A living room: the name says it all. It’s that space in our homes where we welcome guests, where the family gets together, and where we put our feet up to relax.

What you do with your living room depends on the space, the mindset, and the budget. It is one of the most important interior décor decisions you can make.

Fortunately for those living in India, there are a variety of choices. You can draw upon your heritage. You can keep things simple. Or you can be as luxurious as you like.

Here are ten stunning designs to give you all the inspiration you need.

1. Traditional

In a traditional living room décor, the colours, textures, and materials reflect the heart and soul of the country. Think of earthy colours such as browns, oranges and yellows for upholstery and curtains. Select paintings and sculptures by traditional artists. Use Indian patterns and motifs such as paisley and chakras. Try carved footstools, pitaras, wooden chests and jaali dividers for a finishing touch.

Traditional living room

2. Natural

A natural living room décor is all about sustainability and connecting with roots. The colours that go with this look are muted tones, whites, and pastels. The flooring can be created from locally sourced natural materials such as kota stone or marble. Bamboo chik blinds can cover the windows and jute tapestry can adorn the walls. Invite nature indoors with a selection of fresh flowers and plants placed in stone or terracotta pots. The result: a soothing, environmentally-friendly space that you, your family and guests will love to spend time in.

Natural materials for living room

3. Compact

The design of urban apartments means that many of us living in a metropolis have compact living rooms. In such cases, you don’t have to sacrifice style or comfort. A monochromatic look without excessive contrasts will make the room feel bigger. A key principle is to organise the space properly.

Make sure there is no clutter by removing unnecessary objects. Go for furniture that can be used for more than one purpose. For example, a storage chest can also be a coffee table. Other furniture should be in scale, so it doesn’t look too big for the space.

Compact designs for living room

4. Royal

Return to the majesty of the past with a royal-themed living room. Choose materials that are uber-luxurious, such as silk and leather. Match this with ornate, stuffed furniture, decorative doors, and a glass-topped center table. Carved ivory side tables, chandeliers, and large gilt-edged wall mirrors complement this look. Top it off with vintage lamps and accessories, ornamental art, and hand-knotted carpets and rugs.

Royal living room designs

5. Bohemian

Carefree, casual, and cool. Those words capture a bohemian lifestyle. If they resonate with you, give your living room this attitude. Typically, you should look at low-slung tables and chairs made of wooden and other natural materials.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match a variety of colours and textures. You can source unusual accessories and art made by local artists as well as lamps and mirrors in non-traditional shapes. A variety of plants and some vintage will add the finishing touch.

Bohemian living room designs

6. Minimal

In this less-is-more approach to interior decor, every element counts. A few pieces of furniture are best, each one carefully chosen for functionality and comfort. Store items that you don’t need daily out of sight. Go for light shades and fill the room with as much natural light as possible. You can even try a no-furniture look, with low seating and plenty of rugs and cushions. Earthy colour accents and small motifs will give it that uniquely Indian touch.

Minimal living room designs

7. Eclectic

A casual mix of different styles is the hallmark of eclectic interior décor. With a living room, this means contrasting textures and colours. The furniture choices can be quirky and unusual. This can be complemented by artifacts and accessories from all over. Keep in mind that there should still be a basic rule of proportion to hold it all together. This could boil down to a colour theme or a controlled play of elegance.

Eclectic living room designs

8. Warm

With a warm interior décor style, your living room could become the cosiest and most-used area of your home. The emphasis is on comfort, with thick blankets, rugs, and cushions. The colours that work best are from the red, orange, and yellow families, with variations. Choose sofas that you want to sink into and padded chairs which you can sit on for hours. Lamps that create pools of light, thick curtains and wall hangings will complete the look.

Warm living room designs

9. Wooden

When it comes to interior décor, many feel that there’s no material like wood. Living rooms can be crafted to take advantage of its wide varieties. Wooden flooring is available in many shades and textures. Make sure to select those that do not require high maintenance. The wall paint, furniture, and accessories should coordinate with the floors. Wooden brackets, shelves and Indian wall art will add to the effect. You can balance the whole with rugs and accessories.

Wooden living room designs

10. Modern Colonial

Let your living room reflect India’s history with colonial décor. Mix British architectural principles with local Indian materials to combine the best of past and present. Arched doors and windows, louvred window shutters, and dark wooden furniture are some elements to consider. Oversized local plants and planter’s chairs will give it a dak bungalow feel. Add a contemporary touch with clean lines, modern fabrics and lighter colours.


Modern colonial living room designs

We know that getting your living room or any other room at home just right is an important task. At HomeLane, we’ve worked with many families to create exquisite interiors. We have several more inspiring ideas for interior décor. Contact us today for a free design session.

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