Colours have a way of making your home interiors look full of life. Every colour has its unique feel and exudes a different kind of vibe. When it comes to your home, you would want there to be lots of positivity and happiness, and you can achieve this to some extent with the use of the right colours on your floors, furniture, and walls.

Why Consider Colourful Furniture?

Coloured furniture in your home interiors can affect your lives in more ways than you can imagine. Here are a few reasons why you must consider colourful furniture.

  • The colours we use in our home interiors can say a lot about who we are. Colourful furniture reflects our personality. For instance, having red-coloured furniture reflects determination in a person. Similarly, green-coloured furniture would make you seem like a helpful and caring person.
  • Colours have a way of affecting our moods as well. You would need a calming vibe for places like your bedroom, which you can achieve by using cool colours like green, blue, or light purple. If you want a room to invoke your energetic self, you can place warm coloured furniture.
  • When the right coloured furniture is used, it instantly makes your home interiors appear finished. Colours act as a unifying force making a space seem well rounded.
  • Colourful furniture can even alter the way we perceive things. This means that even if you do not have a luxurious-looking home when the right colours are used, your mind is tricked into believing that your home interiors are quite spacious.

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beautiful sky blue sofa and solid cushions

Picking the Ideal Colourful Upholstery

Whether you are redecorating your home interiors from scratch or trying to add new furniture to a specific room, you need to choose the right colour for the upholstery of the furniture. If you want the piece of furniture to be the centrepiece, its upholstery must be bright-coloured. Otherwise, you can stick to the neutral colour palette.

If you wish to make the room appear larger, picking furniture of the same colour as the wall can help. Another common approach would be choosing a furniture colour that complements the home decor and doesn’t seem to take all the attention. For this, neutral-coloured furniture works the best.

colourful upholstery

Light or dark colour?

When you decide whether the furniture colour needs to be light or dark, you need to consider the colour of your floor. If your floor’s colour is dark and you place dark-coloured furniture over it, it would seem like it has disappeared.

If you wish to use dark-coloured furniture, either make sure that the floor’s colour is light, or you can try and create a visual space by picking furniture with metal or wooden legs. Another way to make the colour of your furniture pop is to use a light-coloured rug. You can even use a metal or wooden coffee table for this.

Lighter shades of furniture pose a different challenge altogether. They tend to get dirty very easily, and this is why many people avoid buying them. If you are considering buying light-coloured furniture, try considering how you will use the room. For instance, if you have a pet who loves lounging on your living room furniture, you must refrain from buying light-coloured furniture.

dark or light colour furniture

Picking the Right Colour

Now once you have decided whether you want light or dark-coloured furniture, it is time to decide the furniture’s colour.

If you consider showpiece furniture like a couch or a sofa, the best choice would be to go for a neutral-coloured sofa. With neutral-coloured furniture, it becomes easier to decorate around it. The colours that come under the neutral palette include grey, beige, cream, and taupe. Try going for a textured fabric for the furniture with monochromatic colour specks instead of the soft matte fabric.

If you wish to give an edgy and urban vibe to the room, pick vintage furniture in new-age colours. You need to decide the mood you want to create with the furniture colour. According to the dramatic or subtle colour hues you choose, you can decide how to pair up your furniture with throw rugs, pillows, mats, etc.

Try not to pick a furniture colour that is trending currently since this might change with time, and then you would have to again think about replacing your furniture. Go for solid colours that you know would live on for years to come. Also, avoid delicate and light-coloured upholstery for your furniture if you have kids and pets.

colourful pink sofa and yellow side table

Your home is a special space for you, and you must carefully choose the colours you use to beautify its interiors. You can feel comfortable and at ease when you pick the right shade of colour for your home walls, floors, and furniture. So, make sure you use the colours to your advantage by keeping the above points in mind while choosing the ideal furniture for your home.

Colour fads keep changing with the season, do not bother about them! It is your home, so go ahead and pick a colour for your furniture that seems the most ideal for you. Need some help? Contact our representatives at HomeLane, and get ready for your dream makeover.

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