For those of us who live in urban skyscrapers, our balconies are precious pockets of space that allow us to enjoy the outdoors. In fact, during the recent pandemic-induced lockdowns, there could even have been entire days when your balcony was your only connection to the outside world! As such, this tiny corner of your home deserves every bit of love that you can give it—and it certainly doesn’t deserve to be an afterthought when you’re doing up the rest of your interior!

If your balcony currently houses just a few wilting plants and a pile of old cardboard boxes, then we’re here to inspire you to do a complete balcony makeover. Read on for some simple ideas to help you decorate your balcony on a budget!

Add A Burst of Happiness

Here’s a balcony that will give you a serotonin shot, even on the dreariest of mornings! A vibrant fuchsia rug is paired with colourful striped quilts that radiate happiness and good cheer. Note how the quilts are just draped across the wooden chairs, doing away with the need for fitted upholstery. Bright cushions and drapes in solid sunshine colours add to the joy.

decorate your balcony

Set Out a Table and Chairs

A small folding table and a couple of folding chairs are all you need to enjoy the morning view from your balcony. A gorgeous collection of potted plants adds an outdoorsy look. Put your feet up and relax as you sip a tall glass of lemonade!

set out a table and chairs

Shop for Patio Furniture

If you don’t want to be worrying about a sudden rain shower soaking your balcony furniture, shop around for waterproof patio seats. This pouffe and table are made of recycled plastic and can withstand all kinds of weather.

Install a Lawn

Instant lawns are all the rage these days. And they are no hassle at all, since they don’t need any watering! An artificial lawn looks almost as natural as real grass, and even feels like the real thing. Add potted plants and lawn chairs, and get ready to enjoy your readymade garden!

Decorate the Wall Space

Even if your balcony is short on floor space, you can hang up pictures on the walls; or, like this home owner has done, install narrow shelving to hold rustic artefacts and planter boxes. The exposed brick wall makes the prettiest backdrop.

Add a Comfy Chair

Here’s the perfect spot for a restful escape on a weekend afternoon! Add a bucket seat with plenty of cushions in a shady corner of your balcony, put your feet up and settle down with the latest page-turner.

Lounge in Style!

Elegant and comfy, this all-weather sofa holds its own against rain and sun alike. Add a couple of lightweight leatherette pillows and lounge in style! Perfect for soaking up the sun, curling up with a book, or simply doing nothing at all.

Work Some Magic with Fairy Lights

Fairy lights come with their own twinkling brand of magic, and are a charming, inexpensive way to create your own Neverland! Light some candles and create the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening with your special someone.

Create A Snazzy Nook

Is your balcony too sunny for comfort? Keep it cool with a slotted wood pergola and walls, and carve out a cosy corner with rattan seats and tables. The vertical garden keeps temperatures down and adds a lush green backdrop.

Opt for Floor Seating

Especially if you’re renting, you might not want to spend too much on patio furniture. Liven up your balcony with colourful floor cushions, add a rug or two and plenty of blooms in pretty planters. Stretch out on the floor and enjoy your perfect little happiness corner!

Reuse and Recycle

When you’re on a budget, it makes the most sense to use what you already have! An old garden ladder becomes a lovely support for climbing vines, while wooden pallets are upcycled into a rough-and-ready couch on this terrace. Old bottles are converted to candle holders, and a string of light bulbs adds a touch of magic!

Fireside Comfort

Snuggle up against the gas fireside on this large deck that features a covered area with seating. What a lovely spill-out space, just right for chill evenings, for those who love to entertain!

Go Green!

A vertical garden adds lush greenery to this marble-encased balcony, that’s the perfect spot for sundowners with friends. A rustic stone sink adds functional utility, while the tall mirror visually expands the space.

Invest in Planter Boxes

Whether you have enough square footage on your balcony or not, hanging a couple of planter boxes from the handrails is always a great idea. Fill them with cheerful blooms and brighten up your day in a jiffy! Do make sure you check to see whether the plants you pick can withstand the constant exposure to the sun.

Add a Hammock for Your Afternoon Snooze!

Get seaside vibes with a beach-style hammock in a shady corner of your balcony, and have your next vacation right at home! And if there isn’t enough shade, consider adding a pergola or a café-style awning to keep out the heat.

For more balcony décor ideas and décor inspiration, connect with HomeLane. We’re always happy to help!

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