Sliding door wardrobes offer a sleek, space-saving storage solution in contemporary homes. They have several advantages and can work well in a room of any shape and size. Before choosing a door type for your wardrobe you need to weigh the pros and cons of the various options available. You need to pick one depending on your space availability, usage, convenience and the decor of your bedroom.

Well, we have you covered. While the choices can be overwhelming, we have collected all the information for you. Here is everything you need to know before you buy a sliding door wardrobe. We have also included the top trending sliding door wardrobe designs for you to use in your home right away.

How Does a Sliding Door Wardrobe Work?

Quite evidently, the doors of these wardrobes slide from side to side, unlike hinged door wardrobes (where the doors are attached to the closet using hinges). These sliding doors glide smoothly on roller wheels along metal channels that are fixed to the bottom and the top of the wardrobe.

There are some sliding door wardrobes that work with a vertical slider mechanism where both doors slide open at the same time. You may also find collapsible sliding doors that fold to one side like an accordion.sliding wardrobe doors

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sliding Door Wardrobes

Pros of Sliding Door Wardrobes

  • They don’t take up any space or get in your way when you need to open them. So, they work perfectly in compact spaces with less floor space, and in spacious rooms as well. For example, if you have a small room where the wardrobe space is at the foot of the bed, a sliding door wardrobe is the best option, hands down.
  • Sliding door wardrobes tend to be larger, leaving you with more space for your clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories. If you want a wardrobe all along the length of your room, this is the option you should go for.
  • They are more stable as they don’t rely on hinges to hold up the doors.
  • A sliding mirror wardrobe (one with a mirror in front) help in making your room look larger.
  • They come in a variety of designs that can be matched with the décor of your room. You can have them made in blockboard, MDF, opaque or frosted glass, or veneer, with a mirror or without, and in many other ways. Sliding mirror doors have gained a lot pf popularity over the past few years as it offers a chic and classy look to your space. You can choose a glass sliding wardrobe for that sophisticated vibe, or a wood wardrobe design to keep it minimal yet highly functional and aesthetically appealing.

Cons of Sliding Door Wardrobes

  • Unlike hinged wardrobes, one half of the wardrobe will remain shut even when you open it, so you can never see the entire contents of the wardrobe when open.
  • The back of the doors cannot be used. For example, you can use the back of hinged doors to hang hooks or a rod to hold your ties, towels, or to mount a full-length mirror.
  • The doors may veer off the track after many years of use.cons of sliding door wardrobes

Sliding Door Wardrobe Cleaning Tips

  • Bedroom wardrobe sliding doors don’t need a lot of maintenance. But, sometimes they get stuck in their tracks, making it difficult to slide them. This is due to dirt accumulation in the tracks.
  • To prevent that from happening, vacuum clean the tracks every two weeks or, whenever you vacuum clean the rest of your house. Or use a toothbrush or a stiff brush to coax the dirt out. Once you do that, apply an aerosol lubricant or a silicone spray on the rollers on the top and bottom of the sliding door wardrobe to allow them to slide smoothly.
  • If the rollers are damaged, replace them with new ones. If you find the roller wheel alignment to be improper, the screws that hold the tracks and the wheels together may have become loose. Get these screws tightened and replace any missing ones.
  • If you have a mirrored wardrobe, clean the mirrors with vinegar diluted with water. Take care that this solution doesn’t spill onto the frames or moving parts.sliding door wardrobe cleaning tips

Trending Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

Here are some of the coolest modern wardrobe sliding door ideas that you can add to your home today:

Material Mix And Match

This style of sliding door wardrobes use a mix of wood and other materials in various patterns to create something chic and elegant. A mix of patterns adds a unique effect to the bedroom sliding wardrobe design and gives a little personality to your bedroom.  You can also choose to go for a sliding wardrobe with dressing table for a compact yet functional vibe.sliding door wardrobe mix and match

Creative Mirror Patterns

You can experiment with mirror patterns on your sliding door wardrobe to give it an edgy look. This wooden wardrobe design not only adds a beautiful effect to the room but also makes the space look bigger. You can also go for a gloss wardrobe design for that glamorous look.  wardrobe creative mirror patterns 

Full Mirrored Doors

Adding a completely mirrored door to your sliding door wardrobe can make your room look much more spacious and brighter than it is. At the same time, you save space by eliminating the need for a separate mirror in your bedroom.

 wardrobe full mirrored doors

Chic Black Glass Door

Black glass sliding door wardrobes are the perfect addition to an industrial themed room. It makes the room look edgy and modern. Combine this look with grey or pastel-coloured curtains and bedding for a simple, minimalist look. Mirrored sliding doors for wardrobes also make the room appear larger. You end up saving space by not having to use a separate mirror in your room!  wardrobe chic black glass door

Go Simplistic With Transparent Sliding Doors

Well, if you want to show off all your clothes, footwear and accessories, these transparent glass sliding doors are just the right pick for you.

It is sure to catch the attention of anyone who walks into the room. An added advantage is that you’d always know where your clothes and shoes are. But this also means that your closet will always have to be neat and tidy!
 wardrobe transparent sliding doors

Add Some Bright Hues

You can also try including a sliding door wardrobe in a bright colour with a wooden trim. This helps you bring in a splash of your favourite colour in the space. Also, if you are looking for a compact yet functional design, go for a sliding door wardrobe with a dressing table, as it helps you utilize your space best.

It is an easy way to brighten up your bedroom to reflect your personality without including additional decor elements. This sliding door wardrobe design also makes it easy to stick to a decor theme. As shown in the picture using wooden panels, jute storage baskets and off-white doors gives the room a more earthy and warm feeling.

 wardrobe bright hues

Go Bold With Patterns

A good way to bring cohesion to the design of your bedroom is to add a bold pattern to the sliding doors of your wardrobe. As long as it uses the same colour palette as the rest of the room, it will look stylish and cohesive. The best colour combination is the one that goes well with the furniture, curtains and bedding. Using bright colours against the backdrop of pale-coloured furniture instantly lifts the style quotient of the room. You can opt for some bold patterns on your two-door or three door sliding wardrobe doors to bring the wardrobe design in harmony with the rest of the decor and space. Instead of opting for bold patterns and colours, you can also go for grey sliding wardrobe door designs for a classic and chic look.  wardrobe bold with patterns

Beautiful Custom Made Decals

You can let your imagination run wild by customizing the sliding doors of your wardrobes with some beautiful decals to add an element of modular wardrobe design to your bedroom. This can also be an ideal kitchen wardrobe design that will bring a classy and sophisticated look.

It adds an artistic element to your room that elevates the look from plain to something more. Ideally, we recommend adding decals to a four-door wardrobe and keeping two of the doors plain. This ensures that the wardrobe has a quiet elegance and looks stylish at the same time. Choose your colours and patterns based on the rest of the decor elements in the room.  wardrobe custom made decals

Bring in Warmth With Fabric

You can design the sliding doors of your wardrobe with stylish fabric sandwiched between the glass panes. You can go for a White sliding door wardrobe as this gives the room a more regal look and brings a feeling of warmth. You can play around with the colour and pattern on the fabric to match the rest of the room. It is best to keep the walls and the furniture a bit plain so that the wardrobe doors design doesn’t look too jarring against the other design elements. For a lavish look, you can also go for a walk in wardrobe design that suits the vibe of your space.

bring in warmth with fabric

Trendy Patterned Glass Doors

This minimal wardrobe design consisting of patterned glass doors are a trending pick, especially for a teenager’s room or a guest room. The glass doors are easy to replace and clean whenever you feel the need for a change. You can choose to go for a white sliding wardrobe as it adds a bit of personality to the room and make it look chic.

trendy patterned glass doors

As you pick your favourite design, get help from our experts at HomeLane in designing the perfect storage solutions in your home. Get in touch with us right away to explore different bedroom wardrobe designs and choose the best sliding door wardrobe design for your home!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What colour combination is best for wardrobes?

The best colour combination for a sliding door wardrobe depends entirely on the other decor elements in your bedroom and your personal style. Check out the catalogue at HomeLane for some ideas. Moreover, your architect will be able to make suggestions too!

2. Are Sliding Wardrobe Doors Good?

Yes, sliding door wardrobes can be one of the most efficient ways of using space. Pull-out doors that use hinges need more space, maintenance and regular repairs. Sliding doors, on the other hand, are ideal for compact spaces. You can also use them to add a mirror to your bedroom. Sliding door wardrobes are also more durable compared to other materials.

3. How wide is the track for sliding wardrobe doors?

Usually, a steel bottom track is 68mm wide, and an aluminium one is approximately 63 mm. If you are into DIY projects and want to install your frame we recommend a minimum width of 100mm.

4. What is the minimum depth of a sliding wardrobe?

While the actual depth of your wardrobe depends on your space and requirements, we recommend that wardrobes should not be less than 610 mm deep. The optimum size ranges between 660 – 670mm deep (overall) from the back wall to the front of the top track.

5. How much space do you need for a sliding door?

The wooden sliding wardrobe doors should be able to slide open and close smoothly without rubbing against each other or getting stuck in the panel. Generally, we recommend keeping at least a 6-inch clearance. This is to ensure that the wooden sliding wardrobe doors have enough space to slide over each other.

6. How much is a four-panel sliding door?

Sliding doors can cost anywhere between INR 160 to 500 per square foot. This depends on the material, thickness and finishing of the product.

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