You might have a fine collection of gold and silver jewellery, precious gems or just a lot of trinkets and baubles that aren’t worth much but have precious sentimental value. Whatever your collection looks like, you should always prioritise safe storage solutions that will keep your valuables safe; and keep them in mint condition, free from dust or moisture.

Jewellery Organiser

When you know exactly where every bangle or bracelet is—and can get to it in an instant—you’ll be able to get ready for your special evening in super quick time! What’s more, by sorting out your jewellery and optimising your available storage space, you’ll ensure that every piece not only gets the attention it deserves, but also gets worn once in a while!
Here are some invaluable tips for keeping your jewellery organised.

1. Inspect and Sort Out Your Jewellery

The very first step is to go through everything you have, and keep aside any pieces that need to be repaired. If you’d like to give anything away, now’s the time to do it. Next, sort out your jewellery by grouping sets together (like a set of matching earrings, bangles and necklace set). And finally, you can sort out the rest by type—bangles together, chains together and so on. Separating them out by type will help to avoid misplacing valuable items.

Inspect and Sort Out Your Jewellery

2. Invest in a Jewellery Box for Valuables

For fine jewellery, a velvet-cased box that is airtight and can be locked, if needed, is ideal. Pick one that has separate storage compartments for each type of jewellery. Stone earrings should be clipped onto an earring holder, so that they don’t knock against each other and damage loose stones. The same goes for bangles with precious stones, which should be stored in a way that they don’t move around.

Jewellery Box for Valuables

3. Pin up Board

The jewellery you wear everyday needs to be easily accessible, and a drawer or small chest of drawers atop your dressing table is the ideal place to store these items. These may not be as valuable, and do not need to be under lock and key—but should be easy to find when you need them.
A mini pin up board with pegs is a great organiser for everyday baubles and trinkets. Hang it inside your closet, or on the wall next to your dresser.

Pin up Board

4. Detangle Necklaces and Chains

Necklaces and long chains tend to get all knotty if stored flat, as most of us have found to our chagrin! The best way to store these fragile items is to drape them on a rod that has one end left free, through which you can slip chains that do not have a clasp. This way, you can also see all of your collection at one glance and can pick out the one that goes best with your outfit.

Necklaces and Chains

Here’s another easy way to store pretty chains! A wooden reaper with ceramic knobs screwed on becomes a holdall for bead jewellery.

Detangle Necklaces

This steel stand can be placed on your dresser or night stand, and is a convenient way to store bangles, bracelets and necklaces. Having your collection in open view is also a great way to do a quick visual inventory and keep track of everything you own.

store bangles, bracelets

5. Mini Chest of Drawers

Each tiny drawer in this mini chest of drawers can hold a couple of pieces of jewellery for everyday use. This might not be the best storage option for precious valuables, however, as it is not airtight and fine jewellery will get oxidised and tarnish when exposed to outside air.

Mini Chest of Drawers

6. Desk with Hidden Jewellery Compartment

The top of this space-saving desk opens up to reveal a mirror and compartments for holding pieces of jewellery—an ingenuous idea that simplifies your daily routine.

Jewellery Compartment

7. Display and Store

A lovely way to display your collection, even as you keep it safe, is by investing in some pretty jewellery holders. This creative organiser in the shape of a hand can show off quite a few of your pretty trinkets!

Display and Store

8. Get Creative with Upcycled Picture Frames

Think twice before discarding old picture frames! This lovely upcycling idea transforms them into unique, innovative necklace holders—the perfect size to go inside your closet shutter or on the wall next to your dresser unit. Use acrylic paints to give the frame a new look and match it to your bedroom colour palette!

Upcycled Picture Frames

9. Add Lockable Jewellery Drawers to Your Closet

Whether you have a lovely walk-in-wardrobe, like the one shown here, or just a compact built-in closet, you can always carve out some space for your jewellery. A walk-in closet can have a dedicated jewellery cabinet with a clear glass top and drawers, so that everything is in its place and stored safely.

Lockable Jewellery Drawers

If you’re creating drawers inside the wardrobe, always use velvet-lined organisers with compartments that can accommodate all your pieces, neatly separating them out.

drawers inside the wardrobe

10. A Safe Is Always a Good Idea!

When getting your wardrobe designed, it’s always a good idea to install a safe for your valuables. Pick one with a biometric lock so that you don’t have to worry about the key getting lost! Bolt your safe into the back wall of your wardrobe to ensure that it cannot be removed easily—even if all your worst dreams come true and your home is burgled, your precious jewellery cannot be tampered with!

Safe Is Always a Good Idea!

Want more organising ideas, or need help with designing the perfect storage units for your home? Connect with HomeLane right away!

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