Upholstery for your arm-chair, sofa set or furnishings is a big investment because it requires careful consideration. The correct fabric or material should be chosen to maintain durability and comfort. Any desired colour pattern should reflect the interior design specifications of your living space to match the ambience. There are many things to consider when choosing upholstery designs for home interiors. Whether you want to indulge your exceptional taste for luxury or require an added boost for your lifestyle choice, upholstery design plays a vital role.

Pick something that reflects your personality

Choosing the correct upholstery can bring about a transformative experience to your day. Upholstery design can take many forms, fabrics, textures and patterns to indulge your fashion choices. If you’re looking to try out some fascinating, awe-inspiring upholstery designs, you’ve come to the right place.

Interior design experts and architects at HomeLane specialise in catering to a diverse clientele with varied tastes, ensuring that every interior design specification is matched with supreme quality. With an array of choices ranging from furniture, floors, roofing, home décor and acoustics, HomeLane empowers lifestyle choices with stylish designs and home décor. Upholstery designs are a big chunk of home interiors. We believe that when a client chooses a design, it should not only provide fine aesthetics but a personal touch to your living spaces. When it comes to upholstery, you’re going to want to buy the finest, most durable and comfortable material to complement your furniture and your lifestyle.

In this article, let us explore some stylistic, hard-wearing choices you can try for your upholstery.

Floral wallpapers & upholstery

An exciting new trend is the floral wallpapers and upholstery collections. Interior designers are fond of working with various custom floral upholstery for furniture and floral wallpapers for walls. The design has a soothing effect, making it compatible with various textures, patterns and colours. Revitalize your home interiors with floral prints that can be fashioned to your wildest dreams.

For upholstery, in particular, the floral prints and exciting motifs are perfect for a comfortable, trendy designer sofa. Sometimes, you can almost envision the natural elements coming together with a colour combination of your choice. The petals of various flowers are also used in some popular designs, merged with vibrant hues and accents to make your sofa look cushiony and even heart-warming.

Geometric prints

In a class of its own, geometric prints make up for some of the most exquisite upholstery designs. Trendy, catchy and exuberantly expressive, various tones, colours and hues are formed out of geometric shapes, figures, patterns and much more. If you’re looking for a classy upholstery design for your dining room interior furnishings, geometric prints can make a wonderful addition.

Highly customizable and innovative, geometric prints create a stellar visual presence that streamlines furnishings with an expressive sophistication.  The famous geometric prints from the 1970s have rekindled the design trend for a more stylish, graceful and futuristic upholstery and home interiors. The colours and patterns available in geometric prints are virtually limitless. Whether your kids want their interiors to look straight out of Pac-man and Minecraft, or you want that elegant symbolism of structured geometry, geometric prints are the best choice.

An Earthy look

Probably one of the most exquisite upholstery designs, an earthy look is as much about the fabric as the style. Upholstery with subtle natural colours and an earthen finesse can unveil so much of a place’s tranquil ambience. For sofas, armchairs, and matching dining chairs, an earthy look will provide an extravagant poise.

Linen fabric upholstery or leather sofas are a classic addition to any living space. With the varieties of earthy upholstery on show, you can customise your interiors with a magnificent character. Plain, patterned, chequered or simply radiant, there are numerous upholstery design choices for enthusiasts. In a nutshell, you could recreate the starlit romance of the night skies or the earthy complement to a rustic fireplace,  from a variety of spectacular colour combinations and materials. Your earthy upholstery design can suit almost every home interior with a touch of refined luxury and classic composure.

Grand Millennial style

A pop design statement from high-end interior design experts, the Grand Millennial style is a simplistic, fashionable and extremely sophisticated clean line furniture upholstery design. A true expression of modern art and simplistic sophistication, the Grand Millennial can include blending elements to add to the ambience.

A merger of chinoiserie, topiaries, organic fibre rugs, borders and clean linen upholstery makes this design stand out. Imagine an elegant light blue upholstery is lined with thick white borders around the seams, posing as a catchy yet uncluttered display. To top it off, interior design experts use modern art installations, contrasting paintings and striking patterns in the backdrop of the room to steer comfort and luxury at once.

If you haven’t heard of this fantastic upholstery design until now, you can always browse the internet for various patterns, designs and catchy projects from all around the world. Just remember, you heard about the Grand Millennial design from HomeLane first and we are glad to fulfil all your upholstery design requirements.

Just give us a call and watch our interior design experts go to work, offering you a range of upholstery design and home interiors that will spoil you with enchanting choices. If you’ve found this article useful, tell us more about your dream spaces and we’ll tell you how to make it a reality.

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