Building your dream home is one of the biggest milestones you can achieve in your lifetime. The floor plans and house designs you choose must resonate with your ways of life. The best 2BHK house designs are the ones where you enjoy living in!

best 2BHK house designs

Browse the choicest 2 BHK designs from the most unique and elegant interior design and floor plan ideas that bundle beauty and brains together. Make your dream home a reality with these stunning 2 BHK house designs.

Best 2BHK House Designs: The Interior Edit

Check out these handpicked designs that make the best of every inch of your home. Read on for some of the most trending interiors for 2BHK house plans.

1. Capitalising on Organics and Earthiness

organics and earthiness

handpicked designs

trending design

With the sustainability movement trending, there is high demand for organic, natural materials and earthy shades in interior design. The 2BHK design displayed shows off its roots with flair. Boho rugs and cushions adorn the foyer, accentuated by the indoor plants placed for effect. Muted, pastel green on the wall and lighting fixtures emphasise the theme with a bold note, while the bedroom sports a pale, sage green wall with a cane chandelier. The continued use of boho upholstery in the bedroom keeps the theme together perfectly. The living room interior design features boho cushions and plants for the cohesiveness of the entire interior design.

2. Modern Interior with Loads of Natural Light

modern interior with natural light

modern interior

showcased 2bhk house design

Light is life. Letting natural light and a bit of early morning sunlight into your home helps create a positive, light-hearted atmosphere everyone loves. The showcased 2BHK house design here features excellent decor. Wall-height glass panelling in the living area for natural light/sunlight makes a bold impact with retractable sliding glass doors leading to a balcony-dining. The wooden flooring and wall panelling balances the whites, and the modular kitchen design follows the same theme. The bedroom also embodies the use of wood to balance the ample natural light.

3. Brutalist and Bare 2BHK Home Design

features excellent decor

brutalist 2bhk home design

brutalist and bare 2bhk design

Brutalist forms of architecture and design became popular during the 1950s when designers were increasingly laying their construction materials bare in structures. The home’s images here feature a stellar example of the style. A brutalist foyer with exposed stonework flooring, unfinished walls, and a centre table is hard to miss. The living room highlights a fireplace with exposed stone arches and walls with exposed plasterwork for added effect. The table is made from precast concrete. The bedroom brings forth stark brutalism through patch-repair walls, bare bedding and a simple wooden side table.

4. 2BHK House Design in White-and-Black

2bhk house white-and-black

balance 2bhk house

colour 2bhk house

White and black can be considered a match made in heaven. These hues can transform your 2BHK house design when used in the right balance. The pure white kitchen features a marble backsplash with black ripples in the above image. The breakfast island balances the tone well. The living area continues with the marbled theme with panelling, and the theme is adjusted to a warm white to fit with TV viewing. The bedroom has been done up in an inverse colour scheme – black on the accent wall instead of white for an increased impact.

5. A Touch of Luxury

touch of luxury

simple 2bhk home designs

independent 2bhk home designs

This 2BHK home design exudes a definite character. Designs that reflect luxurious living are becoming exceedingly popular these days. The home showcased here highlights this style with panache. The kitchen’s marble backsplash, brass fittings and crystal chandeliers make a bold statement. The high-ceiling living room with wall-height windows, a modern smoke-free fireplace and plush woodwork, embody luxury. A modern interior design bathroom with premium ceramics, brass fittings, a custom mirror and a contemporary chandelier further extends the home’s opulence.

Best 2BHK House Designs: The Floor Plan Edit

Listed below are a few of the most efficient 2BHK house plans!

1. 2BHK House Plan for Nuclear Families

2bhk house plan

If there are only three people in your family, it is understandable to economise on the floor area and design a 2BHK house plan with everything you need. The floor plan above has two bedrooms separated by a corridor with a bathroom and spare storage. The kitchen features a full breakfast bar and dining table for four. There is ample space in the living room to house the TV unit and a study corner.

2. 2BHK Home Plan G+1

2bhk home plan g+1

If your space requirements are higher, you can opt for a G+1 2BHK house design as shown (a G+1 design essentially means that the floor plan has a ground floor and a first floor). The ground floor doubles up as the living space for your family with a bay window, storage, space for a TV unit, a kitchen and a sofa unit. The first floor houses two bedrooms with an extra room that can be turned into a study or a third bedroom as needed.

3. Space-Efficient 2BHK House Plan

space-efficient 2bhk house plan

As pictured above, a great way to capitalise on limited space is to create an efficient 2BHK house design. The living room in the floor plan smartly fuses the kitchen, dining and living areas into a spatially large single unit. The master bedroom still gets a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom. The second bedroom also sports a smaller walk-in closet/storage. There is also a powder room provided close to the entrance.

4. 2BHK House Plan with Balcony

2bhk house plan with balcony

For some people, balconies are an uncompromising feature when building a home. 2BHK home plans that allow for balcony areas usually compromise on inner spaces: but not this one. You get a spare bedroom with a large, attached balcony in the design featured here. The master bedroom has a study area, an attached toilet and additional storage. The kitchen-dining-living areas have been intelligently combined into a single space with efficient circulation.

5. 2BHK House Plan with Common Bathroom

2bhk house plan with balcony 2bhk house plan with common bathroom

One of the most efficient 2BHK house designs, this floor plan packs in a balcony, a wash area, a large living room, a dedicated kitchen-dining and a master bedroom with much ease. The highlight is the angled balcony in the spare bedroom, which also has enough space for seating. The foyer also features storage space for shoes and trinkets needed when you are heading out.


Simple Independent 2BHK Home Designs

Building a house should be appealing. You get a clean slate to paint your ideas and expectations from your home. This is the beauty of building your home from scratch. The dedication and brainstorming it requires needs foresight and well-informed decisions. Homelane helps you create the best 2BHK house designs that perfectly fit your lifestyle. To check out how Homelane designs 2BHK home plans, visit this website.


Q. What Are the Best and Most Simple Independent 2BHK Home Designs?

The best 2BHK designs are the ones that consider the number of occupants, lifestyle, and specific requirements of your family. The best 2 BHK house plans at 800 sqft should be able to fulfil your needs from your home.

Q. How Do I Design a 2BHK House Plan?

To create your own best design for a 2BHK house, you need to follow the steps listed below:

  • Fix your budget.
  • Align your home with the plot – determine the north.
  • Create spaces that resonate with your lifestyle.
  • Decide on an interior style.
  • Hire an architect and an interior designer for a 2BHK house design.

Q. What Is the Most Affordable Design of a House?

The simplest and cheapest houses to build are the ones with a clean, well-defined layout. Single-storey structures or homes with only ground floor plans and ranch homes are examples of simple layouts that don’t cost much. The price to build additional storeys is reduced in addition to removing excess structural/interior components.

Q. What Is Vastu in 2BHK House Design?

Vastu is the science of structures in traditional Indian architecture that helps create an energy-harmonious layout for a 2BHK house design with positive energy flowing through it. Traditionally, Vastu for 2BHK requires that:

  • The entry faces north, east or northeast direction.
  • The dining hall should preferably be in the west zone.
  • The bedrooms should be in the southwest direction.

Q. What Is a Good Floor Plan?

A good floor plan does not hinder the circulation – the movement of people – inside the house. The circulation should be intuitive. The rooms’ proportions, size, ample storage space, living areas, etc., should resonate with the residents’ lifestyles. Following these, a 2BHK house design would be considered efficient for the residents owning it.

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