Most homeowners make the mistake of treating their washing room design as an afterthought. If conceived strategically, a washing machine room can double up as a useful room for storage. You can store essential clothing, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items of your choice. And if you want to think outside the box and make optimal use of your space, you can even think of placing a washing machine in your bedroom. Let’s look at some of the most interesting design ideas for a washing room.

washing machine room

Top 19 Washing Machine Area Designs Worth Considering

1. Here’s a Multi-Purpose Kitchen Wash Area Design Worth Emulating

multi-purpose kitchen wash area

Not everyone can afford to have a dedicated washing area within their home. So, why not use your kitchen space as a worthy area? Take inspiration from the example shown above. Instead of wasting the area below the kitchen cabinets, you can create a built-in space to place your washing machine. Moreover, you can also place your washing supplies on top and store all your cleaning essentials without breaking a sweat! This is a perfect example of how to use the available space and convert an otherwise non-usable area into a highly-functional one.

2. A Simple and No-Frills Washing Area Design

no-frills washing area design

If you’ve got a basement area that is not as commonly used, why not take a cue from the design shown above? Ensure that your water supply is sorted and the room is well-lit. We don’t have any accidents happening when the sun goes down. If you have a lot of free space, as shown above, you can create a built-in cabinet for ironing and storing cleaning supplies and have a handy table for folding clothes. Get creatively functional, the world is your oyster!

3. A Multi-Functional Washing Room within the Basement

washing room within the basement

Here’s another washing area design worth getting inspired from. You can place the washing machine and dryer side by side. You can have a wash basin right next to it to ensure that you have access to clean water at all times. The magic lies in adding wooden cabinets, which you can use to store all your items of choice–for washing, cleaning, or storing.

4. Think of Wooden Planks for Washing Room Storage

washing room storage

If you’ve got a corner, which you lovingly call your utility area, it makes sense to use hanging wooden cabinets to store supplies and hang clothes. For instance, in the image shown above, you’ve got double-decker wooden planks and an ultra-useful wooden rod to keep your clothes neatly tucked away. Instead of leaving the space blank, it makes sense to create as many shelves and cabinets as you can for storage. You’ll thank us later.

5. Use a Built-In Sleek Cabinet for Washing Room Storage

built-in sleek cabinet

Here’s a washing room design idea for the ages. Why not build an entire closet, complete with white hanging shelves and rods of various sizes and forms? The continuous use of white furniture makes this design a classic one. You can hang hangers on the white metal rod. Place a laundry bag right next to the washing machine. Use cane baskets on top. Add fresh green plants to give it a green makeover. To customise the space further, add personal photos and memorabilia, and make the space your own.

6. Integrate a Washing Machine within Your Bathroom

washing machine within bathroom

While there are many bathroom interior designs available online that will get your creative juices flowing, here’s an idea that might never have crossed your mind. If you have an extra bathroom to spare, you can always place your washing machine and dryer in them, as shown above. You’ll have a ready supply of water and won’t have to worry about carving extra space within your home for your dedicated washing room.

7. Place Your Washing Machine + Dryer Inside Your Kitchen

washing machine in kitchen

While most of the washing room design suggestions that you will see on this list will suggest having a washing machine room within a section in the kitchen, here’s a recommendation that’s a cut above the rest. If you’ve got a long free vertical space, it makes sense to place your washing machine and dryer one on top of the other, as shown above. This will not only help you to make optimal use of the existing space but will also double up as a power-packed functional area within the kitchen.

8. Add Some Colour and Character to Your Washing Room

washing machine area design

Our favourite recommendation on this list: Add bright colours within your washing room area, as shown above. This brightening, sun-kissed yellow is the perfect example of how to do up your washing area. The addition of a jute/cane lamp completes the look. Plus, the small hanging curtain below the sink gives this area a vintage-like 1960s feel that is an unparalleled look to achieve.

9. Build a Utility Closet with the Space Available

utility closet in washing room

Here’s another useful idea that’s worth a million bucks: No matter how slim or narrow the space, build a cabinet as shown above. Use good quality wood and metal handles to give the cabinet a sturdy look and feel. Conceptually speaking, this idea works swimmingly well in any kind of set-up–whether you have a huge washing room or a smaller one. The chances of getting a ready-made cabinet are extremely slim; we suggest going for building a customised piece.

10. Convert Your Kitchen into a Gorgeous Utility Room

convert kitchen into utility room

Speaking of utility rooms, here’s a beautiful design that will give other utility rooms a run for its money. To start with, the eyes immediately drift off to the asymmetrical shelves hanging on top. The summery green plants under bold and bright spotlights give this kitchen-cum-washing room a studio-like feel. As we say with other examples, the washing machine is neatly tucked away in a corner and completes the overall look.

11. Use Cane and Jute to Give Your Washing Room a Boho Vibe

cane and jute for washing room

Another hit idea on this list, it makes sense to add dull brown or even marigold yellow cane baskets and storage organisers, as shown here. The long vertical wooden cabinet is a great symmetrical addition to the setup. To add to the look and bring more character, a soft jute carpet does the trick. Another trick to make a note of is that you should stick to the beige, white, and neutral tones for an understated vibe.

12. Make Use of EveryLittle Space–Like Using an Iron Board Over the Washing Machine

iron board over the washing machine

Another itsy-bitsy idea that is extremely helpful and that you will thank us for is this: Insert a long, wide, and sturdy iron table right above the washing machine and dryer. You can use this iron table as a folding table or use it to iron clothes on the spot. The idea is to be creative and use varied spaces for different functionalities.

13. Instead of Endless Cabinets, Use a Washing Machine within Your Kitchen Wash Area Design

washing machine within kitchen wash area

Here’s another expertly designed washing room area and kitchen design that you can go for. From the metallic and jazzy backsplash to the evergreen white wooden cabinets, there’s too much going right for this space. Even though the oven and washing machine are placed right next to each other, the space does not look cramped or chaotic. The addition of chocolate brown kitchen slabs is a refreshing change and uplifts the whole vibe of the space.

14. Keep Your Kitchen Wash Area Design Basic and Usable

basic kitchen wash area design

If you do not have plenty of time to redesign, why not go for a simple setup, as shown here? The wooden blinds are a ‘smart’ addition. The hanging black metal rod for the utensils makes the kitchen look cool and chic. By hanging most of the everyday items up in the air, this kitchen cum washing room space is ideal for homeowners with smaller homes.

15. If You Have the Space, Add a Washing Machine in Your Bathroom

washing machine in bathroom

Here’s another example of a washing machine in a bathroom. After all, the idea is not that out of the box. It’s functionality at its best. You can always deck up the place with an outdated mirror, hanging shelves, small indoor plants, and the like to make it look more lively. The end goal is to convert your bathroom into a multi-use room and ensure there’s easy access for household chores, no matter the time of the day.

16. Make Use of Multiple Storage Cabinets within Your Washing Room Design

multiple storage cabinets in washing room

A must-have for every kind of washing room under the sun is storage. Whether you’re inspired by Marie Kondo or simply want to follow your own organised style, you need to stock up the space with multiple metal storage bins and open wooden shelves, as shown above. These come in handy not only to store everyday essentials but will help keep your space neat and tidy. You’ll be surprised to know how these smaller additions can transform the space and leave it stylish.

17. Use Hanging Shelves and Use the Wall Space

hanging shelves in washing room

Another design idea for your washing room that will work for nearly every home is the one shown above. The white brick exposed wall with hanging wooden shelves is simple, minimal, and classic. The best part is that this idea is easy to execute and can be done within minutes. You can always add wallpaper of choice on the wall and transform the look within seconds.

18. Add Vintage Cabinets for a European Feel

vintage cabinets in washing room

Granted that you don’t see any washing machines in this image above, we wanted to bring this idea up if you wish to add some privacy to your washing area. Instead of hanging a curtain, you can ask a carpenter to build a full-fledged wooden cabinet and finish it off in a European colour (such as lilac or blush pink, for instance). The addition of fresh flowers on top is the icing on the cake.

19. Use a Mix of Wooden and Metal Hanging Shelves

wooden and metal hanging shelves

Another handy suggestion is making use of hanging wooden shelves with gorgeous 18th-century-like metal clamps, as shown above. These add layers, depth, and character to any space. The use of an Edison light above the wash basin area is a stroke of genius. It completes the look and ensures that the washing room is not devoid of any aesthetic pleasantness.

room for washing machineThere you go. When it comes to washing room designs, the formula is pretty straightforward. You need to use enough cabinets and storage organisers for your clothes. You need to get your washing machine and dryer installed in the right place. No matter how small, big, narrow, or compact the space, there’s plenty of room to experiment (pun intended). For more interesting ideas on washing room decor, head over to HomeLane.


1. What is a washing room called?

A washing room is also known as a laundry room or a utility room. It essentially is a room for a washing machine. Contemporary homes having a dedicated washing room have an automatic washing machine, a clothes dryer, an ironing board, and a laundry tub for hand-washing delicate clothing items such as sweaters, undergarments, etc.

2. What should be in a laundry room?

 A fully-stacked laundry room must have the following essentials: detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, stain and odour removers, ironing and sewing supplies, cleaning supplies, and so on. You can always add to this list, depending on your customised needs and create a multi-functional washing room design that’s functionally on-point and aesthetically beautiful.

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