The bathroom is our most intimate space. We spend a considerable amount of time here every day. From washing to dressing up, we perform multiple tasks here, which is why careful consideration must be put into the bathroom light design process.

Lighting is crucial in master bedroom interiors. And in bathroom design, great lighting can highlight the space’s uniqueness and significantly improve its usability. However, despite the importance of this space, people tend to put bathroom lighting last on their list of considerations. Bathroom lighting ideas are one of the most important aspects of bathroom design. With proper lighting, the bathroom can appear spacious and welcoming as per modern living room interior design.

There are many bathroom lighting ideas to choose from. Let’s take a look at 2023’s top lighting trends to improve your bathroom’s design according to the Indian living room interior design.

Overhead Lighting with Bold and Elegant Designs

1. Layering of Lights

Many contemporary designs use light layering to create the ideal lighting effect in bathrooms. Light layering makes use of several sources of light. For instance, you can use a central chandelier, natural light, and above-mirror lights.

Having one centralized shower lighting idea may be inadequate to boost the décor of your bathroom. Therefore, to get the desired effect, you should consider using a variety of light effects.

layer lighting for bathroom

2. Recessed Bathroom Lighting

Recessed lighting systems are a modern feature that has become popular over the years for small living room interior design. These produce indirect lighting and a gorgeous underglow when paired with floating bathroom fixtures. This effect will make your bathroom look completely distinctive and inviting. Not to mention the usability of these lights for wet areas.

3. Vintage Bathroom Lighting Design

Many interior designers have started incorporating vintage lighting systems into their bathroom lighting ideas. These light fixtures can be a beautiful addition to your bathroom space. They will give the space a luxurious look and an old-world feel.

vintage bathroom lighting

4. Industrial Lighting

You must be wondering how industrial-style lighting would fit in with elegant living room interior design. If you prefer a clean, minimalist simple bedroom design, the classic caged finish of industrial lighting will give depth to the bathroom. The uniqueness will result in a modern bedroom design and a stylish bathroom.

5. Central Chandeliers

Bathroom ceiling lighting ideas can be both stylish and functional. The majority of modern bathrooms feature chandeliers and fashionable pendant lighting. Bathroom light designs layering chandeliers with contemporary light fittings are excellent for anyone who appreciates adventure and luxury.

6. Innovative Bathroom Lighting

From ambient to vanity lighting, our designer-approved small bathroom ceiling lights can transform your bathroom into a beautiful space that compliments minimalist living room interior design.

innovative bathroom lighting

7. Mirror Pendants

Make sure your makeup looks great with these stunning pendants hanging from the mirror. It is essential to select mirror lights that do not throw shadows in your contemporary living room interior design. Bathroom wall lighting ideas constituting lighting borders around the mirror will give an evenly distributed light.

8. Spa Upgrade

After a stressful day, transform your shower into a spa. Indulge in fragrant luxury with warm water and warmer lights. Turn on the fairy lights and lavender-scented candles. The dimmer the lighting, the better it feels. Time to turn on the spa vibes and shower yourself with the love you deserve!

9. Pendant Lights Make a Provocative Statement

Lights that make a statement can instantly make your bathroom go from boring to exciting. Our designers recommend using pendant lights to highlight your bathtub and relax. If you have an enormous bathroom, adding floor-to-ceiling glass can provide abundant natural light.

pendant bathroom lighting

10. Neon Light

Recessed lighting is great for modern homes. It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere without straining the eyes. An LED bathroom ceiling light beneath the bathtub and in the ceiling casts a beautiful neon glow. The effect can transform your shower space into a wonderful area! Make sure underwater lights are IP-rated and safe for use. When necessary, spotlights provide extra ambient lighting, mainly in the ceiling.

11. Light in a Circle

Time to get creative with bathroom lighting ideas. Imagine a light that follows the mirror curve and provides optimum illumination. Use energy-efficient LED bathroom ceiling light panels to highlight the mirror with a beautiful warm halo.

Combined Ambient Lighting and Spotlights

Ambient lighting in a bathroom consists of more general-purpose lights, unlike rustic living room interior design. It is one of the basic bathroom lighting ideas because you will likely use it the most. Imagine a bathroom with recessed lighting in the POP ceiling that provides sufficient ambient lighting. It eliminates dark areas and provides adequate general illumination.

Glamour Room

The easiest way to create a soothing atmosphere for a long, relaxing bath is to place soft lighting strategically. A luxurious jacuzzi soak with dimmed lights makes the perfect atmosphere in any bathroom. And accent lighting provides just enough light for a dramatic effect. The floating ceiling’s recessed lighting can be a great touch. Using accent lighting to draw attention to the room’s best features is a simple way to make your bathroom lighting ideas look expensive without costing too much.

Mirror Lighting

Bathroom lighting ideas should include functional lighting in the bathroom and vanity. Reserve bright ambient lighting for cleaning areas. Bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors provide uniform illumination without shadows. Try this minimalist bathroom feature with, say your brilliant Hollywood-style vanity lighting over the mirror’s upper edge.

mirror bathroom lighting

Modern Lighting

Architectural lighting designers like living room false ceiling designs can make your bathroom beautiful and functional. If you have a non-four-wall bathroom, this is vital. Expert advice is helpful if you wish to design and brighten the bathroom or have architectural features.

The Best Light is Sunlight

The best bathroom has natural light! We also love the deep skylights on the slanted ceiling, which let in a lot of warm sunlight. Looking for a farmhouse-style bathroom feel? Sounds cosy! Blinds can provide privacy and sunlight control. Evening twin mirror lights can enhance natural light.

Tray Ceiling

A large bathroom with an illuminated tray ceiling has a royal feel to it. You can also lighten up the jacuzzi with mood lighting. Add warm yellow lamps to brighten the sauna. You can always opt to include dimmers on your lights. These will allow you to vary between intense light and softer, soothing illumination levels as required.

Highlighting Storage

Are you unable to make out your shampoos from your body creams? It is time to utilize the appropriate bathroom lighting ideas. Spotlight your bathroom items by installing lights over each shelf unit.

Using LED Strip Lights Successfully

LED lighting in bathrooms is becoming extremely popular. Strip lighting works well behind vanity mirrors and in wall niches. You can also use them on mirror sides.

The small size of LED lighting makes it possible to use it in more places. A strip lighting can be a great addition to the bathroom, especially if there are dark corners that you want to brighten.

led strip lights for bathroom

Tips for Creating the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting ideas, paying attention to all layers of lighting is essential. That is if you are seeking living room interiors that aren’t just useful but also look fantastic. Here are some tips to create the perfect bathroom look:

• The bathroom’s lighting, design of the tiles, and wall colour must match.

• Direct overhead lighting can be uncomfortable, harsh, and unflattering. The LED bathroom ceiling lights should be placed at an elevation that flatters you.

• The light fixtures must be distributed uniformly to prevent uneven illumination.

• Transparent bulbs with filaments, while affordable, tend to cast shadows on everything. Choose opaque or frosted bulbs instead.

Boost Your Bathroom Lighting

Lighting is an essential feature of any living room, whether it is a 1 BHK design or a villa. When properly fitted, lighting fixtures can substantially improve the overall ambience of your living space. The bathroom wall lighting ideas we discussed will give your bathroom a stylish and modern look.

The plethora of bathroom lighting ideas out there can get overwhelming. But our experts at HomeLane make decor easy and accessible. Go for multiple layers of lighting, or choose them according to mood and activity, bathroom lighting is essential. Your bathroom is a space where you can truly be yourself. So if you are struggling to even see yourself properly in the mirror, it is time to boost your bathroom lighting.


Making these sensible and attractive bathroom updates will make you feel good. The bathroom is where you are your most authentic self. It is the perfect setting for expressing your innermost feelings. Perhaps even for showcasing your musical talents! Consider the bathroom light design carefully because you will see it every day. Do not buy lighting simply because they are fashionable. Make sure that your comfort is the top priority.

We hope this guide will help you come up with the most creative bathroom lighting ideas. Our lighting specialists at HomeLane are always available to lend an ear and a hand if you need assistance. HomeLane has all of your home decorating needs covered!


1. How to design bathroom lighting?

Bathroom lighting ideas can be used to make a creative statement. They can transform a small bedroom design or clinical space into a more inviting one. Putting together separate lighting layers is one way to achieve this effect. Pendant lights work effectively above a vanity too. These provide excellent task lighting, simply shining the light directly onto the countertop.

2. How to brighten up your bathroom with led lights?

You can install relatively bright and cooling LED lights on each side of the mirror at the right position. Doing so will prevent shadows from accumulating on your face. You can also use LED lights to highlight bathroom artwork and other furnishings. Go a step further and integrate them into bathroom fixtures!

3. How to light up a small bathroom ceiling light?

White walls and ceilings reflect light in small bathrooms. Mix spots with a tiny pendant or ceiling light. And installing LED lighting beneath niches can set the mood. Ensure that your LED bathroom ceiling light has a bathroom lighting idea over the mirror that is adequate in size.

4. Can a light be installed within a shower?

Modern bathroom recessed lighting integrates into the architecture. These are unlike conventional wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted lighting systems. Recessed bath lighting can even be fitted in bathroom niches or above bathtubs.

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