Like the night sky brings an unproclaimed warmth for the moon’s admirer, the sweet twinkling lights in the corner of a cosy room can make you feel right in the snug of love. Whether it is the festive season or time to redecorate your room (or house), the right set of warm lights is something that you must search for. For this, all you need is your creative instincts and a few organizing skills with fairy lights. So, we have listed a few DIY home décor using fairy lights that can brighten your room, living room, or kitchen (any place you want).

Mason Jar lights

Are you a brown lover? Or do you prefer a rustic and wooden décor for your home? In any case, brown décor and warm lights are supreme as hot-chocolate and marshmallows.

All you have to do is, find your wooden corner where you want your lights. Grab a few of the mason jars and fill them with the fairy lights. Allow the twinkle in the glass jars to brighten your evening.

DIY fairy lights with mason jar

Sparkles for Your Reflection

A brightly lit mirror can make you feel like a celebrity, and if you prefer unpretentious decors with a beautiful personal edge. Grab the string lights or fairy lights and wrap them around your favourite mirror frame. Voila! You will have a beautiful corner, which can light up your entire room.

fairy lights decoration

Hula Hoop as Kitchen Chandelier

Did your redecoration end with seeking a quirky, bright, and unique chandelier for your modular kitchen and dining area? Then, all you have to do is, grab an embroidery frame of your preferred size, wrap it with tape or yarn of any colour. Then wrap your fairy lights around the embroidery frame you have made, and hang them over the dining area.

This whimsical homemade chandelier can brighten your dining area with incredible warm lights for a romantic evening.

Arabian Starry Bedpost

A DIY hack that requires minimal supervision with the best result is, creating a magical Arabian bedpost. This hack requires only fairy lights and pastel chiffon or sheer fabric.

Allow your fairy lights to brighten up your four-poster bed with the pastel curtains. If you don’t have a four-poster bed, let the curtains and fairy lights make the backdrop for your bed from the ceiling to the bed stand.

This simple hack can bring more definition to the room and be an excellent photo corner if you decorate your bed with attractive coloured pillows.

bedroom fairy lights

Bottle Lights for Book Stand

One thing that can easily brighten your mood is to have a personal library. Whether it be a small collection of books from your favourite authors or racks of hardcover and paperback copies, it is an achievement. So lighting up this personal treasure can be the icing on the cake.

You have to arrange your books along with some exciting details like small dolls, a picture frame, or a small potted indoor plant. Complete this look along with the bottle lights in the book’s corners above your books.

Beer bottles with Fairy Lights

Colourful Fairy Lights

To make that perfect shine of colourful lights, all you have to do is grab a few colourful plastic balls, poke a hole in them, and then attach these to the fairy lights alternatively, with mix and match colour or with the same colour (your preference).

You can use these lights to decorate your blank wall in the living room or backyard of your house. These colourful lights can also be a great calming companion for your winter evenings on your balcony.

colourful fairy Lights

A Dainty Romantic Décor

If you are planning for a quiet romantic evening, fairy lights are the best add-ons. They are pocket-friendly, an elegant highlighter, and are easy to assemble. Apart from luring your guests with appealing decorations, you might need a sexy decor to suit your personality. Do consider the exotic collection of HomeLane’s furniture that will assure you an exclamation of “wow!” from your fellow guests.

Using fairy lights to brighten your door frames, or wrapping them around the candles while letting them lie loose on the table, can be a perfect charming romantic setting.

romantic fairy light decoration

Photo Gallery

Another elegant way to redecorate your home is to use polaroid photos and fairy lights. Though framing photographs and doodles are still prevalent, some easy on purse-string décor is this DIY hack.

Begin this hack by collecting your favourite photos of yours as well as your family. Arrange them to see how they will appear on the wall. Then using a paper clip, attach these to the fairy lights and hang them from the wall. Easy yet classy wall décor is ready for your room.

Photo lights

Origami flower lights

If you are good at origami flowers, you can turn them into your new bed-stand or study table décor.

Make the origami flowers from your favourite colours, attach them to the fairy lights, and hang them over your study table or bed. Then arrange your table with few perfumed candles, a glittered mason jar with fairy lights, and climb on to the neatly made warm bed with your favourite book. Your winter evening is perfect.

Flower lights

These are few ways to decorate your house with a personal touch of your own and with the warmth of fairy lights. Combine these decors with the beautiful and ornate HomeLane furniture to make your home look elegant and blissful.

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