Wallpaper design trends keep changing from time to time. Therefore, it is essential for interior designers as well as homeowners to be up to date with the latest wallpaper design trends. Taking cues from home décor experts, design trend forecasters, and home décor choices trending online, we have curated a list covering the trending wallpapers for 2021 to help you pick the perfect wallpaper for your home.

Textured Wallpapers

This is among the most traditional, classy, and timeless wallpaper design trends of the century. Textured wallpapers are subtle yet have a light design effect to it. They are universal, can fit into any house, and are apt for all the rooms of a home. Textured wallpapers also cater to the choices of all age groups. They are easy to maintain and never go out of fashion, making them the ideal choice for a lifelong wallpaper. Textured wallpapers are available in many variants like chintz, rough, smooth, knitted, and denim, but our recommendation is to opt for the classic, smooth-textured wallpaper in a colour that matches and compliments your room.

Geometric Wallpaper

Hitting the top charts of trending wallpapers for 2021, geometric designs are gaining quick popularity because of their quirky design. They are apt for a kid’s room, and a subtle geometric design looks beautiful in a living room. Geometric wallpapers have to be chosen, keeping in mind the room’s design; otherwise, they will end up looking misplaced or odd. Additionally, they shouldn’t be overused; try limiting a geometric wallpaper just to one wall. This will make it look subtle yet unique. It is best to consult an expert before opting for a geometric wallpaper.

Dark Coloured Wallpaper

Dark-coloured wallpapers are among the most smoothly attractive wallpaper design trends of 2021. From driving all the attention of an onlooker towards an accent wall to creating a dramatic feel in the room, dark-coloured wallpapers do the job right. A darker colour adds glow to the room by adding a strong sense of aesthetics. These dark-coloured wallpapers include colours like navy blue, black, dark grey, etc. Any wall décor item like a photo frame or a clock will stand out and, at the same time, blend in with this wallpaper effect. These are also easy to maintain because their colours will not fade for years.

Vintage Floral

Wallpapers of 2021 take cues from the age-old classic trends, but these same designs are replicated in a more refined manner. One of the most admired design trends from the Victorian age, vintage florals, is back! Vintage floral designs use pastel shades on an artistically sketched mix of flower designs. These vintage flowers add colour, drama, aesthetics, and art to the design of a room. Just like geometric wallpapers, these cannot be overused and require an expert designer’s opinion on placement. They are expensive to maintain as these designs fade soon and lose their shine because of which they need to be replaced often.

Forest Inspired Wallpapers

Floral designs completely rely on personal choice. Not many people prefer pastel shades and florals. However, one trend from our wallpaper design trends that includes a little floral and a small forest is turning out as a versatile choice. Forest inspired wallpapers to use bold colours and have rustic designs of flowers, plants, woods, or greenery painted on the wallpaper. These blend in with any home décor design and are long-lasting due to their dark colour shade.

Story Book Wallpapers

This choice is extracted from trending wallpapers 2021 for kids. If you want your wallpaper to be out of the box, let it recite a story with funky graphics and dialogue bubbles just like a kid’s storybook. Story wallpapers are customized to every home owner’s preference making it one of a kind specially designed for your room. When put up on a wall, they might seem complicated, but that is its beauty, which will engage every onlooker to stop by and observe. However, house owners might get bored with this wallpaper soon, which makes it a short-term choice. They are also difficult to maintain because if even a section of the graphics fades off, the absolute beauty of the wallpaper will be ruined.

These are the wallpaper design trends from our home décor book for 2021. Choices are unlimited, and so is the scope of designing. At HomeLane, our purpose is to help you design your dream home by providing expertise on the best designs and interior trends to choose from.

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