The living room, where you “live” with family and friends, is one of the most important spaces at home. As this is the place where you relax as well as entertain, it should be inviting. Your living room environment defines your personality.

If you want to create a relaxing retreat, a neutral colour combination for the living room is the way. It creates an environment of rest and relaxation. A neutral colour combination for the living room, with the four most common neutrals – black, white, beige, and grey, provides the perfect base for a cosy living room. It lends simplicity as well as a contemporary feel to a room.

A neutral coloured room with a wall accent, architectural details, and decorative panels have a dramatic impact making it visually dynamic and adding sparkle. Choosing the perfect neutral colour combination for the living room can sometimes be overwhelming.

To make your journey seamless, we curate endless options for a radiant living room just for you. Below are some combinations that can help you. 

A Modern Twist

A neutral grey and a white colour combination for the living room gives it a modern twist. The rich wooden floors, along with grey cushions, infuse warmth into the space. The darker floor tone ensures the room doesn’t feel too cold or boring.

My Cozy Space

Just one neutral colour combination for the living room provides a restful effect. A throw pillow, a wall painting, or a wall feature brings a tinge of colour to this beautiful yet cosy space. Accent furniture or a plant doesn’t distract from the overall neutral look but adds character to your living room.

The Classic Black and White

The classic black and white look often makes a simple yet striking statement. A complete white living room with a black accent wall provides a perfectly astounding effect. Similarly, black window frames and the black and white rug highlight the contrast between the two neutral colour combinations of the living room. The touch of black adds a bit of life to the room.

The Metallic Touch

A metallic finish mirror, metallic wall embellishment, or even a metallic fabric accent chair adds flair, glamour, and style to a neutral coloured living room. Warm neutral rooms featuring brass or gold accents give a rich feel to the room. Shades of grey or pure white walls brighten up with silver or chrome wall feature details.

The Contrasts

A simple way to boost a neutral colour combination for the living room is by adding light and dark contrasting details. A beige or white room set off by painted woodwork, or an accent wall does the magic. Mixing light with dark lets every individual element in the room stand out.

The Warm and Cool

Mixing cool neutrals with warm neutrals creates a balanced neutral colour combination for the living room. The brown architectural details, wood finishes, undertones in lampshades, leather ottomans, and patterned fabrics lift the living room while maintaining a neutral look.

The Plus One

In a neutral colour combination for the living room, a single high-impact hue livens up the place where neutrals reign. A peaceful white backdrop can sometimes become tedious, but combined with an aqua wall, chair, and wall shelf, and the room suddenly comes alive.

The Traditional Look

A simple neutral colour combination for the living room can transform into a traditional space with the correct furnishings. Weaved in refined and rustic accessories, the living room provides a classic, striking, timeless, and royal feel.

The Pattern

An abstract geometric wall pattern, a lampshade, or a coffee table gives a neutral colour living room an interesting and layered look. A patterned fabric also can have the same effect without adding additional texture and causing a cluttered feel in the space. 

“The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – temple of the soul” 

Sir Terence Conran, founder of the Design Museum in London.  

No other colour can do justice to this temple of the soul, like the neutral colour combination for the living room. Peaceful, calming, and relaxing are some of the adjectives used for neutral colour combinations. It is no surprise that this is the most used colour combination in most relaxation spas and meditation halls worldwide. Given that most guests only get to see the living room of a house, the right neutral colour combination for the living room can reflect the proper signature for both the owner and the entire house. 

While most misunderstand neutral colours as just blacks, whites, and sometimes even grey, you will be surprised at the number of combinations that are possible when you look at the various shades of these neutral colours. When used creatively, these neutral colours can add a different aura to any living room. 

When used wisely, these neutral colours are anything but far from their definition of ‘without any colours’. If you are still wondering about the right neutral colour combination for your living room, just talk to our experts at Homelane, and they will help find just the right neutrals for your temple of the soul. 

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