If designed and decorated correctly, bathrooms can transform your space. A personalised setting will help you relax better. With multiple trends emerging every year, the open concept bathroom is the most exciting one.

The open concept bathroom has many components adjacent to each other in an open space, like a bedroom. If you are curious about these open bathroom design styles, look at these 12 bathroom styles that will leave you with many surprises.

open concept bathroom

12 Luxurious Open Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Place a Bath Tub in the Living Room and Enjoy a Warm Shower

Let us start with the living room area, which is perfect for introducing an open bathroom design. On an elevated tiled platform, a ceramic bronze bathtub has been placed. The bathtub itself acts as a centrepiece of the room.

The grey tiled floor has a grey rug horizontally placed for any water slippage. For some extra privacy, there is an overhead shower curtain that you can use.

bath tub in the living room

2. A Rustic Style Open Bathroom Using a Copper Bath Tub

This open bathroom design idea has a copper bathtub giving the space a luxurious appeal. The brown tiled walls complement the rustic appeal of the bathtub.

You can add the same tiles in the shower area behind the shower head to keep the theme of the space alive. The natural plants add greenery to the open bathroom, making the shower area unique.

rustic style open bathroom

3. Mirrored Walls and Double Sinks to Create a Marble Masterpiece

Mirrors help make the room appear bigger and brighter as they reflect the light across the room evenly. The white and grey pattern adds a modern touch to the design.

Instead of placing the sink on one side of the room, you can place double sinks at the centre of this open concept bathroom. You should place the sinks diagonally to the vanity’s surface to open up the bathroom.

mirrored walls and double sinks

4. Bring the Elegant Open Bathroom into the Bedroom

An open bathroom design like this one is placed in the bedroom area, giving the idea of a luxurious charm. This is further enriched by the lower half of the wall behind the bathtub matching the room’s colour scheme.

What makes this idea unique is the placement of the open bathtub beside the balcony. This allows you to bask in the sun while relaxing in your bathtub. Also, the placement of the bathtub right in front of the bed makes it special to have long relaxing baths.

open bathroom into the bedroom

5. Open Windows That Reach the Outdoors

If you like being around nature, then small open bathroom ideas like this are ideal for you. The window allows the sun and wind to come through, ensuring you feel connected with nature in this bathroom window design.

You can create a secluded space for the shower area by using glass panels. The gold accents and in-built storage space add charm to the open bathroom.

open windows that reach the outdoors

6. Sleek Bath Tubs Act as a Focal Point for the Room

This is another prime example of a modern master bedroom with an open bathroom. The highlight of this open bathroom is the large bathtub. The bathtub acts as a focal point in the room, driving all the attention towards it.

Minimal lights and the overall monotone white style of the bathroom cabinet design make the space alluring. You can also add large storage cabinets beside the towel stand.

sleek bath tubs

7. Make the Most of the Ceiling and Floor

This one is for you if you like luxurious settings and staying close to nature. You can create a luxurious setting in this open bathroom with the help of a false ceiling design.

The large art piece and the big trees create a serene area where you can unwind. A long rectangular mirror with double sinks and cabinets adds to the charm of this eye-catching open bathroom.

luxurious setting in the open bathroom

8. A Semi-open Bathroom with Multiple Windows to Get the Best View

The highlight of this open bathroom design is the multiple open windows. With this bathroom design, you will get an unobstructed view of the outside from every corner of the space. You can use a soft off-white colour palette to blend with the surroundings.

If you are interested in bathroom vanity designs, you can create a vanity cabinet with a single sink. To make the vanity the central point of the bathroom, you can ensure the bathroom has a minimalist design.

You can do so by pairing off-white with golden and black accents. You can use this throughout the room for shower heads and mirrors.

semi-open bathroom with multiple windows

9. A Detailed Terrace with Wood and Open Shower

This design stands out because this open concept bathroom is on the terrace. This concept allows you to play with a lot of texture. You can mix the patterned floor tiles with the wooden accent wall and the vases to make the space soothing.

To add an earthy feel to your open bathroom, you can add a bathtub made of stone. Pairing it with the slab ceiling will make you feel connected to the outside space from the privacy of your home.

detailed terrace with wood

10. Use Floor to Ceiling Windows for a Contemporary Style Open Bathroom

The floor-to-ceiling window is a great way to get the most out of the sunlight in the open bathroom. The bathtub has been strategically placed beside the window to ensure you can enjoy the view while maintaining privacy.

You can also place a layer of small rocks around the bathtub to create a natural rocky texture. White bright lights from the side light up the space at night.

floor-to-ceiling window

11. Remove the Ceiling and Enjoy the Warmth of the Sun

This open bathroom is perfect for bathing while enjoying the afternoon sun. The warmth from the sunlight and the patterned walls help to create a very tranquil setting.

The rectangular tiled floor makes the round bathtub the highlight of the bathroom. You can attach a large mirror and some lights to enhance the style of this open bathroom.

round bathtub in open bathroom

12.  Separate the Rooms Using a Glass Wall

Connect your bathroom to your bedroom with the help of black rimmed glass wall. You can place the bathtub near the window, with a macrame chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

To make the space look elegant, you can create a bathroom pop design using a colourful rug, green plants and golden accents. You can also augment the old-school aesthetic of this open bathroom by placing double sinks on a vintage vanity.

black rimmed glass wall for bathroom


Well-designed open bathrooms provide an appealing and sophisticated aesthetic without compromising functionality. Bathroom privacy is a matter of personal preference. So choose a wall separation or keep it open; it is up to you. Explore the ideas mentioned above for open bathroom designs and make your choice. For any further help, you can head over to our expert Homelane. 

well-designed open bathrooms


1. What is the open bathroom concept?

A. This is an increasingly popular trend among the elite and luxurious homes worldwide. The concept of an open bathroom refers to a bathroom that is not separated from different areas within the same room using any walls or partitions.

This trend first appeared in hotels and has now made its way into private houses and apartments. The spa-like bathroom concept opens up new design possibilities for the owner. In bathrooms with an open concept design, the bathtub acts as the focal point, creating a spa-like atmosphere.

2. How do you make an open concept bathroom?

A. A luxurious open-concept bathroom creates a relaxing minimalist setting. However, the conceptualisation behind this can be tricky. Here are 5 design tips to help you with your open bathroom concept:

  1. Pick a minimal and toned-down colour scheme to ensure a good flow of tones.
  2. Do not overdo the décor. An overstriking design will become distracting.
  3. Use consistent lighting for an overall seamless look.
  4. Incorporate sleek aesthetics and big veined marble tiles to create a seamless and luxurious finish.
  5. Finally, opt for clear doors with glass walls if required. You can also use curtains. This will add some sense of privacy while allowing the natural flow of light.

3. Can you have an open bathroom in the bedroom?

A. An open bathroom in the master bedroom is a very controversial design to many homeowners. But when designed and executed skillfully, it can add a sense of luxuriousness to the room. There are many ideas and options that you can design in the open bathroom in the bedroom.

Some of these ideas are adding glass walls, sliding doors, sleek aesthetics, and a watertight space. For homeowners concerned about privacy and personal space, the bathroom does not have to open up to your sleeping area completely. It can just be included in small elements. This way, an open bathroom will merely be an extension of the master bedroom.

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