a tiny kitchen and you are looking to make the best of the space available, here are some ideas from HomeLane‘s experts:

1. Small Cabinets

Having a small kitchen means that you are forced to cut down and prioritize your belongings. Since there is so little space, you will keep only your most used and most loved items. Small cabinets like this can go up anywhere, either towards the ceiling, over the window space or even on bare walls.

modular kitchen design ideas for small kitchen

2. Open Shelves

Adding open shelves allows you to keep all your frequently used items within easy reach. Open shelving is relatively inexpensive, allows you to showcase all your fancy dishware and makes your kitchen look more welcoming.

Trendy kitchen decoration for small kitchen


3. Pot Racks

It’s easy to see why more and more homeowners are choosing to install pot racks in their kitchens. Not only do they look beautiful but they are also very functional because they are made a lot more accessible. Heavy pans and vessels take up a lot of real estates if stored in cupboards – something that small kitchens lack anyway. Racks can be installed over the counter, window or stove.

modular kitchen in small space


4. White Cabinets

In small kitchens, white cabinets have a dramatic effect of brightening the space and making it look larger than it is. Also, white cabinets go well with a variety of wall colours.

simple modular kitchen designs for small space


5. Copper Shelves

Copper utensils have been a popular option for a long time, but now the metal is also being used on shelves and furniture accessories. Copper shelves are simple, open and mimic the open kitchens of olden times – not to mention that the colour is a beautiful addition in any kitchen.

simple small modular kitchen


6. Black Colour Cabinets

Black cabinets may not be a popular choice, especially in a small kitchen – in fact, it even goes against what we said earlier about white kitchens. However, if you have sufficient lighting in your kitchen, your bold choice might just pay off. Black looks amazing when used correctly. Make sure that you balance it well with light coloured walls.

small modular kitchen designs


7. Mirrors in the Kitchen

Mirrors reflect light and make small rooms appear brighter and larger. You may already be using this principal in your living room or bedroom, so why try it out in the kitchen as well? It will definitely be a unique addition to your design.

modular kitchen designs for small kitchens

8. Metallic Sheen

Using stainless steel in the kitchen is a very modern and trendy look. The elegant and silvery sheen reflects the surroundings, making the room appear larger while adding interest and dimension.

small space small modular kitchen


9. Glass Doors

Glass doors are an elegant solution for small kitchens as give the illusion of the cooking space extending into the dining or living area. This also works if the glass doors open into the garden or balcony.

modular kitchen for small kitchen


10. Saturated Colours

A new trend in kitchen design is choosing a lovely colour and dipping your kitchen in it.

small modular kitchen designs catalogue


11. Electric Cooktop

Have you ever wondered how a gas cooktop takes up much space on kitchen counters? Just replacing it with an electric cooktop that doubles up as a countertop can automatically increase the space.



12. Kitchen Plate Racks

Vintage plate racks are making a big come back. You could display your dishware on countertops or mounted on walls using these racks.

kitchen plate racks

Tiny kitchens and small apartments offer a great canvas to test your design and decor skills. If you take it on as a creative challenge, there are lots of options you can explore. For more design ideas on small kitchens, reach out to us at HomeLane.



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    Yes, I agree “electric cooktop”, automatically increase the space.
    And “pot racks”, It looks very messy -_-
    But, you put the great ideas for my small kitchen design inspiration.thanks.

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    StarHardware Reply

    I totally agree with you that that small kitchen needs some really creative ideas to look spacious and look beautiful. People are always confused with tiny kitchens and end up with unsatisfied kitchen designs. Thanks for sharing some important design ideas for tiny kitchens, its really very helpful.

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    It’s very awesome post! This post useful for all. These are luxury interior kitchen designs. I really loved it! Modular kitchens are is the main part of home. Thanks for sharing wonderful information to us. Keep it write more!
    I Will share to my social media.

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    Josh Taylor Reply

    Nice blog about bathroom and kitchen remodeling services Charlotte.

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    Anuj Tomer Reply

    Very good collection of trending modular kitchen designs, Modular kitchen provides you more storage area compare to regularly designed kitchen, more storage means more food, more cabinets etc. So I will suggest you to upgrade your kitchen to have more space and keep going with latest trends.

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