It’s estimated that we spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms, which underlines the need for bedroom décor to be well organized, functional and aesthetic. The spatial organization of your bedroom starts with the biggest storage in your room—the wardrobe. Looking for design inspiration for your wardrobe? A cool, contemporary look with glass wardrobes could be just what you need. These glass shutters come with several advantages, here is a list:

  • Glass profile wardrobes come in exquisite designs and automatically add elegance to the whole room.
  • Sliding glass shutters are functional and make the most of smaller spaces.
  • The glass shutter wardrobes reflect and bounce light around the room.
  • They make the décor appear light and contemporary.
  • Painted glass is very decorative.

There are, of course, some disadvantages too:

  • Glass requires regular cleaning as the surface shows up fingerprints easily.
  • Glass is fragile, so you must be extra careful to prevent breakage.

If you feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, then do explore this material option. Transparent, translucent, or opaque glass wardrobes are innovative décor solutions that blend elegance and functionality. We’ve curated some ideas to get you thinking.

Our Top Picks For Glass Wardrobe Designs

1. Good Looks, Loft Style

This glassed walk in wardrobe design gives you a preview of your outfit for the day, right from your bed. Super organized and functional, these floor to ceiling wardrobe designs enclose custom-designed shelving and drawers.

loft style glass wardrobe designs

2.  Go for a Lacquered Glass Wardrobe Design for That Glamorous Look

The easy-to-maintain and contemporary-in-style lacquered glass wardrobe designs are all the rage today. You can use the toughened or annealed form of lacquered glass aristo wardrobe and its highly durable and opaque texture to accentuate your home interior design.

lacquered glass wardrobe design

3. Peek-a-boo Glass Shutters

If you don’t want the entire contents of your wardrobe on display, this glass panel in the middle of the sliding shutters could be the right choice for you. White high-gloss paint above and below the glass makes a striking visual impact.

peek-a-boo glass shutters

4. Bedroom Aluminium Glass Wardrobes

These aluminium glass sliding cupboard doors are excellent when it comes to supreme accessibility and bedroom aesthetics. It comes with 2 doors with a smooth sliding option and a comfortable set of drawers and shelves for adequate storage.

bedroom aluminium glass wardrobes

5. Closets, Phone Booth Style Glass Wardrobe

This unusual closet design is set in between a twin bedroom and can be accessed from the middle. Criss-cross panels on the shutters and an elaborate cornice accentuate the classic look.

phone booth style glass wardrobe

6. L-Shaped Wardrobe Design in a Bedroom Corner

This modern glass wardrobe can help you store various things and comes with a fancy shelf to display your bedroom décor.

l-shaped wardrobe design in a bedroom

7. Two-Tone Sliding Glass Panels Wardrobe

Pale aqua and smoky grey lend an air of understated elegance to the contemporary glass sliding wardrobe doors in this modern bedroom.

two-tone sliding glass panels wardrobe

8. Let Etched Glass And Mirror Set the Tone

Sleek panels of etched glass are alternated with full-length mirrored shutters in this bedroom. The wall-mounted wardrobe panels slide to either side of the glass sliding wardrobe, making optimal use of space in the narrow passage.

transparent glass wardrobes

9. Translucent Glass For A Light Look

Large frosted glass shutters are comprised of panels of translucent glass that lend modern sensibilities to this studio apartment. Note how the bed is backed right into the shutters, without compromising on accessibility; this is the advantage of using a glass profile shutter wardrobe rather than the hinged one in a smaller space.

translucent glass wardrobe

10. The Elegant U-Shaped Wardrobe Design

This elegant style of U-shaped expansive closet features tufted storage and built-in cabinets that are placed across a pastel-shaded bedroom. The panel lighting over this glass-top closet makes this minimal wardrobe design a sophisticated and royal one.

u-shaped wardrobe design

11. Say It With Flowers

Glass shutters in hanging wardrobe designs allow for a lot of experiments, like in the floral artwork done on one side of this wardrobe. Artists who work on etching and colouring glass could work out any design of your choice on the surface.

floral artwork glass wardrobe design

12. Hall Wardrobe Designs for the Perfect Display

This brilliant hall wardrobe design acts as a smart storage place for all your valuable displays. With a glamorous touch and superior functionality, these glass closets in the hall or living room help you quickly achieve a modern and sophisticated look in no-time.

hall wardrobe designs

13. Clear all the Way Through

Completely transparent glass shutters in floor to ceiling wardrobe designs enclose this simple walk-in wardrobe. The advantage? You will make sure that your shelves and drawers are always meticulously organized, as everything is clearly visible.

transparent glass shutters

14.  The Classy Wood and Glass Wardrobe Design

There is nothing classier than the combination of glass and wood wardrobe design when it comes to glass bedroom interiors. You can choose from an etched, frosted, or fluted glass wardrobe with ample cabinets and drawers to make a well-organized sliding wooden wardrobe design. Wood is durable, and gives a vintage yet a regal look, adding an extra layer of sophistication to your bedroom décor and design.

wood and glass wardrobe design

15.  Stylishly Hinged Glass Wardrobe

These glass-hinged wardrobe designs swing outwards into the room and are the most popular style- these can be a little expensive compared to the sliding wardrobe design. This style is available in handle-less or handle-designs and is the most versatile and easily lockable glass wardrobe style.

hinged glass wardrobe

16. Glass Wardrobes For The Bookworm in You

Love to read books! Space for your collection has been carved out of this end-to-end white wardrobe, fitted with mirrored shutters that visually accentuate the space.

glass wardrobes for books

17. Bevelled Mirrors In Style

Bevelled mirrors add a touch of class to these glass and mirror panelled shutters in this contemporary bedroom.

bevelled mirrors wardrobe

Vastu Tips for the Glass wardrobes

In many ways, glass surfaces resemble mirrors. They reflect and are said to throw around energy in pretty much the same way that mirrors do, especially when the material used is opaque high-gloss glass. So when it comes to the Vastu of your room, these tenets that the same for profile glass wardrobe surfaces as well.

  • Square or rectangular glass panels are better than circular panels.
  • Avoid fixing reflective surfaces in the South or South East, as this will increase negative energy and create a mood of anger in the room.
  • The opaque and reflective glass should not reflect the sun’s rays or the main door and should not be placed opposite the bed.
  • Broken or cracked glass surfaces create negative energy and should be replaced at once.
  • Reflective glass can be fixed in the North or Northeast walls for good luck and positive energy.


Love these glass wardrobe shutters? The above-given designs are just a small sample of the plethora of glass wardrobe designs that are available in the online and offline markets. For more design options and ideas in glass wardrobes, contact the HomeLane team.


1. Which Glass Is Best for Your Wardrobe?

White Lacquered glass, with a thickness of 5-12 mm, is one of the most suitable materials for a glass wardrobe. It looks luxurious and adds a sophisticated aesthetic to your bedroom. Besides the looks, this glass is safe, durable, and easy to maintain.

2. Which Glass Is Used for Wardrobe Doors?

There are several kinds of glass categories that you can use for your bedroom wardrobe designs, and some of the most commonly used ones include the following:

  • Lacquered glass wardrobe
  • Frosted glass wardrobe
  • Black-tinted glass wardrobe
  • Brown-tinted glass wardrobe
  • Fluted glass wardrobe
  • Back-painted glass wardrobe
  • Acrylic glass wardrobe
  • Glass laminated wardrobe
  • Profile or etched glass wardrobe
  • Full glass wardrobe

3. Is Lacquered Glass Wardrobe Durable?

Lacquered glass wardrobes are durable, easy to clean, affordable, and low maintenance. The lacquered glass wardrobe design is perfect for adorning the perfect modular wardrobe design for your kitchen interiors or living room spaces.

4. Is Wardrobe Lacquered Glass Expensive?

The lacquered glass wardrobes are available in various styles and colours and range between INR 120 and 200 per square foot. So, these are the cost-effective kind of glass wardrobes, which are popularly installed in bedrooms, hallways, kitchens, and even bathrooms.

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