The grey clouds, the low, rolling rumble, the occasional strikes of lightning, and the air ripened with petrichor. All these signs point towards the wondrous season of monsoon in all its glory. And while we embrace this season for the respite it offers from the scorching summers, we often neglect a vital component of what allows us to enjoy it in the first place – the shelter of your home.

You see, monsoons can do quite a number of your home, calling for massive repairs and maintenance activities in the wake of a season. However, as they say, prevention is better than cure. If you are equipped with the home keeping tips for monsoon, you will already be prepared for whatever the season throws your way. On that note, we have a few monsoon home keeping tips that will help you gear up.

Fix Any Cracks and Leaks

Making your home leak-proof is one of the most obvious home keeping tips for monsoon. And so, even before the water-laden clouds set in, check your home for any kind of cracks, leaks, and entryways and fix them while the sun shines.

Start with a rigorous assessment of the external walls and plug in the visually detectable crevices with fillers and caulk. Then, slap on a few layers of waterproof paint that will keep the rain out. Also, check the ceilings and terrace as these are notorious spots for waterlogging during monsoon. Treat the seepages with waterproofing agents to prevent any further damage.

Finally, inspect the wallpapered walls, if any, for bloating or shrinking as it could indicate an underlying problem. If you detect some of these signs, strip the wallpaper off and fix the wall so that the monsoon will have nothing on you!

Care for the Wooden Structures

Second to the walls and ceilings, the wooden structures around the house are most susceptible to the weathering effect of monsoon. As such, caring for them is one of the leading monsoon home keeping tips. With mixed-material interiors becoming popular, you will have to see beyond just the doors and furniture and also account for the wooden flooring, accent walls, etc. that form an integral part of your home.

Make it a point to prep the wood with a generous coat of varnish well before monsoons as it will prevent swelling and warping. Similarly, your furniture will appreciate a layer of polish or lacquer that grants it the ultimate sheen as well as weather protection. As for floorings, you can use a specialised wax sealant for keeping the moisture out.

Prep the Hallway for Monsoon Stuff

The foyer is the transitory space between the damp, rainy outdoors and the warm, toasty indoors. And seeing as how the entryways would be the receptacle of your wet raincoats and umbrellas and slick shoes, you will also have to prep it for the monsoon season.

One of the best home keeping tips for your foyer in monsoon is to install hooks right at the entry point. You can use these hooks to make dry towels accessible so that visitors can pat themselves dry on entering the home. Similarly, they can easily hang their raincoats and umbrellas without dripping all over the foyer.

And speaking of drips, if you have a fancy Persian carpet or a shaggy rug in the area, get rid of it ASAP. In its place, put water-absorbent mats made of PVC or microfibre. Of course, don’t forget to wash these mats frequently to prevent mould. You may even install open shoe shelves around this area to house the footwear and to allow it to dry.

Waterproof the Great Outdoors

The point of monsoon home keeping tips is to keep the weather out. At the same time, you would want to spend a few quiet moments on your balcony or patio listening to the steady thrum of the raindrops, sipping a piping hot cuppa tea, snacking on some pakodas, or simply reading a book. So, why should you be deprived of these joys?

The good news is that you can have it all, minus the damage. For a start, invest in wicker or cane outdoor furniture as they are less likely to degrade in the rainy weather. Of course, you can always increase its lifespan by following the tips for wooden care shared above. You can also install glass shutters, mesh screens, or sliding doors that allow you to enjoy the monsoon breeze without necessarily letting the rain in. Finally, make sure that you invest in anti-slip tiles in the outdoor region to prevent any mishaps.

With this, we call it a wrap on our home keeping tips for monsoon. As you can see, most of the monsoon home keeping tips require you to prepare well in advance rather than waiting until the last minute to make the changes. So, get busy around the house now so that you are not left busier later!

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