Having a child is the best feeling in the world and is truly a life-altering experience. But there are two sides to every coin. While having a child is fulfilling, it can be overwhelming at the same time. 

As caring parents, you are always concerned about your child’s well being and safety. The most hazardous place that can cause havoc in the kitchen. So before any other part of your house, we recommend child-proofing the kitchen first. 

Why is Childproofing Important?

These little beings are very inquisitive. They want to examine everything they see. They stick their fingers in the electric sockets and open the jars. To be honest, there is no limit to the extent the children can go to. 

Let us give you a glimpse of how it is done. It is an extensive process where attention to detail is the key. Every aspect of the kitchen needs to be studied, and then accordingly, action has to be taken. Generally, the following measures are helpful:

The Furniture

Child-proof furniture is a compulsion with a child in the house. Firstly, remove all the unsteady furniture from your kitchen area. The furniture should be stable and should not topple on one side when the kid pulls or climbs from the other end. Please take care of the sharp nails, jagged edges, or loose staples that can cause injury. They should be heavy enough to handle the weight of a small child.

The Floor

Cleaning your kitchen floor from time to time is extremely important when you have a child at home. At the same time, make sure to have a skidproof floor to avoid any mishaps.

The Cabinets and Drawers

With a child, the shelves above the kitchen shelf are not much of a concern, but the lower ones need to be taken care of. The best option is to seal/lock cabinets or go for handleless cabinets. Install magnetic locks in the lower cabinets which have a magnet on the inside that opens only with a magnetic key. Keep the spices chillies out of reach of your child, preferably on the upper shelves.

Child-Proof Your Kitchen

The Electric Sockets

It is always the best option to seal electrical points in the kitchen or any other open areas where it will be harmful to your child to stick his fingers into. This is applicable to the entire household as well.

Avoiding Burn Accidents

Keep the dishwasher locked when not in use and use it preferably when the kid is asleep. If possible, replace your current stove with a glass top one otherwise shift the knobs to the rear end. The last option is the knob covers.

Oven doors tend to heat up considerably when in use, so here is an option to opt for ovens that keep their doors cool while cooking. Oven locks are another necessity. So if you are buying a new one, make sure that it contains both features. If buying is not an option, then you can opt for a separate oven lock.

The Placement

Items such as alcohol, knives, and aluminum foils have to be placed out of your child’s sight. The trash and bin placement is another aspect that needs to be thought about as its contents can spill over and can cause havoc. Securely lock the plastic disposal waste bags before throwing them in the trash can.

Child-Proof Your Kitchen

The Fridge

Childproof the fridge by locking it in the first place, and placing the open packets, ready-to-eat food and fruits, vegetables in the upper shelves. The lower shelves should only contain packaged stuff.

Child-Proof Your Kitchen

Some Do’s and Don’ts 

  • If possible, remove clutter from your kitchen area as soon as you can.
  • Always make sure that you do not leave the kitchen while cooking, especially when the stove is on.
  • Keep items such as floor cleaners and harmful items out of reach of your child.
  • Make sure to avoid putting small items that little ones could easily try and swallow in the drawers that might be reachable for your little munchkin.
  • Going for handleless drawers and shutters in modular kitchens to avoid protrusions that a child could bump into, is a clever way to go.
  • Unplug the electric appliances like a blender, coffee machine, and toaster as soon as you finish using them. 

While baby-proofing your kitchen, it might give you a feeling that you are saving it from an enemy, but you do not have to keep your child entirely out of the kitchen. If space allows, dedicate a cupboard to your kid and keep all his toys and play stuff in it. Let the little one play in one corner while you cook! 

We understand that it is not possible for you to watch them every single moment of the day. With a little help from us, you will get all the safety you need to protect your child. We, at HomeLane, have experts for whom child-proofing your kitchen will be a piece of cake. 

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