Adapting to a jet black colour is easy when it comes to clothing and hair, so why hesitate when it comes to home interiors?

Black Floors are the easiest way to elevate your style and say a lot without having to decorate. You can get a really classy, subtle and sophisticated finish to your home with a black floor.

When we think of decorating and reinventing our homes, we don’t pay close attention to our flooring. We often just pick tiles that have high utility, aren’t slippery and go for that. But black flooring can be a simple change that easily makes your home more stylish and sophisticated to look at.

What’s The Hype?

  1. Black floors can really bring a lot of character to the room. You can easily go from having an open, boring space to a much more brought together room.
  2. Black floors can be accessorised easily. Add in a plant or two, a bright coloured sofa (we all know black acts as a good base for any colour), and you end up having a stylish space.
  3. Black floors can make all the difference with basic furniture. You can end up with a great look even if you opt for wooden tables and chairs.
  4. Black tiles can also allow you to experiment with colourful furniture: a pop of yellow or a splash of pink would never look out of place and add to the whole look of the room.
  5. If you wanted to experiment with minimalist furniture but are really shying away from getting white (because of fear of staining), then black would be the perfect choice to go with.
  6. Black is low maintenance! Whether you have tons of guests and children coming over to stain your floor or pets to sit on and lounge on it, Black can be a surprisingly easy tile to deal with.
  7. Black allows you to change your style and keep switching your home’s look as and when you want to since it goes with almost every trending look- be it bohemian, minimalist, dramatic, woody, simple, contemporary or sophisticated.

Options For Black Flooring

Here are some black flooring ideas to get you started:

Minimalist Decor

If you don’t like your space to be loud, then muted, neutral tones like grey, black, beige, brown and white can work great for you.

Rustic Look

If you want to add an extra dimension to the room and give it more character, you can always opt for black wooden flooring. This would bring out a subtle difference and wouldn’t require you to take that jet black leap for your floors.

Black Tiles With White Furniture

Black also works beautifully with white furniture. Rather than looking dramatic, it brings the whole room together and makes it even more comforting. If you’re looking to opt for soft, neutral tones of white and cream for your furniture, black tiles will do justice to them.

Experimenting With Black

Black tiles shouldn’t always mean boring jet black tiles. You can also look into different textures, patterns and splashes of brown and white in your black tiles. This brings in more sophistication and makes your room look earthy. A good place to experiment with black flooring is in the bathroom.

best black flooring ideas

A Traditional Look

If you want to bring in culture and make the room a statement piece, Moroccan tiles are the way to go. The Moroccan pattern serves as a great stylish addition and gives the room more character. Also, if you’re new to experimenting with interior decoration, this would be the perfect way to start.

Vastu Tips for Black Flooring

Any black addition to one’s home might feel iffy, but black flooring is certainly the opposite.

Black floors are considered auspicious for North facing rooms. This is because North facing rooms should ideally be in a darker shade as that promotes happiness and prosperity and what better way to address that than black floor tiles? These would ensure positive energy into the room and make it a happier space to live in.

Black stones and marble also signify no interruptions at work. So, black flooring can be a great addition to your office or workspace as it would help you get your work done with no interruptions.

How To Clean Your Black Floor

While black tiles can really give you your dream aesthetic, it is equally important to take care of them regularly. Cleaning black floors don’t require much attention, and each clean gives you a shiny new look. A mixture of one cup of vinegar in a bucket of water can do wonders while mopping a black floor. This solution works well for the bathroom as well.

It might be time to experiment and elevate your home style with some black flooring. HomeLane provides excellent options for laminates, vinyl and stone flooring. They will guide you through different black flooring options to see what suits your style and budget both. We suggest you get started with your renovation journey with HomeLane, the best partner for renovations.

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