Most of us would have had a crockery unit in our childhood home displaying all of the family’s most beautiful and delicate crockery. When you get your own place, a crockery unit may not be in your list of essential furniture pieces but it sure is a piece of furniture that you as an adult should own to complete the home.

A crockery unit can be placed in the kitchen, living room or dining room, depending on the space and use. The unit should have a sufficient number of shelves, racks and drawers. It’s best to get it customized depending on how much chinaware, glasses etc. you have as well as how much space you have as well.

Here are some classy crockery cabinet designs that you can draw inspiration from:

Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Design

Wall-mounted crockery unit designs by HomeLane are perfect for small homes with less space. It’s a popular choice because it doesn’t take up any floor space, which is already at a premium in most urban homes.

modern Crockery units

If you have the space for it and you need the extra storage, you can get a sideboard cabinet designed to match your wall-mounted crockery unit designs. This unit has upper glass cabinets to showcase the best glassware and closed lower cabinets for extra storage. You could hide away the not so attractive utensils, table cloths etc. Notice that it also features drawers to keep cutlery organised.

Crockery unit with storage

This compact crockery unit design serves two purposes; as a pooja unit and a crockery unit. This is ideal for someone who doesn’t have space for a dedicated pooja room. It’s minimal and sleek. You can get the size, colour, and finish customised to your room of choice.

wall mounted crockery unit

If you are looking for simple, compact crockery unit designs along with some additional space to serve, you might like this HomeLane design. The lower floating set of drawers is ideal to serve dishes in a buffet-style when you have a lot of guests over. The upper shelves with glass cabinets look airy and light in this room. Best placed next to the dining table, it’s perfect to store and grab plates and glassware, as and when required.

elegant crockery unit

China Crockery Showcase Design

The China crockery cupboard design or crockery cabinet is typically made of wood and is a single piece of furniture. To cut down on the price, however, you can go for Plywood, MDF or Particle Board to make yours. China crockery unit designs with glass shutters add elegance to the living room or dining area.

This classic piece looks best if your interiors are set in a traditional theme. But it can also go well with your modern home if you like an eclectic look. They are perfect for displaying your best china, crystals and more.

crockery unit with bar counter

china crockery cabinets

Crockery Drawers

If you just want to store your delicate glassware and silverware in a way that’s easy to access, and not showcase it, you can go for a chest of drawers. Most chests of drawers fall in two categories, waist-high or shoulder-high. They typically have a flat surface on top.

crockery cabinet designs

A Less-Is-More Kind of Crocket Unit Design

Sometimes, the most unique crockery unit designs are ones that are strategically conceptualised and placed. For example, take a look at the image above. Though this crockery unit design is fairly small, it is functionally useful and relevant.

If you have an extremely small space, this type of small crockery cabinet design can help you to maximise your space without taking in too much of the available kitchen space. You can hang the unit; all you will need is a strong hook near the windowsill or a wall with some available vertical space.

functional and small crocket unit design

Hanging Crockery Unit Designs

Though you may consider the following to be a floating shelf, you can take inspiration from this design. Here’s a modern crockery unit design idea you can consider: Why not create a floating crockery unit with hanging shelves placed one after the other on a vertical wall?

The vertical climbing money plant is a great addition to complement the hanging shelves. The central idea is to take inspiration from everyday designs and build something creative as well as functional out of it. It’s time we move on from crockery almirah designs when thinking about crockery unit designs and go for a more modern and minimal approach like the one shown here.

hanging crockery unit design

An-Inbuilt Crockery Unit Design within the Dining Hall

If you want to transform your dining room hall with a modern stylish crockery unit, consider the image shown below. This crockery unit design offers enough storage. You can play around with the height and size of the shelves.

The transparent glass cabinet allows you to easily view the crockery inside. That said, you need to ensure that the crockery is always neatly placed or else you risk making it look messy and chaotic. Do not miss out on the blue framework, which adds a lovely little contrast to the modern dining room crockery unit.

in-built crockery unit design with diining hall

A Mix and Match Crockery Unit Design Works on All Levels

To spruce things up a bit, you can have closed and open crockery unit designs installed within your living room. Take a look at the image below. You have an open crockery unit design, which allows you to store your everyday essentials and reach out to them easily. In addition, on the right, you have a closed crockery unit design that you can use to store your expensive crockery pieces that you don’t need every day.

mix and match crockery unit design

Now that you have some crockery inspiration, are you ready to get your collection out of its bubble-wrapped storage and display it in your very own crockery cabinet? Get in touch with the HomeLane team to get a custom-made crockery unit right away.

For more interior design inspiration, such as living room designs and modular kitchens, head over to HomeLane.


1. Where Do You Place a Crockery Cabinet?

There is no ‘standard’ place to keep modern crockery cabinets. That said, you can keep it in the dining area or the kitchen, depending on the space you have. Remember that the end-goal is to ensure that all your dishes and crockery are easily accessible and at arm’s length. In addition, you must factor in the length, breadth, and height of the corner in which you wish to place your crockery unit design. A customised crockery unit is way more useful than a non-personalised design.

2. What Is the Standard Size of a Crockery Unit?

When it comes to understanding the standard size of crockery unit designs, note that a standalone crockery unit can be sized anywhere between 5-6.5 feet (in height), 2-4 feet (in length), and 1-1.25 feet (in width). This size, however, can (and should) be altered based on your individual needs and taste. You should create a crockery unit design that allows functional storage and is not solely meant for ornamental purposes. So, make sure to experiment with the shelves, size, and storage to suit your personalised needs.


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