Building a new home, and wondering what your flooring options are? Kota stone is a natural and sustainable flooring material that is cost-effective, very durable and looks beautiful when laid. For many years Kota had been relegated to ‘poor cousin’ status, with marble and granite being considered the better options; but this versatile stone has come into its own in recent times and gained a lot of popularity!

Should you consider using Kota stone for the flooring in your home? Read on to find out!

What is Kota Stone?

Kota stone gets its name from the Kota region in Rajasthan, which is where it originates from. Made of fine-grained limestone, this sedimentary rock is hard and compact and homogenous in cross section. In its natural state, Kota has a rough leathery texture that looks lovely when sealed. Most people, however, prefer to polish one side to a mirror finish.

Kota stone is available in a greenish, greyish colour that resembles slate or grey granite, but without the characteristic flecks of granite. Greenish blue and brown shades are also available but are not as popular.

How is Kota Stone Different from Granite?

While Kota and Granite are both natural stones and are available in shades of grey and brown, the similarity ends there. Here’s how the two stones differ from each other:

• Granite is one of the hardest stones, while Kota is softer and susceptible to surface flaking.
• Granite is non porous, while Kota stone is porous as it is comprised of limestone.
• Polished granite does not get easily discoloured with acids. Kota stone can get stained and discoloured.
• Granite is much more expensive than Kota, which is one of the cheapest natural stones available.
• Polished granite is slippery when wet and does not show up water easily, making it unsuitable for use in kitchen flooring and decks. Kota stone is non-slippery.
• The finished surface of Kota lacks the hard shine and lustre of granite.

Advantages of Kota Stone

• Kota is durable and requires very little maintenance.
• As it is a derivative of limestone, it should not be cleaned with acidic cleaners. If any kitchen acids such as vinegar or lime fall on the surface, it must be wiped at once to prevent discolouration.
• Similarly, oil spills must be mopped up at once.
• The material of kota stone  is not slippery, making it a good option for bathrooms and decks.
• It can be polished to a leather (rough) finish or a mirror finish. The leather finish is very popular in commercial enterprises or showrooms, and in rustic homes.
• Kota is always cool and comfortable, even in a hot climate.
• It is one of the cheapest options among all natural stones.
• Kota stone can be hand cut or machine cut and finished as per your requirement.
• The surface can be repolished after a few years to keep it looking as good as new.

Disadvantages of Kota Stone

Do keep in mind:
• Even when polished, it lacks the lustre of marble or the hard shine of granite.
• The stone is innately brittle, and is therefore not available as very large slabs. The most typical size that you can get is about 2 x 2 feet, or 2 x 4 feet.
• Kota stone is thick, up to 1.5 inches for larger sizes. It adds to the flooring thickness and does not combine well with other thinner slabs or tiles.
• It is advised to lay it as a small sized tile and not a large slab, as the possibly of cracking or breakage is high.
• Kota lacks consistency in colour. For those who love the irregularities in nature, this is not considered a drawback. As a result, it looks rustic and lacks the perfection of marble or granite.
• As there could be inconsistencies in hardness, some surface flaking could happen while polishing the surface.
• Over the years, if the stone surface is not sealed, it can flake or get discoloured with rough use.

Where Can You Use Kota Stone?

Kota stone is a popular option in homes and offices, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is used both in flooring and as wall cladding, and also used in countertops.

In the lovely kitchen shown here, Kota stone is used both in the countertop as well as the backsplash. As the stone sizes are smaller, it requires considerable expertise to lay the stone with seamless joints.

Note that Kota is not generally advised for use in Indian kitchens, as it is prone to pitting and surface discolouration.

Kota Stone Price

One of the most cost-effective natural stones, 20 to 30 mm thick Kota stone tiles can be bought for Rs. 15 to Rs. 30 per square foot. Brown Kota stone is more expensive, and the finer varieties could cost up to Rs. 100 per square foot. You will have to pay more for mirror polishing, honing and sealing the tiles.

Would you like to see Kota floor samples, or learn more about how you can use this stone in your home? Visit your nearest HomeLane Experience Centre or meet with any of our designers, who can handhold you through all your home interior decisions. We can’t wait to give you the home of your dreams!

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