Does your bathroom need a facelift? Get on trend with the most popular bathroom tiling styles this year. Your choice of tile informs the ambience and feel of the room, and just by swapping out the tiles you can give your bathroom a whole new look. Add a splash of colours, or choose elegant and understated pastel shades— alternatively, choose to either go bold with glitzy patterns, or opt for demure and dainty prints. Whatever may be your style preference, you’ll find tiles that match!

Before you plan your bathroom remodel, do check out our top style predictions! Here, we’ve curated the most popular trending looks for the coming season, so that you find it easy to choose.

1. Black and White: Yin and Yang

If you want to alleviate the monotony of an all-white bathroom, the easiest way to add pattern and colour is by opting for a two-tone floor. Here, the white subway tiles on the walls are beautifully offset by the bold black and white squares on the floor. Note how the tiles are placed slightly off the grid, making for an interesting deviant from the traditional chessboard pattern.

2. Shades of Green: A Relaxing Oasis

With biophilic design all the rage in the post-Covid era, shades of green are very popular as they speak to our innate connect with nature. Green is a shade that calms, restores and refreshes, and as such it is a wonderful choice for the bathroom. This lovely space has tiny squares of green variants in the backsplash, with a cool minty green paint on the walls above.

3. Experiment with Shapes: Half Walls in Hexagons

Half walls are trending, and so are tiles in any shape other than square! Tiles that are narrow and rectangular or in small polygon shapes add style and a unique, edgy look to your space. This bathroom experiments with hexagonal patterns on the lower half of the walls, with deep beige wall paint above. The raw earthiness of the tints of brown grounds and balances the space.

4. Get Back to Nature: Wood Lookalike Tiles

Bring the outdoors into your home with tiles that are wonderful replicas of real wood. Long, broad, and very natural-looking, these tiles lend a rustic cabin feel to this spacious inner-city bathroom. The beauty of these tiles is in their uneven texture and non-repetitive designs.

5. Go Big on Patterns: Triangular Tiles

More than ever before, patterns and colours are coming into their own as important design elements. In this edgy bathroom, triangular tiles in solid colours come together to create graphic patterns on the highlighter wall. Note how the asymmetrical placement creates a more flexible, versatile display that is far more creative than having tiles that are perfectly balanced.

6. Rough Grey Tiles: The Poured Concrete Look

Industrial décor is timeless and elegant, and this take on raw, rough concrete ticks all the right boxes! Matte tiles in uneven shades of grey lend a fuss-free, no-nonsense aesthetic to this trendy bathroom, that is trimmed of all excess and looks strictly minimalistic. Steel fixtures and stark white sanitaryware against the poured concrete floors complete the look.

7. Terrazzo Magic: Dial Back to the 80s

Terrazzo has made a serious comeback and is now more popular than it ever was! This bathroom harks back to the laidback lifestyles of the 70s and 80s, with a half wall tiled in terrazzo and the rest of the room in complementary neutrals.

8. Shades of Blue: The Calm of the Ocean

The colour blue exude tranquillity and peace; something we all need in today’s stress-filled world! The psychology of blue makes it the perfect choice for spaces where you want to relax. Shades of aqua and teal speak to the skies and the seas, adding a sense of restoration and rejuvenation to the décor. Case in point: this soothing blue bathroom gives off spa vibes, and is a great place to unwind at the end of a tiring day at work.

9. Biophilic Prints: Customise the Walls

Custom-printed outdoorsy designs on a neutral cream tile lend a carefree, personalised touch to this picture-perfect powder room. What’s not to love about this bathroom filled with sunshine, delicate flowers and butterflies!

10. Graphic Designs: The Bold and the Beautiful

Graphic patterns always add drama and make a powerful statement. This retro-style bathroom is a visual delight, with tiny hexagonal wall tiles and graphic prints on the floor lending a big dose of character to the compact space. The shower floor is tiled in larger hexagons that scale up the pattern on the walls. Vintage cabinet shutters enhance the old-world charm.

11. Moroccan Tiles: Vibrant Delight

There’s indeed a lot to love about Moroccan tiles! Bold and intricately patterned, these tiles typically come in blue, green or brown prints on a white backdrop and are a lovely addition to any space. Dramatic and feisty, the blue patterns in this wall tile elevate the décor of this charming bathroom. The strip of aqua to one side accentuates the patterns and nails down the colour palette.

12. Stone Finishes: Luxury, Redefined!

There’s always something special about the beauty and lustrous elegance of fine natural stones. If you can’t make up your mind about tiles, choose fine Italian marble instead! Marble is available in large slabs, which makes your wall finishes seamless. Do watch out for slip-resistance, though, as polished marble can be dangerously slippery when wet. To make it safer for elders, tile the wet areas in your bathroom, and lay down antiskid floor mats in front of the sinks.

Redoing your bathroom can be a harrowing experience without the right support. But with the HomeLane design team showing you the way, you’re in safe hands! For more ideas and how-tos, visit one of our Experience Centres today!

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