Doesn’t a well-lit room make you feel relaxed after a long day? Isn’t relaxing, snuggling, or daydreaming in bed so much better with some charming bedroom accent lights?

Lighting can make or break the mood of your bedroom. When it comes to establishing a comfortable personal sanctuary, mood lighting in the bedroom plays a major role. A bland bedroom can easily be transformed into a cosy space with the right selection of bedroom accent lights.

Accent lights can completely transform any room, especially the bedroom. Let’s explore 7 creative ideas to offer you the best snooze experience.

1. Elegantly Dropping Pendants

One of the most elegant bedroom accent light designs is that of pendant lighting. There are numerous possibilities when it comes to these charming light fixtures. You can play with the heights and shapes of the pendants and have them hanging over your bedside table as well.

This layout is highly functional – these lights can come in handy for reading your favourite novel while you’re all settled and cosy in the bed. You can either go for a modern look with warm lighting or bring back a retro vibe by opting for colourful pendants.

2. The Zen Experience

Don’t we all wish to get engulfed in a zen experience as we step into the bedroom? The soothing vibes and softness of zen lighting can calm the mind and help you sleep better. How about taking an exceptional route and concealing lights in the headboard?

Beautiful and balanced! These bedroom accent lights can be added as an alternative for side table lamps and you can opt for the warmth of light colour based on your preference.

3. Getting Things Done with Task Lights

The work from home culture is here to stay and most of us find the perfect productivity zone in our bedrooms! If you’ve found your productive nook in the bedroom, it’s important to add task lighting.

Strategic placement of task lighting can also boost creativity and help you get things done at a good pace. Whether you opt for table lamps or wall-mounted task lighting, let unlimited and uninterrupted light flow, and help you stay focused as you work.

4. Bedroom Mood Lighting

At the end of a stressful day, all you want to do is lay in bed enveloped by ambient lighting, right? Well, that’s what mood lighting in bedrooms is for. Experience a superlative calming experience with the soft glow of ambient mood lighting.

Welcome natural light for the day and go for ceiling lights to brighten up the room in the evenings. If your bedroom has a higher ceiling, it’s best to place ornamental chandeliers, flush-mounted ceiling lights, or pendant lighting.

5. The Versatile Dimmers

Another bedroom accent light design is the dimmer, which can transform your bedroom from an extremely well-lit room to a cosy space with ambient, serene lighting. Pair these versatile lights with another primary source of light and let these accentuate the room’s aesthetics. Dimmers make for the perfect transitional lighting and can take you from work mode to sleep mode in no time and with minimal effort.

6. The Perfectly Balanced Layers

When it comes to mood lighting in the bedroom, there’s no single type of lighting that can form the ambience on its own. It takes well-balanced layers of mood lighting, task lights, and accent lights to brighten up the room and prove ornamental.

Layer the lighting through walls and ceilings but ensure that there’s a harmony within the types of lights used and overall a sense of balance and completeness is attained in the design. As you’re layering the lights, don’t forget to bring in natural light too.

7. Bedroom Accent Lights

Do you have a feature wall in your bedroom that needs to get the most attention? Or perhaps your favourite artwork hung on a wall? How about adding bedroom accent lights and flaunting the bespoke beauty of the feature wall design? This smart hack not only highlights the texture or pattern of the wall but also offers a pleasant vibe in the bedroom.

Play around with the uplighters and downlighters to achieve an enticing pattern that itself is a feature on its own.

We want our bedrooms to be extremely bright, somewhere between the light and dark, and totally dark as per our moods and a perfect combination of lighting solutions can help you achieve the right look. For more ideas, head to the HomeLane blog. 

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