When you are expecting, time can seem to go so slowly as you wait to meet your precious little one for the first time. But remember, those nine months can fly by. If you don’t plan ahead, your little one will arrive when you still haven’t prepped your home fully. Don’t wait to babyproof your home till after your child starts to crawl, because you will find that you become extremely busy with your life that has been turned upside down. Do consider doing your research and babyproofing your home before you even bring the baby home from the hospital.

The trick to babyproofing your home is to visualize the space from their level. A home’s dangers can only be assessed by taking a crawling tour through it. Below is a list of common house hazards that you need to think ahead of when you have a baby on the way.

 Babyproof Bathroom

One of the most frequently visited spaces in a home, bathrooms need to be looked after carefully to avoid any accidents. Hot water should never be kept in buckets, to avoid scalding and even drowning. Taps and faucets must be covered with soft covers to prevent injuries and accidents. Non-skid bath mats prevent children from slipping.Babyproofing your home

Babyproof Cabinets

Babies love to explore dark, closed storage spaces. In their opinion, cabinets are ideal to play hide and seek. Whether in kitchens or bedrooms, cabinets with sharp instruments and poisonous substances such as perfume bottles must be kept away from sight. There are childproof safety latches for cabinets that can be used to keep children away.

babyproof your kitchen cabinets

Babyproof Cribs

As soon as your baby starts to crawl, it is best to place the mattress in the crib at a lower level. Remove all kinds of objects, such as toys, bumper pads and mobiles from in and around the crib that can be used to hang or jump out.

Babyproof Curtain and Drapes

Curtains pose strangulation hazards for babies since they look very attractive and tempting. It is best to tie chords and curtains away from sight.

Electric Cord

babyproof electric cord wire

A grave hazard, electrical chords are often chewed on by babies. They can also pull on them, bringing down lamps and other heavy objects. It is best to keep all chords tied up, well out of reach.

Electric Socket

Electric shock is one danger that just cannot be underestimated. Babies who insert their fingers into sockets (often with saliva) can be particularly vulnerable. Outlets need to be hidden behind heavy furniture, closed with safety plugs or taped out to ensure they are inaccessible.conceal electric socket for baby proof

Rugs and Carpet PlacementsRugs and carpets for small baby

Carpets, rugs and mats are often the main culprits in a fall or when the child trips over. It is good to check whether rugs are folded or spread out, or secured with a non-skid backing. Loose tiles, damaged wooden floors and jagged linoleum must be repaired to prevent tripping.

Babyproofing Your Home Furniture

Wall units, dressers, tables and bookcases are furniture that babies love. Yet, hanging on to them like playthings or climbing over them, can also topple them over. The recent recall by IKEA of their range of wall units in North America due to infant deaths is a case in point. Wall units must either be kept in room corners or secured against the way with nails to prevent them from falling over. Add a rubber cushion corner to the sharp edges of the furniture. This will prevent them from any kind of injuries.

baby proof furniture

As much as we try babyproofing our homes, constant vigilance is the key to their safety. Care must be taken to never leave babies alone. Inserting safety gates and being watchful during their stressful periods can ensure a majority of accidents being averted. If you are in the going to get your interiors done and want the professional advice of experts to make your home child-proof, do consider reaching out to the experienced HomeLane team.


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