A bedroom is a place that knows you more than your best friend. You spend most of your time there, you indulge in deep thoughts, do many personal activities there, and your bedroom design reflects your personality.

The colours on the wall, the design of the furniture, the arrangement of the objects are all part of your overall home interior, and you should be careful while choosing them.

A wardrobe is an essential thing in a bedroom as it takes up maximum space and is of great utility for a variety of things. Here you will get to see some wonderful wardrobe designs by Homelane that you can own to beautify your bedroom.

Argos Straight Wardrobe White

This straight wardrobe is six feet in height and is perfect for any medium-sized bedroom. It will fit well with almost any kind of wall paint, and the white colour will add elegance to your bedroom interiors.

The exterior of the wardrobe is divided into six square compartments, and the two middle squares are reflective that add to the beauty of the wardrobe.

maroon and cream wardrobe

Tierra Straight Wardrobe Shangrila

This eight feet three inches tall monochromatic wardrobe can be a stylish addition to your bedroom. The shiny surface will make the room look new and fresh always. Multiple sections of shelves will give you easy access to store different products in a neat and organised manner.

Two white drawers placed at the extreme corners of the wardrobe pop out, making the wardrobe stand out among other objects in the bedroom.

monochromatic red wardrobe

Corsica Straight Wardrobe Shangrila

This bright yellow wardrobe will make you feel super fresh every morning. Seven feet long straight wardrobe with eights compartments, this piece is enough to brighten up your bedroom. Four drawers at the end of two last shelves are provided to keep your daily essentials, making your life easier.

You do not need to invest much in the rest of your furniture and wall paints if you choose this Corsica straight wardrobe for your bedroom.

smart wardrobes

Madre L-shaped Wardrobe Chestnut

This Wardrobe will fit into two adjacent walls of your room, providing sufficient space to store a variety of things. The alternate white and grey shelves vary in height, creating a nice visual appeal. The straight nine feet cupboard comes along with three drawers on each white shelf. You can allocate different sections of this smart wardrobe to different people, so they get their personal space.

Align your wall paints with the wardrobe to make it gel well in the space.

two tone white and creamy brown wardrobe

Flores L-shaped Wardrobe European Ash

This eight feet long L-shaped wardrobe comes with a minimalist wardrobe design. If you are someone who enjoys a peaceful ambience, this is the right choice for you. It comes with a smooth finish and equal distribution of space on both sides.

This wardrobe can be placed against a wall of any colour as it is completely white. You can plan your new interior to this wardrobe, and you can even replace your older one with this elegant piece.

cream colour wardrobe

Aragon Straight Wardrobe Chestnut

Ever thought of a wardrobe that will complement your bed? Here is the one, the Aragon straight wardrobe can be aligned with the setting of your bed. The two small shelves above can be used to store the bed sheets, blankets and quilts and the rest bigger ones for other purposes.

white wardrobe

Plaise Straight Wardrobe European Ash

This really long, fourteen feet straight wardrobe will almost cover your wall. You can consider this if your bedroom is full of things to store. This smart wardrobe design comes with three white outlined shelves that can be used to keep books or decorative items.

wardrobe design with Bookshelf

Mackinley Straight Wardrobe Tuscan Wenge

If you are a fan of vintage home interior, this wardrobe would be the right pick for you. The wooden finish will take you to a different era, and the small shelves above can be utilised to store things that are not used quite often.

Hue Of Blue Straight Wardrobe

Are you missing your beach vacations? Don’t worry anymore as this hue of blue straight wardrobe will make you experience the sea waves sitting back in your bedroom. The soothing blue reflective surface gives the wardrobe a luxurious feel. You can place it against a solid white wall with some small white furniture around to make your bedroom a serene space.

Green Pastures Straight Wardrobe

How about giving a colourful upgrade to your bedroom? If you have had enough monochromes and subtle hues in your interiors, it is time to bring a fresh pop of colours to your space. This green pasture straight wardrobe will do the colourful magic for you.

You can place it in your bedroom as well as in your child’s room as everybody is going to love it. The green and yellow boxes placed asymmetrically give a design edge to this wardrobe, making it a unique choice.

Get ready to experience an avalanche of the home interior by Homelane. Here you have everything that is required to set up a beautiful home. Be it the walls, the furniture, the kitchen, the bathroom or any other corner of your house, Homelane is there to help you beautify it.

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