The unabashedly intentional monochromatic interior is eye-catching and gorgeous. This bold move looks grand and is a definition of what we call “owning it”. For people who are still clueless about “What is a monochromatic home?”, let us answer it for you.

What is Monochromatic Home?

When you set up a room using one single colour and different shades of it, the resultant place will be called a monochromatic room. From walls to the flooring, from furniture to accessories, everything seems to be drenched in one colour, and the result will leave your guests mesmerised. If done right, the monochromatic idea can be aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, if you have got it wrong, a monochromatic look can turn out to be a disaster.

There are numerous points you will have to consider before starting the project for your monochromatic room. There are numerous advantages of this interior style. Monochromatic rooms/houses give a sense of consistency, and it also makes the room look bigger.  Let’s dive in the shade you want and turn your ideas into reality.

How to Choose Colour Scheme For Monochromatic Home interiors?

When you set on a mission to renovate your home, it is obvious that you’d want to add the trendiest trend in your home. The biggest challenge is to figure out how to choose a monochromatic colour scheme for your home.  When you opt for a monochromatic theme, you’d want to pick a colour that makes you feel good. It is assumed that the colours for the theme are limited to neutrals, but that isn’t the case. Depending on your ideas and risk-taking gut, you can choose whichever colour you like.

Monochromatic colours

Think of Texture

In monochromatic designs, it is the textures that play the primary role. The more the texture, the more hues of shade can be used, creating a more artistic look. Think of all the textures you would want to include in your room and not just once. These textures are going to create visual interest, and it is up to you what idea you want to give to your guests. If you are a novice in the designing section, taking help from experts will sort your life.Monochromatic Home Interiors

Aim for Contrast

Most people want to go ahead and create a monochromatic look but are too scared to go overboard with colour. For those people, we would suggest going for contrasts and layering the colour. Contrasts help in minimising the effect of boldness and still keep the monochromatic impact intact. However, the contrast has to be subtle because the motive of adding contrast is to bring designs to life. Otherwise, it could turn flat.Monochromatic theme homes

Think of Mood

It is clear that you will have to live with that colour for the next few years. Hence, stay true to your designing sense and aesthetics. Using monochromatic colours that you don’t relate to, can be massively troublesome as it can create a negative environment around you. There are people with different moods, and your personal space needs to depict yours. If you are aiming to design your living room monochromatic, don’t go for sharp colours for that area as that place needs to be inviting.choosing Monochromatic colour

Start off with Flooring/Carpet

When it comes to the setting up, you will have to figure out many elements of the room. However, the most crucial part is to find the right flooring. Getting rugs or tiles of the colour you want can be difficult. Once, you have your flooring sorted, the rest of the elements can fall in place, effortlessly.Monochromatic colour scheme

Attention to Detail

When you have the major part of the room sorted, it is time to pay attention to the details. Adding accessories and other elements of the same shade is necessary to add further effect. Choosing a colour can be easy, but the main challenge is to bring that colour to life. Reflecting those colours will help you create that effect. Including mirrors to the monochromatic room can elevate your game and make it look way too real.Monochromatic room

Top 5 Monochromatic Colour Combination for Your Home

Currently, people are obsessed with a few monochromatic shades that are trending in the interior design market.

1. All Shades Of Grey

Uber cool and stylish, you just can’t go wrong with grey. Grey has been a super popular choice in the last few years because of the modern look it gives.

monochromatic grey theme interiors

2. Sunny Yellows

If you are bold enough and stylish enough to dabble with yellow, you just might be rewarded well. Yellow is a happy colour that exudes energy.  Picking yellow for your entire room means that you will be bringing in lots of light and positivity into the room.

monochromatic yellow theme interiors


3. Moody Blues

Blue is a great colour to experiment if you have been too afraid of colour. It’s a subtle choice that won’t look overwhelming.

monochromatic blue combination

4. All Black Monochromatic Home Interiors

There is no question that black oozes style – be it your clothes, car or home interiors, black is one of the most sensual colours you can pick. Keep in mind, however, that if you decide to drench your room in black, there should be plenty of light coming in so that you don’t end up with a super dark room.

black monochromatic theme bedroom

5. Placid Pink

Pink is not just for girls. Pink is for anyone who loves style. And if you can do it right, there is almost nothing better than pink to douse your room in and create a unique, out-of-the-world look.

monochromatic pink colour combination

Monochromatic designs are bold, en vogue, and high-toned. Who said one colour looks monotonous? Create magic in your home with one colour and let your interior speak for you. Even design aficionados can have trouble setting up their room. A little bit of help never hurt anybody. If you are still not sure where to start, then HomeLane is all about designing solutions. Get in touch with our experts today to get your dream monochromatic home interiors!

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