The walls are the soul of your home. You can always play around with your desirable wall interior and colours. Some homeowners want their walls to complement the Living Room False Ceiling Designs. While others want to give their walls a minimalistic touch.

They look for simpler walls that can blend with the TV Units Designs for the living room. If you, too, are juggling between wallpaper vs textured paint, then we got your back!!

textured paint on walls

Wallpaper vs Textured Paint: Texture Paint Advantages and Disadvantages



It bounces an enchanting and refreshing look by adding depth and dimension to the walls.

If you consider cost-wise, which is better wallpaper or texture paint, then textured paints are quite expensive. It can disbalance the budget of your overall interior design plan.

The professionals can pick an ideal texture paint even for a minimalist living room interior design and make it visually appealing.

Some homeowners don’t want to involve professionals. Then in the race of Wallpaper vs Textured Paint, this paint is not easy to handle.

  For homeowners who are planning to look for long-term plans, texture paints are the most suitable option. It is less maintenance paint that doesn’t come off easily.

If you are someone who keeps experimenting with the wall interior, then texture paint might not be your best deal. As it is difficult to remove it time and again.

textured paint

Wallpaper vs Textured Paint: Texture Wallpapers Advantages & Disadvantages



  It is quite pocket-friendly if you observe wallpaper vs textured paint costing.

While checking for wallpaper vs textured paint, see what your current wall looks like. Because you can’t put wallpaper on an already textured wall.

  You can pick from a plethora of designs, colours, patterns, and even surface finishes.

Some old-schooled and traditional wallpapers are tricky to handle.

The installation is not that difficult. The ways include pasting the wall, pasting the paper, peeling, and sticking.

Unlike paint, you can experience a difference in the colour of the wallpaper. This can be due to excessive sunlight.

Alike texture paints, wallpapers can also hide some cracks in the walls.

They are not as long-lasting as the texture paints and need a high maintenance service.

  Homeowners consider wallpapers to give a personalised touch to different walls, as they can be easily removed.

You can mess up while trying to bring perfection to the complete look.

texture wallpapersTo Wrap Up

We know you must have put your blood and sweat into the making of this house. We don’t want you to walk on this wall-revamping journey all alone. Why stay puzzled about wallpaper vs textured paint thoughts when you can get expert assistance?? Let HomeLane be your interior partner.

Because you don’t get a chance to paint your walls too often, be wise while making your choices, as they will last longer, explore more tips and tricks on revamping your home sweet home.


1. Which one is better, wallpaper or texture paint?

You can’t pick textured wall paint vs wallpaper randomly. They serve different purposes for complementing the interiors. As a homeowner, you should look out for texture paint vs wallpaper cost.

 Check out your budget priorities if you are revamping your small living room interior design. Wallpapers are quite cost-friendly. What would suit your space, and what is your taste?

However, textured paint is better than wallpaper if you plan to give a ravishing look to the elegant living room interior design. It is incredibly durable and never fails to catch attention. If you are someone who loves to experiment with wall beauty too often, wallpapers can be your ideal choice.

2. What are wallpaper and textured paint?

You can visualise wallpapers as uniquely patterned rolls cut and pasted on your walls. Many homeowners use an alluring wallpaper in their rustic living room interior design.

Textured paints have a palpable texture that makes a wall pop up. This paint is quite different from all other varieties available, as it gives a different tactile feel to the walls making it more striking. This paint is mostly used to highlight certain areas, not the entire walls.

Do you want an expert opinion on which is better, texture paint or wallpaper? Pick the one that boasts your taste in style and your existing interiors.

3. Is texture paint different from normal paint?

Yes, it is different. You can find paint in most Indian living room interior designs. It is not waterproof and chips off easily. Paint can add different colours to your wall but can’t make it exceptional. On the other side, most homeowners are picking texture paint for their modern living room interior design.

 It smoothly blends even with your TV units or crockery units. It is a way to gift an extraordinary look to your contemporary living room interior design. Texture paint has a thick consistency with sand grains giving patterned designs. Moreover, it covers cracked walls and imperfections quite well.

4. Can you use textured paint on the wallpaper?

Yes, you can, but only after considering a few things:

If your wallpaper is well-settled or in poor condition: Removing the wallpaper first is a better idea as you don’t want the living room interiors to look unpleasing.

If you are planning for an interior revamp soon: Removing textured paint over wallpaper is quite challenging and can cause damage.

If you already have textured wallpaper: Painting over textured wallpaper can leave the texture patterns coming through.

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