If you’ve found your way to this page, chances are that you’re looking for wardrobe design ideas for your home! While it’s very important that your store design should be functional and utilitarian, the shutter style you pick for the wardrobe will set the tone for the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Looking for some design inspiration? High gloss shutters are a hot and happening trend this year. If you’re looking for a sleek, stylish finish that goes well with a contemporary or minimalistic décor theme, then a high gloss finish wardrobes could be just what you’re looking for.

What is a high gloss finish?

As the name suggests, a high gloss finish is one that is glossy and has a highly reflective surface. A high gloss surface could be created using laminate, acrylic sheets, PU paint or Duco paint on the shutter.


These sheets are available in a limited range of colours, are usually available with a thickness of 1 to 2 mm, and are factory fitted onto the ply or MDF core. Acrylic sheets can be used only for straight shutters that are not panelled, and are finished with edge banding on the sides. Typically, these sheets are imported and are therefore expensive.

High Gloss Laminate:

Readily available with all the local manufacturers, high gloss laminates have a shiny surface and are available in a wide range of colours. These, too, are best used by factory fitting onto the ply core and finishing with matching edge band tape. Only simple and straight designs are possible, and these finishes cannot be used for panelling applications.

Duco Paint:

This is the paint that is applied on automobiles, refrigerator doors and so on and works well on all kinds of surfaces, whether they are straight or curved. MDF is preferred as the core, rather than ply, as it is smooth and the surface does not require much preparation. Duco paints must be applied in a completely dust-proof paint booth, and are available in a wide range of colours and metallic finishes.

PU Paint:

PU or polyurethane paint can be applied on glass, or on ply or MDF, after suitably priming the surface. This is a time-consuming process as many coats need to be applied to get the smoothest finish. The backside of a glass shutter can be painted, rendering the outside finish reflective.

A matte finish, on the other hand, is also possible using laminates or paint.

high gloss finish wardrobes

What are the differences between a high gloss finish and a matte finish?

High Gloss


Appearance Contemporary Can be contemporary, transitional or classic
Reflectivity Highly reflective, makes the room look lighter and brighter A non-reflective, muted and softer look
Scratch resistance Highly prone to scratches Not as prone to scratches as high gloss
Dirt resistance Attracts dirt and fingerprints very easily Dirt or fingerprints are not as visible on a matte surface
Maintenance Can be easily wiped down with a soft cloth Can be easily wiped down with a soft cloth. Textured surfaces are more difficult to clean.
Cost More expensive than matte finishes Cost-effective

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a high gloss finish?


  • The sleek, elegant and contemporary look
  • Reflects light and makes the room appear larger, especially if light colours are used
  • Easy maintenance, can be wiped down easily


  • Shows up dirt and fingerprints easily
  • Some colours could fade with exposure to sunlight
  • Trends tend to come and go, so the look could get dated
  • A tad on the expensive side
  • The edge banding must match exactly if laminate or acrylic sheets are used, or the appearance will suffer. Edge banding is not available in all colours.

Top HomeLane Picks for High Gloss Wardrobes

To get you started, we’ve curated the top picks from HomeLane designers!

1. High Gloss Armadio Wardrobe

Starting Price – INR 2,18,568

The last word in functionality, the Armadio wardrobe uses contrast to capture attention. The glossy cream panel in the middle separates the top and bottom panels with reflective dark wood grains, adding strength and definition to the floor-to-ceiling sliding shutters.

high gloss armadio wardrobe

2. Overlay Sliding Wardrobe

Starting Price – INR 112,683

The two-tone combo of grey-green and crisp white works beautifully well in this striking bedroom for a teen. The colours are carried through in the study desk and chair alongside, as well as the angled wall ledges.

white and teal blue high gloss wardrobe

3. Inset Sliding Wardrobe

Starting Price – INR 105,691

This wardrobe is fitted neatly into a niche in the wall, maximising space in the room and making it appear clutter-free. The combination of high gloss blonde wood grains and bottle green lend visual interest. The inset loft adds functionality and can be used to stores items that are not frequently needed.

navy blue and cream high gloss wardrobe

4. Slide and Fold Wardrobe

Starting Price – INR 106,867

These high gloss Sliding and folding shutters combine the functionality of a hinged shutter with the aesthetics of a sliding design, offering both openness and fluidity to space. The combo of cheerful yellow and smoky grey never fails to pack a punch!

grey and yellow high gloss wardrobe

5. Hinged Wardrobe

Starting Price – INR 33,477

Compact and stylish, this high gloss straight hinged wardrobe is both functional and easy on the pocket. Silken cream and fluorescent yellow make for a zesty combo that adds an element of fun to this little one’s bedroom.

high gloss hinged wardrobe

To take a look at the entire range of HomeLane high gloss wardrobes, visit any of our experience centres today!

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