Not all of us are lucky enough to have spacious walk-in closets attached to our bedrooms! In today’s apartments, pocket-sized bedrooms are the norm, and wardrobe space comes at a premium. But whether we have large, expansive storage space, or tiny, compact wardrobes, we can definitely plan smart storage and organization solutions to make the most of the available space.

We’ve rounded up our favourite Insta-worthy wardrobe designs to help you cut out all the clutter from your storage. Keep reading, and you’ll surely get inspired to do a wardrobe makeover!

Contemporary Style

Neatly organized and in perfect proportions, this wardrobe gives us some serious storage envy! Part of a spacious walk-in closet, the ‘his’ part of the storage comprises neatly sectioned spaces for shirts, T-shirts and coats, with separate hanging space for pants. Wide and deep drawers hold accessories and smaller items, with a thoughtfully planned mesh pull-out below that allows shoes to air out.

Open Storage

This well-planned storage for a compact bedsit avoids shutters altogether, preferring open display-style shelves, hanger spaces and drawer compartments. The clothes are hung at an angle, taking up not more than one foot of storage width. The all-white laminated finish keeps the interior light and airy.

Drawers On the Outside

There are times when it makes better sense to have drawers that open out from the outside. These external drawers work well for anything that needs to be accessed very quickly, such as underclothes or even shoes. In fact, having the shoe drawers separated out from the rest of the closet keeps musty smells out of your clothes, which is always a good idea.

Wardrobe With Dresser

Take note of this stylish wardrobe that cleverly incorporates a dresser with a mirror unit and drawers below, for optimal space efficiency. The storage space is divided into external drawers and cabinets, making the best use of every inch of available space.

Grey Sliding Wardrobe

You’ll find that your mornings are less hectic when everything in your closet is so beautifully organized! This effortlessly elegant grey wardrobe is fitted with sliding shutters and features plenty of storage space, with deep lockable drawers for your precious valuables.

High Gloss Style

Lovely high-gloss ochre shutters are the highlight of this modular wardrobe, with drawers in a contrasting cream colour that are accessible from the outside. When you’re getting ready, it’s good to have plenty of lighting, and the ceiling spotlights provide extra lighting to make it easier for you to pick out just the right outfit for your evening out!

A Wardrobe With a Study Table

When your bedroom is on the smaller side, efficient space planning is everything! This light-coloured wooden wardrobe extends out into a study desk. The drawers add contemporary style, while providing plenty of extra storage space.

Sliding Shutters

This wall-to-wall fitted wardrobe comes with wide and deep drawers and shelves. The overhead cabinets are lockable, and can hold your valuables and important papers. The inside is laminated, which makes the contents of each shelf easily visible; while the shutter finish can be customised to match your décor.

Wardrobe With Loft

This style of wardrobe solves the problem of shoe storage very efficiently. A whole side of open shelves and drawers hold just your footwear, keeping the rest of the space for your clothes, accessories and bedlinen. The neat, minimalistic laminated finish is cost saving as well; a win-win solution indeed!

Say It With Colours!

Your closet gives you the perfect opportunity to experiment with colours! A bold red, blue and white colour palette is the highlight of this contemporary wardrobe that combines open shelves, drawers and shuttered storage. Track lights on the ceiling are focused on the storage unit, showcasing the different finishes.

Belt and Tie Drawers

Cleverly designed wardrobe accessories make it easy to keep clothes beautifully organized. A pull-out tie and belt organizing drawer with dividers helps to put away these smaller items, while the pant organizer below is fitted with rods, each of which will neatly hold a folded pant without ruining the crease.

Glass Wardrobes

If you’ve got the outfits, why not flaunt them in style! Floor-to-ceiling glass shutters are the highlight of this stunning U-shaped wardrobe. Two rows of drawers run along the entire bottom, holding any clothes that are not on hangers. A word of caution—this open style of wardrobe will not work for you if you aren’t a tidy person! While having everything out in the open will force you to try to stay organized, old habits die hard and you might end up with a messy room a few months down the line.

Drawer Organizers

Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book and invest in some drawer organizers. You’ll never have to search for anything, ever again! Plan what each drawer will hold, and corral items in flexible containers so that everything is neatly compartmentalised. Fold clothes individually, and store smaller items upright (and not one above the other), so that they can be seen all at once.

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