Looking for the luxurious home interiors without compromising the space and comfort, while retaining the restrained minimalism of modern design?  We have the top 10 designs for you which you will incorporate in your home interion that will gives the luxury and modern touch to your home.

1. Luxurious Living room

Choose antique furniture for your modern living room which gives traditional as well luxurious vibe to your space. Choose the soft-furnishing that will match the overall theme of the room. Mix and match different cushions on your sofa which gives modern look to your home. Make sure you keep lighting on mind, for the living room have sufficient natural lights for that keeping the floor to ceiling window would be the miracle. decorate your windows with the satin or silk curtains which will amp up the space. Add layers of lights using a beautiful chandelier which will work as a accent light.

2. Yellow Eclectic Kitchen

The spacious L-shaped kitchen layout keeps the design minimalist and yet striking, with its combination of glossy ebony grey and sunlight yellow are laminate finish, a breakfast counter will make it more functional for the morning coffee. Printed Moroccan tiles on the backsplash will amp up the kitchen interior.

3. The Common Areas

Having a vanity unit is noticeable and refreshing for the home interior, this will make your common area look cutter free. A expansive vanity unit in the common area provides plenty of storage space, while maintaining those clean lines and textured cabinets. The vanity unit could be used to keep the daily essentials like towel, cleaning detergents, soap, tissue papers, mop baskets etc.

4. Modern Bedroom

This modern bedroom is design in all wooden theme, the bed, study units, tv unit and side tables are giving the English country look to the space. The canopy bed is draped with cream curtains which will give refreshing and romantic look to the space. The bedroom is covered with the textured beige carpet which is ideal for the noise prevention in the space.

5. Dark Theme Dressing Table

Give the bollywood glam to your dressing room simply by adding the accent lights and choosing bold colour combination for the space. The copper and golden tone furniture goes well with this combination. Add some decor accessories and accent pieces to make it look more appealing.

6. Luxurious Study Room

The neutral colour tone in the study room are retaining the sensation of the reading room. The big bookshelf would be ideal to spent some “me time”

7. Entertainment Room

For the small and middle class families entertainment room would be perfect for your date night. Add a comfy sofa set, mix and match with cushions cover and sofa throw. Use bold colour like dark pink with the textured wallpaper to amp up the walls of the entertainment room. Add some floor cushions along with the neutral tone carpet. An entertainment unit with a simple and dramatic style that makes it perfect for marathon movie sessions or energy-fueled sports-watching.

8. Add Some plants

I you are someone who want to live close to nature than add some plants to give the modern look to your boring interiors. Create a reading room near a large window, Add some plants and fluffy rug and coloured cushions gives the cozy look to your space.

9. Bathroom Cabinets

The blue wall mounted vanity units with square mirror gives chic look to your bathroom, this is looking aesthetical beautiful as well as functional. The square tiles and open cabinets with the light on the wall gives modern and minimalist look.  The shower cubical separate bathing area and pot which is the best practice for the bathroom hygiene.

Making a luxurious and modern home would be easy with the proper planning and have budget on mind. If you are looking for customized interior designs for your home do visit our nearest experience center across 19 cities, or simply book and online meeting with our interior designers.

Do Let us know what do you think about these ideas in the comment below.

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