Expecting a little ‘bundle of joy’ soon? Before you start filling up that nursery with all the necessary and not-so-necessary-but-oh-so-cute baby things, you should decide on a colour scheme for a well-coordinated look. The colour palette you pick should be a flexible one as you might not find everything in the colours you want.

Gender-neutral palettes are all the rage right now, but climbing on board does not mean that you have to abandon your love for colour. We have all the latest colour combos you would love for whatever the stork may bring.

Black and White

There’s nothing more classic than the black and white combination, right? Well, you can bring this classic into your kid’s room for a gender-neutral space. For a touch of drama, introduce a gender-neutral accent colour like yellow or green.

black and white nursery

Muted Orange and White

When we say orange, we don’t mean the loud, in-your-face shade that can overwhelm a nursey (which are usually small as it is). A muted, earthy terracotta orange of the walls goes beautifully with clean white furnishings and even natural wood accents. It’s easy to find pieces that go well with this rich tone for a boho-inspired look.

muted orange nursery

Mint and Navy

There are good reasons why mint has been high on the popularity list for interiors. It’s a calming, fresh shade that’s a perfect example of a gender-neutral hue. Pair it with rich navy accents and you have got yourself a nursery that’s right on point.

Pastel Green Nursery

Aqua and Yellow

Yellow is known to be a bright, happy colour – ideal for a child’s room. But it can also be overwhelming unless balanced with a calm shade of aqua.

aqua and Yellow Nursery

Brown and White

Brown and other related earthy tones are a great option for a gender-neutral nursery. You can either go neutral all the way or add black highlights for a bit of a punch. Or you can add bright-white furniture pieces as well as orange accents to brighten up the space a bit.

brown and White nursery

Red and Blue

Blue is a safe, versatile choice of colour that’s been loved and used in almost every room of the home. Traditionally a red and blue room is meant for boys but you can add some white furniture or white accents to make it more gender-neutral. red and blue nursery

Grey and Yellow

Grey is a very neutral palette that you can add one a lot of bright colours and still not look overwhelming. Yellow is a great contrasting choice for accessories in a grey room. You can also pick some black-and-white accessories to go with this combo.

yellow and Gray nursery

Green and Grey

Bring nature in with shades of green in your little one’s room. The walls can be a subtle shade of green and you can pair it with accents or furniture in darker greens. Make sure you balance the green out with a grey or white.

Green and Gray Nursery

Light Blue and Natural Wood Tones

Light natural wood tones are excellent for babies rooms. It can be paired with nearly any wall colour, but especially muted colours like the blue in the room below. Since furniture pieces made of natural materials like rattan are in vogue right now, you can find plenty of pieces that you will love for the space. You can also bring in a few white pieces to complete the look.

Light Blue and wooden tone nursery

When you are pregnant and the ‘nesting instinct’ kicks in, there is nothing more enjoyable than decorating a baby nursery. You can be as playful and experimental as you want in a kid’s room, especially with the colour scheme. We hope we have inspired you to create a one-of-a-kind room that your new addition will adore. If you would like the expertise of professionals to create your child’s room, get in touch with our team at HomeLane for a fun, well-coordinated and practical room.

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