Every once in a while, the wedding china comes out in all its full glory to wow the guests at dinner. Then, where does it return to? To stale old cardboard boxes with frayed ends, or a sleek and fabulous crockery unit that proudly exhibits your collectibles for all to see? We hope it is the latter because good china does not deserve anything less than an elegant and simple home designed by experts.

In today’s homes when every furniture piece is multitasking and being more, the crockery unit too must go beyond being a mere storage space. It often occupies a more central and public space in your home, and it also needs to match the elegance of its contents! So take a look at these crockery unit designs from our arsenal, which cleverly combine contemporary designs with trendy colours, making for a classy blend.

Compact and Minimal

A standalone unit that also functions as a piece of accent furniture, this crockery unit is one for those who love classic, clean lines and minimal decor. The all-wood finish combines timeless rustic beauty and an inimitable charm while the compact structure is an epitome of modern modular design. Just prop this piece against a decorative wall and use it to store all your precious china and silverware. Decor enthusiasts can even use the top as a display centre in lieu of a mantelpiece, or along with one, to keep pictures and collectibles and add a warm, personal touch to a corner solution.

The Quirky Asymmetrical

Traditional can get boring really fast. Sometimes, you need a little quirk to add glam and uniqueness to your home. Asymmetrical and eclectic, this piece will add a dose of splash to any staid room while housing all your hand-me-downs safe from harm. The wall unit above with clear glass panels is a great way to showcase all the tokens of your travels and travails, and the pop colours an excellent excuse to revamp the decor palette of your entire home.

The Comprehensive Two-Piece

In our modern urban homes, we often bemoan the lack of floor space. And the lack of open space makes us cramp our design and decor sensibilities, but it does not necessarily have to be so. This lovely white crockery unit is a stellar example of how vertical space can be used for organizing crockery, optimizing storage and style. A wall-mounted design that also serves as a curio counter, this is a piece tailor-made for small spaces. You can either put this up on a kitchen wall or mix and match this with other pieces to create your own adornment for your modern urban home.

With plenty of cabinet space for organizing crockery and drawers to keep smaller items, you won’t find it hard to put away that complete dinner set. A single open shelf can be used for display, and the neutral white keeps the design from getting too heavy.

Elegant Eclecticism

Simple and refined, this crockery unit puts to mind a classy country cottage where dinner is always accompanied by laughter and songs. We love how this piece makes intelligent use of glass shelves and asymmetrical designs and plays with open space to incorporate a small niche in the bottom. A pot of your favourite herbs could easily fit in there, or maybe a book or two. If you have any vintage cutlery, this unit would be the best place to showcase it all. From blue china to Victorian silver, this holdall will be the perfect foil to your family’s dinner treasures.

You can’t mistake the delicate harmony of this crockery unit, with a combination of open shelves for those items you really want to show off in style, and a cabinet and drawers for those things you really want to keep out of the reach of dust and drops. A combination of wood finish and simple, straight lines keeps the look refined.

The Classic Style

Glass is a modern designer’s favorite vice. Lacquered or plain, beveled or flat, there are many ways in which glass can be used as an embellishment to add character and personality to a design. In this charming crockery unit, it is the use of stained glass shutters which give it a warm, old-fashioned edge mellowed by the earthiness of the teak cabinets. Large and spacious, this unit will give all your designer tableware pride of place. You can even use the shelves as a showcase for precious keepsakes and add your own touch to an ingenious design.

It’s a more old-school crockery unit, with glass shelves, but it maintains the lightness and adaptability of contemporary design. There’s plenty of space for a vase, collectibles, and closed cabinets to keep the more delicate items in your collection.

Looking for crockery unit designs for your home? Get customized furniture and inputs from experienced interior designers; visit us at HomeLane.com. Also, don’t forget to tell us what you thought of our designs in the comments!

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