We can see the broad smile and happy heart of yours. After toiling hard, earning that sweet dream house is one of the biggest achievements of life. Congratulations on that! Building a perfect home might have been a difficult task. Perhaps, you can feel that heavy dent of house loan on you. However, you want that professional touch that can magically convert a boring building to a fantasy living space.

When it comes to a stunning living space, how can we exclude the beautiful textured walls! It is the boundary and frame of the beautiful dream house you have been planning your whole life. But you are afraid. Interior designing seems costly.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! We at HomeLane, carefully analyze the budget and the requirements of our clients to provide them with the perfect ideas and solutions. In this article, we have provided some design ideas that you can apply to your dull walls. Get ready for some action!

Wall Texture Design Ideas That Will Steal Your Heart

We understand that the wall is one of the most crucial elements of a room that determines the first impression of the beholder. That is why we are here to help. Your designs could include wood, stone, brick, paint, wallpaper, tiles, etc. Check out these gleaming ideas from us and pick your favourite.

Stone and Brick Wall

Gone are the days when stones and bricks were considered primitive. They have now heavily stormed into the world of interior design styles that ensure both the style and boldness of your beloved room. You can mount a TV on these stone walls to give that jazz element to your living room. Or, you can adorn a brick wall with a photo frame to increase its magnificence.brick wall texture

Wallpaper Walls

The easiest way to paint a wall is to apply wallpapers on the cement walls. Without breaking your bank, embellish your rooms with the style of wallpapers. They are easily available in online and offline stores. Additionally, they are available in different varieties and genres. For example, if you are an animal lover, you can apply animal wallpapers to your wall.  Or if you are an abstract design lover, then do not hesitate to try abstract wallpaper on your walls. The design has no limitations, so the possibilities are endless.wall texture

Tiles (Hexagonal)

Hexagons are indeed a favourite shape for mathematicians. However, modern interior designers have used it as an element of design. They carefully blend the art of styling and design into the corners of the room. Hexagonal tiles with dual colours can add an artistic look to the dull walls. You can also add hexagonal frames of your family photos to aggravate the personalization of your lovely home.Hexagons title wall texture design

Textured Paint

Textured paint is the new replacement of boring traditional one-colour paint. Adding textures to the normal wall paint gives a sophisticated and stylish look that the guests will never stop admiring.  The textured patterns are so tempting that they shall never stop touching the walls. Try out semi-circular or straight-lined textures on your walls to feel the sweet touch of art.  If it’s a bad day, do not worry. Just look at the walls and relax.wall texture prints

Wooden Pattern

Adding a touch of wood can successfully aggravate the style of your living room. It is an easy and creative way to boost your interior design and get enlisted in the list of people with stylist home designs’. The wooden touch of design in your kitchen and bathroom will give a traditional yet cosy comfort to your lifestyle. However, you can also try wooden patterns on the walls of your bedroom. Additionally, pairing the textured wooden walls with wooden flooring is just like icing on the cake.wooden wall texture

While designing the walls, we never compromise on innovation. We ensure that the room we decorate must elegantly match the purpose of the room. We understand that your home and design are an integral part of life. It will decide your mood and will add charisma to your life.

So, do not compromise on your dream house. Choose HomeLane. Your home and our designs will be best friends forever.

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