The kitchen is the place where you need a functional yet aesthetically pleasing setup. As most kitchens use wood liberally for their cabinets, brown is quite a prevalent colour seen here. The beauty and elegance of this colour are indeed timeless, and there are various ways to enhance this colour and make it look even more attractive. Let us now go through a few kitchen interior ideas with monochromes and interesting colour combinations with brown.

The Subtle All-brown Way

As mentioned before, brown is a colour that goes very well in the kitchen space. This colour exudes warmth, which makes it highly soothing for the eyes. Using different tones and hues of brown is one great way of creating an elegant kitchen space. You can have brown walls by using classy brown tiles or wallpapers. Tiles are more practical for the kitchen as they are easy to clean and maintain in an area that’s prone to smoke and oil splashes.

Besides this, a simple, well-painted light brown wall colour can also work effectively for the kitchen. Go for light brown kitchen cabinets and create a colour break by adding white or cream-coloured kitchen stools and pendant lights. Sticking to monochromes for interiors is a safe and sure way to create a sophisticated and classy kitchen.

The Light and the Dark: Champagne and Brown

Another evergreen colour combination is cream and brown. You can go for all-brown kitchen cabinets and put a cream-coloured countertop in contrast. Add a few cabinet shutters in a lovely cream gloss PU finish and a few shelves in the same light tone to create harmony between the colours in the kitchen. You can go for either light brown tiles or cream tiles for the walls – both options will sit equally well in this colour scheme.

This combination looks excellent paired with light-coloured kitchen floors. If you have wooden flooring, use lighter coloured cabinets at the bottom to create a contrast. Use brown shutters at intervals in a balanced manner to balance the dark tones in the kitchen area. Similarly, a combination of beige and brown and champagne and brown can also be used to create elegant kitchen interiors.

Grey-Brown Combination

Decor and interiors with a significantly modernist look can use this classy colour combination to good effect. Both grey and brown are gorgeous colours to create stylish interiors with, and together, they add a distinct charm to dynamic kitchen settings.

You can use this combination in two ways. The first would be to have grey as the primary colour and use hints of brown to create glamorous contrasts. The second option is to keep brown as the dominant colour for all the cabinets, add brown furniture, and use grey on the walls and countertops as a contrast.

Brown and White: The Killer Combo

This combination works very well with either light or dark wooden floors. The white colour of the cabinets lightens up the ambience and softens the effect of the intense hues of brown. The brown tiles can then be added to mimic the look of the floors, carrying the wooden aspect of the design up to the walls. Having printed tiles for the kitchen area is also a fun way of adding a different and unique look to the space.

This combination can also be used with white tiled floors to create an airy and spacious-looking kitchen. The image below gives a beautiful example of the same.

The Orange and Brown Kitchen

For those of you who like to opt for out-of-the-box and more dynamic interiors to create bold and statement-making spaces, this orange and brown colour combination might be just what your soul has been looking for.

You can have kitchen cabinet shutters made in orange glass to add a vivid, eclectic touch to the kitchen decor. You can even create a fabulous new look with rustic orange laminated cupboards with brown walls and a brown countertop. This combination can aptly be categorised as the bold and beautiful kitchen combo.

Add Blue to the Brown

Another interesting colour that goes well with browns is blue. You can go for a bright blue to create an edgy kitchen interior. The brown, in contrast, sobers down the effect of this vibrant shade. The other way of going about this combination is to give it a more soft and Scandinavian touch.

You can retain a softwood effect for most kitchen designs through light wooden cupboards and light brown walls. Add blue in the form of furniture, countertops, lighting, and small accessories in this colour. This is a stylish yet classy way to add just the right amount of colour to the kitchen design.

Some other interesting colours that you can combine with a brown kitchen would be sage green or soft yellow. To make such dreamy kitchen ideas a reality for your house, rely on the design experts at HomeLane. Give them your trust to get quality and impeccable designs in return.

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