Listen up, lovebirds and newlyweds! You deserve the home of your dreams without breaking your bank account. Wondering how? Well, there are plenty of ways to ramp up your new home within the most reasonable budget.

From the paint you choose to the furniture you invest in, being mindful of your choices can save you plenty.

Still, lost & confused? We’re here to help! We have the best budget-friendly ways to make your house a real home. Be it a 1 BHK or 2 BHK home design, our fresh, fun, and enduring ideas can guide you through low-budget interior designs.

While you can’t save much on brick-and-mortar, interior designing is when you have the best chance to make smart and affordable interior design decisions.

We have compiled some of the most effective ways you can save money and still design the home of your dreams. So, here goes!

Go bold with your wall colours

When you are dealing with limited resources, capitalising on unavoidable expenses is always a smart choice. Choose wall colours with the maximum payout.
Instead of going with the stale eggshell and ivory white colour theme, pop open cans of emerald, royal blue, and yellow.
Elevate your elegant living room interior design with colours that speak to your soul. The other best areas of experimentation are your kitchen walls and porch.

bold color interior design ideas

1. Lightning

A sensible lighting scheme will always uplift the entire space. When it comes to affordable interior design, your second step should be to focus on the kind of lighting you will be choosing for your home.
There are many budget-friendly lighting systems that you can invest in to achieve that perfect contemporary living room interior design.
From ceiling lights to standing lamps and chandeliers — the options for budget interior design ideas are truly endless. We recommend soft hues, golden bulbs, and LED lights to add a spark to your new home and also save on energy costs.bedroom lighting ideas for interiors2. Go thrift shopping

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Thrift stores are a goldmine of wonderful and valuable furniture for your small living room interior design.
Strict budget constraints don’t have to ruin your furniture shopping experience – you just have to know the right place to shop from. Thrift shopping is not a cheap interior design, but an exciting way to incorporate vintage furniture and dated items in your home — all the while saving some serious bucks.
Thrifting is risky, but it’s so worth it. You can either find a lifelong belonging in one of these stores, or you can find a placeholder till you buy the furniture on your bucket list.

thrift shopping ideas for home interior designing

3. Do It Yourself

Give your home a personal touch with some DIY. Affordable interior design solutions include silk drapes, wall hangings, candles, paintings, and artworks that add some much-needed personality to your home.

Start small with a couple of photo frames, tapestry, and framed mirrors. Expand the project to every nook and corner of your Indian living room interior design.

From self-sewn rugs to refurbished furniture — every DIY project is an opportunity to add low-cost interior design through rich colours, patterns, and a lively vibe to your home.
do it yourself home interior ideas

4. Go green

Affordable interior design is all about making smart choices. And nothing is as smart as getting some potted plants for your living room interiors.
Potted plants are modern, chic, and classy. Moreover, blending planters in your home adds a cohesive look to your surroundings. Plants are a fine addition to your new home. They can get by with minimal upkeep and are the best low-cost interior design for homes.
Our leading plant recommendations for your minimalist living room interior design are azaleas, orchids, aloe vera, lilies, and snake plants.

green and eco-friendly interiors

Summing Up,

As a young couple, starting your new life on a fresh page is exciting, but it can also be daunting. If you’re thinking of compromising on your style while operating on a shoestring budget – think again. HomeLane has the best assortment of budget-friendly interior design ideas. We can hold your hand through the process. Visit our website and read our blogs to learn more.


1. What is a normal budget for interior design?

Interior design can cost somewhere between 10% to 15% of a home’s making cost. Apart from unavoidable fixtures such as paint and lightning, the bill can be somewhere between Rs 100,000 to Rs 700,000.

2. How do you do low-budget interiors?

You can minimize your interior design cost by making smart choices with the appropriate furnishing, lighting, and decorations. Swap out the fancy sofa and brand new tables with thrift goods, adorn your house with DIY decorations, and make sensible choices with unavoidable expenses.

3. How can I get an interior design project in Mumbai?

Mumbai has a ton of opportunities for aspiring interior designers. There’s a massive turnover of real estate and plenty of projects for you to take on. Build a mock portfolio with your best ideas and start cold pitching to prospective clients and agencies hiring interior designers.

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