Most of us want our living room to feel comfy, appealing, and a delight to spend time in. But do you know what makes a space truly cosy? While some may say it is the furniture pieces, the lighting and the room size, others might believe it is the colours and textiles used. Well, the answer to that is, is all of the above.

warm cosy small living room

If your living room is hindering your style and has turned into a place that isn’t truly utilised, we’ve compiled some cosy small living room decor ideas to help you make it the most convivial, warm space in your home.

13 Cosy Small Living Room Decor Ideas

From arranging your furniture to appropriate lighting and effectively utilising the entire floor and wall space, here are some cosy small living room decor ideas that will help make the most out of your available space, irrespective of the room’s dimensions.

1. Use an Armchair to Create an Inviting Cosy Small Living Room Decor

A smart way to create a cosy space is to make a seating area with armchairs. This cosy small living room decor is both welcoming and stylish. Instead of crowding the space with a large sectional or multiple sofas, two smaller chairs can be used for the seating arrangement. This helps create an inviting space without shrinking the living room area. To make the chairs feel in sync with the entire room, position them towards the focal point, like the entertainment centre, fireplace or coffee table.

armchair to cosy small living room

2. Use Mirrors to Make Your Living Room Look More Spacious

Mirrors are an interior designer’s favourite accessory. They not only add dimension and light to any space but also make it appear bigger. The mirror in the image taken here effortlessly blends with the cosy small living room decor featuring plants. Pairing the mirror with a light source like a sconce or a table lamp can boost its reflectiveness even more. The idea is to add space and avoid mirrors with huge, ornate frames. Large frames can seem overpowering in a cosy small living room decor. Consider including a smaller mirror if you wish to create a gallery wall.

spacious cosy small living room

3. The Correct Sized Rug for a Cosy Small Living Room Decor

One of the most popular ways to anchor a cosy apartment living room is to use a rug. While large furniture pieces crowd the space, a large carpet can make your room appear much more spacious. Skip small mats that float in the centre of the room and make it look small and choppy.

Confused about what size rug will work best with your cosy small living room decor? Here’s a small tip. Draft the outline of a carpet on the floor using painter’s tape. Try out various sizes to determine what shape and size rug will best cover your area and make your space look more elegant.

correct sized rug

4. Warm Lighting to Illuminate Your Cosy Small Living Room Decor

Light is a key element that a designer can utilise to liven up a small space. This cosy small living room decor channels its brightness through the ceiling sconces and the floor lamp in the corner. A light fixture on the ceiling attracts immediate attention and can brighten up your entire space. Add interesting lamps behind a couch, or use floor lamps of different heights to lighten your room further. If you’re bored of the traditional lights on the end table, consider adding wall sconces for fun design details. The best of all would be natural lighting, as pictured here. Nothing reflects a cosy living room as this decor and warm lighting.

warm lighting

5. Using Floating Wall Shelves to Enhance Your Cosy Apartment Living Room

The vertical space in a room is a perfect candidate to combine storage and design. Decorating the elements in such a manner makes the room appear spacious and gives you more options. A vertical storage shelf is an excellent way to utilise an alcove or angled wall in your cosy apartment living room. If there are no built-ins in your living room, a floating storage unit can be installed on the wall, as seen in the picture, to display beautiful decor pieces. Make sure to decorate these shelves from top to bottom to create an eye-catching display.

wall shelves

6. Play with Colours to Make Your Cosy Small Living Room Decor Pop

Here’s proof that a lighter colour palette makes a living room appear larger and more spacious. But this doesn’t imply that you should avoid colours. The orange sofa and off-white cushions stand out from the rest of the palette of this living room.

Take inspiration from this cosy small living room decor and add pops of colour in the form of a pillow, rug, artwork or couch to complete the look of your living room. Keep your ceilings and walls muted to make the living room appear bigger but play with colours in your accent details and elements. Additionally, putting plants in your living room will further enhance the cosy aesthetic of the space.

colours to your small livings


7. Create a Flexible Small, Cosy Living Room

From an ottoman that can be utilised for storage/seating or as a coffee table to little end tables that can be easily moved from one corner of the room to the other, choose furniture that can be rearranged effortlessly.

The warm white-themed cosy apartment living room decor, pictured here, has small brown quilted ottomans that can serve several purposes and be used as additional seating. By designing a flexible room with movable furniture, you’ll have plenty of space for different activities.

flexible cosy living room

8. A Floating Media Centre for a Spacious Living Room

A bulky media unit requires a lot of floor space. The floating media centre pictured in this living room looks minimalist and doesn’t consume any floor space. Take inspiration from this design to free up floor space and create an impressive small cosy living room.

All you need to do is mount your TV to the wall and attach floating units above and below the TV. You can also use this area for storage or displaying small decor pieces. The best part is that you can personalise the space and make it a reflection of your style.

spacious living room

9. Choose Warm Tones for a Cosy Small Living Room Decor

Nothing works better than warm colours to make things cosy. The warm brown colour and ethnic boho decoration of this small cosy living room give it an inviting feel. The warm tones start with red and pass through to yellow-green. Layering can work wonders for a cosy small living room decor as well. Browns with oranges, yellows, and purples with reds and pinks are some of the best options. Consider using natural fibres like rattan, wood, wool, grasscloth, and linen to bring in more warmth. It’ll help create a soothing and stress-free atmosphere.

warm tone living rooms

10. Layering Curtains for a Cosy Small Living Room Decor

If you need just one tool for a cosy small living room decor, it should be layered curtains. The curtains of the living room pictured here soften the light and add warmth and texture to the space giving it a relaxed look. An Effective window treatment will envelop your living room in a warm, filtered light. They are ideal for updating your space. Cover the windows with sheer curtains in the evening for a cosy and warm space. You can also consider wool blend fabrics for curtains as they hang wonderfully, and wool filters light in a very pleasing way.

curtains for living room

11. Colour Drenching Your Cosy Small Living Room Decor

Colour drenching is the art of painting the walls, woodwork and ceilings in the same colour. When you envelop a compact room in colour, the focus moves from observing the size of the room to the admiration of the shades surrounding it. Colour drenching this cosy apartment living room with an emerald green tone gives a brilliantly bold look to the interiors and makes the space warm and appealing. You can also choose warmer colours like beige, or warm pink, to create a more muted decor.

colour drenching living room

12. Layering with Soft Textiles for a Cosy Apartment Living Room

Tactility goes a long way in designing a cosy small living room decor. Layering rich textiles can add gentleness and create a cosy atmosphere in your room. The knitted blanket, faux fur table cloth and soft fluffy rug lend the required warmth to this small cosy living room. Natural materials like wool, sisal and jute work best when it comes to carpets. Consider layering natural fabrics with the addition of some bold textures to give your living room a feeling of cosiness.

soft textiles living room

13. Utilise the Corners Creatively to Enhance Your Cosy Small Living Room Decor

Utilising the corners of your living room is a wise way to put every inch of floor space to good use. This cosy reading nook of a cosy living room promises quality ‘me time’. Convert those awkward corners of your living room into functional spaces like a place to listen to music, paint, etc. Add a comfy armchair and some cushions. Turn the area into one where you’d love to unwind after a long day of work.

creative living room


A serene and cosy living room enhances the overall interior design of your house. We hope the above cosy small living room decor ideas help you set the theme for your entire house. Impressed by the above tips and tricks? Check the official website of HomeLane for more interesting interior design solutions for your home.

comfy living room


1. How Can I Decorate My Living Room When It’s Small?

Here are a few tips and tricks to decorate a small living room. Instead of having the curtain rod above the window, take it close to the ceiling to make the room appear larger. Ensure your curtains are long enough to avoid an awkward length.

Build up your wall décor and artwork towards the ceiling. This will pull your eyes upward and give your space the appearance of being more spacious and bigger. Contrast the higher design elements with lower styling. From ottomans and coffee tables that sit close to the floor to chairs and couches designed to be low, the contrast of low and high designs will give the illusion of a bigger room.

2. How Do You Make a Small Room Feel Cosy?

There are several ways to make a small room feel cosy. Use warm paint colours that add a relaxed and cocooning feel to the room. Choosing dark colours for the ceiling can envelop the space in cosiness. Double-layer the curtains to soften and insulate the area. Consider extra throw pillows to add warmth to the seating area.

A soft fur or wool carpet can bring cosiness while enhancing the room’s visual appeal. Add pleasing murals or art that create a welcoming atmosphere. Finally, boost the feeling of cosiness with rich textures and fabrics.

3. What Colours Make a Living Room Cosy?

Warm colours can make any space feel intimate and snug. Dark shades of warm hues like gold, orange and red are perfect to create a cosy look. Even neutral colours such as caramel, chocolate brown, charcoal or fawn lend the required warmth to the room. Cosy colours are saturated tones, and even tones from the cool half of the colour wheel, like green and blue, can feel warm when you choose the deepest iterations, such as moss and navy. Such colours look good with warm-metal accents, such as antique brass and oil-rubbed bronze.

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