As you know, wardrobes are an essential part of modern life. They don’t just provide a convenient way to store clothing and accessories. They also let you organise them so you can find what you need when you need it.

In addition, wardrobes are a way to enhance the look of any interior. To begin with, they come in various shapes and sizes to suit any room. They are available in different materials, from wood to laminates to metal and more. Some have mirrors, some are built-in and some are free-standing. Corner wardrobes are also convenient and save space.

Dual-toned hinged wardrobes are an attractive choice for those who want to add a dash of flair to their bedrooms. Hinged wardrobes provide better visibility and access. When open, you can see all the contents at one glance. You can also add hooks or small shelves on the insides of the doors to expand storage.

Wardrobe doors in two colours look stylish and are a perfect complement to the rest of the interiors. There are many ways to do this. For example, one colour can match the walls and the other can be an accent. Or both can be a dramatic counterpoint.

Here are some of the most in-vogue dual-toned hinged wardrobe designs for you to consider. So you can get both storage and style.

Beige and Black

Beige is always a popular choice for wardrobes. It is soothing, smart and goes with most interiors. Combine it with black accents to create a classic yet modern look.

beige and black wardrobes

Frosted Glass and Aluminium

A frosted glass front with borders of aluminium spells sophistication and style. Both balance each other perfectly and add that dash of taste.

frosted glass and aluminium

Powder Blue and White

Soft, soothing and very classy. That’s what you get with a powder blue wardrobe with lines of white. This is just right to blend in with the rest of the room, yet make a statement on its own.

powder blue and white cabinet

Dark Blue and Brown

Dark blue may seem like an unusual choice for a wardrobe. Yet, when combined with accents of brown, it can reveal uncompromising flair. For those who want their wardrobe to be a statement.

dark blue and brown

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

Two Shades of Brown

Combine two shades of brown wood or laminate to get a cosmopolitan look that will never go out of style. This duo will uplift any bedroom interior.

two shades of brownWhite and Beige

Simply soothing and perfectly civilised. That’s the effect of white and beige. While each one on its own may seem bland, it’s when they work together that you get a tasteful combination.

white and beige

Red and Black

Perhaps the most dramatic of them all. Dark red with accents of black to tone it down will give you a wardrobe that’s unforgettable. It has contrast, style and flair. 

red and black

At HomeLane, we’d be happy to explore many more design ideas with you. Whether they involve wardrobes, cabinets, colour schemes or just about any other aspect of interior decor. Get in touch with us for a free design session today. Let’s create magical interiors together. 

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