If you are on the lookout for a unique way to jazz up your interior decor, jharokha patterns and designs are the perfect picks to add a tinge of artistic beauty to your abode. From jharokha brick patterns to jharokha-styled mirrors, you can choose from a wide range of styles. Though each design has its specific function and serves different purposes, they all create an awe-inspiring visual appeal.

jharokha brick patterns

Here is a thoughtfully curated list of 8 jharokha patterns you can take inspiration from to design your dream home:

1.  Embellish a Wall of Your Living Room with an Artistic Jharokha Pattern Wallhanger

Handcrafted wall hangers in jharokha patterns are a classy way of reflecting a tinge of your style and personality in your home interior decor. This artistic jharokha wall hanger in bold colours is a mix of timeless beauty and elegance. This wall hanger is a detailed replica of royal jharokhas in palaces. It represents medieval art and craft in handpainted Jaipuri style- it has three differently designed centre pieces with exclusive jaali patterns.

Enliven a traditional charm in your living room with this statement piece. It is made from durable fabric and can be used to hide the chipping or flaking of your wall. Pair it up with opulent lighting and modern furniture for an evolving look in your living room.

artistic jharokha pattern wallhanger

2.  Decorate Your Accent Wall with an Ornate Mirror-Styled Jharokha Pattern Wall Decor

Jharokha patterns make up amazing wall decor items that instantly light up your bedroom or living space. Though the history of mirrors with jharokha patterns dates back to the older era, this design has evolved with time and blended with modern interior decor. It adds a vintage hue to the overall ambience of the room. 

This ornate mirror with an eclectic silver frame has intricately designed carvings and beautifully etched motifs. Level up your interior decor with this eye-catchy accent piece. It is lightweight, easy to clean and visually appealing. Pair it up with vintage furniture, opulent lighting and crisp white curtains for an antique ambience.

ornate mirror-styled jharokha pattern

3.  White and Yellow Traditional Jharokha Patterns for an Elevated Look

These traditional jharokha patterns are an amalgamation of artistic versatility and bespoke creation- a mystical blend of vibrant white and yellow, moulded into intricate patterns, create a surreal visual appeal. The elegant wooden finish with white engravings in floral designs is an exquisite Rajasthani jharokha pattern. 

This design is an opulent symbol of grandeur, exclusivity and luxury. The rectangular centre piece with intricate jali design makes this jharokha an exotic decorative piece. It creates the illusion of a functional window. You can install it to your open patio space or balcony for an enthralling vibe. Pair it up with a vibrant coloured accent wall and lush green plants for an elevated outdoor ambience.

white and yellow traditional jharokha patterns

4.  Contemporary Blue Wooden Jharokha Pattern on a Wall for an Unconventional Decor

Wooden jharokha patterns in contemporary window style are an unconventional way of decorating your living room wall. Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours like blue, yellow or green to create artistic versatility with this wooden jharokha pattern. This pinot wooden jharokha frame is made from fine quality wood and is highly durable.

You can install this breezy design in your living room as a decorative piece that also works efficiently to hide the chipping or flaking of damaged walls. This interior decor hack is a blend of stunning visual appeal and a functional element. Pair it up with modern aesthetics, a white accent wall and succulent planters for an elevated ambience.

contemporary blue wooden jharokha pattern

5.  Beautifully Carved Jharokha Patterns on Wall for Exquisivity and Grandeur

Jharokha patterns with jaali on a wall are a royal affair. It comes with a sense of grandeur and exclusivity. You can apply this design to rooftop rooms, open patios or hallways to create a luxurious ambience. If you are a fan of traditional architecture and vintage style, this jharokha pattern on a wall is the right pick for you.

Go for light colours like beige, cream or white that will let the minute intricate patterns showcase their well-stated beauty. This artistic jharokha design is tailored and well-edited. It accounts for exceptional craftsmanship. Pair it up with bright lighting to enhance the sophisticated look.

beautifully carved jharokha patterns

6.  Install a Centrally Aligned Jharokha Brick Pattern for Visual Appeal

Jharokha brick patterns are a linear and uncluttered style that gives your living room an artistic dimension. This jharokha brick pattern positioned in the centre of the room creates a dramatic flare. It is designed as a huge rectangle cutting across the wall. You can elevate this jharokha brick pattern by placing two lamp lights on both sides of the accent wall. Pair it up with modern plushy furniture, large chic portrait and indoor plants for a luxurious vibe.

jharokha brick pattern

7.  Jazz Up Your Living Room with Royal-Styled Jharokha Patterns on the Wall

Jharokha brick patterns are eye-catchy and instantly transform the space into a lively ambience. This jharokha brick pattern is a traditional vintage design with an engraved peacock on top of it. The rustic brown and aureate is a surreal colour combination that creates a dreamy sequence of aesthetic beauty- you can instil a regal feeling of living in a historic palace with this royal-themed jharokha pattern.

Minute finishes and intricate jali pattern makes this jharokha pattern unique and antique. However, it is significant to consider the colour of the surrounding wall to enhance the beauty of the jharokha brick patterns. Pair it with vintage wooden furniture and wallpaper for a timeless look.

royal-styled jharokha patterns

8.  Enliven an Elegant Vibe with Arch Shaped Wooden Jharokha Pattern on Wall

This jharokha pattern on wall with a wooden arch-shaped frame is an amalgamation of the new and the old. It has a wooden frame with mirrors that reflect your style and exclusive taste. The two equal-sized doors of the jharokha are decorative statement pieces. It is an evolving design paired with colourful floral carvings around it.

The floral carvings are the epitome of rich culture and artistic versatility. This is a traditional design with a contemporary touch to suit modern-day lifestyles. Jharokha patterns are flexible designs and provide you with room for creativity. You can play around with different colours and patterns to create a jharokha design of your choice.

arch shaped wooden jharokha pattern

Wrapping Up

Jharokha patterns are an exquisite way of scaling up your interior decor. You can opt for a simple jharokha pattern that suits your budget. However, each jharokha pattern provides great value for money due to its incredible visual properties. With a well-appointed jharokha pattern, you bring Indian traditional heritage and artistic reminiscence to your living space.

Earlier jharokha patterns used to be a symbol of grandeur. In modern times, jharokha pattern-inspired home decor like wall hangers, mirrors and statement decorative pieces instantly transform your dream abode.

You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs to incorporate jharokha patterns that go well with your interior decor. For more handy tips and tricks, get in touch with the experts at Homelane. Connect now to book a free design consultation today!

simple jharokha pattern


1.  What Jharokha Patterns Should I Explore?

The kind of jharokha design depends on your taste, budget, and the goal you are trying to achieve. If you opt for a vintage ethnic look, then Rajasthani Jharokha designs will be apt for you. However, if you are more interested in trying something contemporary, you can consider jharokha-styled mirrors, wall hangers and more for an elevated ambience.

2.  Can I Add Colours to My Jharokha Patterns?

The beauty of jharokha pattern designs is their flexibility. Yes, you can easily customize jharokha patterns by painting them in the colours of your choice. Bold or mute depends on your taste and the overall look you want to achieve. If you want to avoid the hassles of choosing colours and painting them, Rajasthani jharokhas are an excellent option. They are naturally colourful and vibrant to suit mostly all room types.

3.  How Do I Take Care of Vastu If I Go With Jharokha Patterns for My Home?

Adding jharokha patterns in line with Vastu principles is not as difficult as it seems. It is necessary to balance the space without going overboard to create a sense of harmony. You can always take the opinion of Vastu consultants to guide you in achieving that balance. The positive ambience you create will go a long way in ensuring harmony and peace that will bring prosperity.

You can also follow colour-specific Vastu tips for designing jharokha patterns. Blue, green and pink colours are considered beneficial for bedroom interiors. Similarly, as per Vastu tips, blue, beige, yellow and green are considered positive for the living room decor.

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