What can be an instant remedy to uplift the aura of your living room? Well, the answer has to be the presence of pastel colours in the house.

If you want to transform your house, then make up your mind to add the spark of something subtle and comforting. Every homeowner must have considered pastel colours for living room at least once in their lifetime. 

There is a reason why the world is showering love on the pastel palate. Pastels are the perfect mix of brightness and elegance – neither bold nor boring.

pastel colours for living room

Here are 6 Timelessly compelling Pastel Colours for Living Room:-

Pastel Blue

The universal fame of pastel blue is unshakable. This warm-hugging hue can bring life to your small living room interior design. Whenever you feel confused about pastel colour living room ideas, pick pastel blue.

This shade ushers in the best rustic aura. You can spice it up with a grey and blue pastel living room.

pastel blue

Pastel Purple

For fulfilling the dream of rustic living room interior design, pastel purple is a sure-shot winner. 

Afternoon lunches and morning coffees get more exciting in a purple aura. It is a direct way to love the toned-down version of chirpier purple. You would find a new sense of love for your living room. 

pastel purple

Pastel Yellow

Can you imagine searching for cool pastel colours for living room that have a dash of yellow? If yes, you must consider pastel yellow to lighten up your casual living room look.

It presents an instant and sophisticated revamp to your house. Say bye-bye to the dull energy. Pastel yellow is popular for its captivating qualities and opening the arms of happy vibes.  

pastel yellow

Pastel Grey

Are you tired of brainstorming for the best pastel colours for living rooms? Choosing grey as a Pastel colour for the living room can be your safe pick. It is a sober, not too-dull tone that blends calmy with the Crockery Units and Tv Units DesignsPastel grey can be your way toward minimalist interior décor.

pastel grey

Pastel Green

Is your plan to add drama and sass to your house? Choose green tones as pastel colours for living rooms. It has subtle traces of contemporary surroundings, making you experience the royal-era house. 

pastel green

Pastel Pink

For all the big-time pink lovers, there is a constant desire for elegant living room interior design with a pink touch. Peppy pink hits differently, no matter how many choices you get for pastel colours for living rooms. Your stress vanishes once you enter the world of pastel pink. It boats the ethereal gorgeousness of pastels

pastel pink


Hungry to experience the joy of choosing pastel colours for living rooms? Well, it is not effortless to create a relishing look that reflects pastel perfection. The confusion of colours can be real trouble sometimes.

Moreover, it can be as difficult as deciding on Tv Units Designs for the living room. You have HomeLane as your interior buddy. Let us join hands to fulfil your dream of having a house bathing in pastels.

Count on us to transform the interior of your casual living room. Don’t hesitate to consult our top-notch designers to revamp your home’s interiors today. You can quickly read other blogs to gain a better perspective on interior décor.


1. What colours go well with pastels?

If you want to impart tranquillity to your modern living room interior design, pick an irresistible combination of pastels and non-pastels. 

The timeless popularity of pastel colours is a consequence of their capacity to infuse freshness inside the minimalist living room interior design

There are many suitable pastel colour combinations for the living room. A pinch of pastel hue, when combined with a classic colour, like maroon or blue hue, can be a prominent choice. Pastel colours for living room blend smoothly with gold, copper, or silver metallics.

 2. What are the most popular pastel colours?

Go for delicious and frivolous pastels to inject freshness while considering pastel colours for living room. Here is a decent choice for a pastel colour scheme in the living room:-

  1. Pale lemon: A passive sibling of dashing lemon yellow.
  2. Baby pink: A soothing treat for the eyes.
  3. Pistachio green: A vivacious soldier of the green army.
  4. Baby blue: Another pastel to let you feel aesthetically royal.
  5. Light seafoam green: An elegant amalgamation of blue, white, and green. This fresh paste hue can introduce you to a serene vibe.

3. What 2 pastel colours go well together?

A subtle pair of pastel colours can put an enormous impact on your living room interiors. To revive the aura of your Indian living room interior design, you can consider these premium pairs:-

  1. Pistachio green with Baby pink
  2. Pastel yellow and Pastel purple
  3. Pale pink and pastel green
  4. Pastel blue and pastel orange


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