While modern science and technology have come a long way over the years, certain religious beliefs cannot be replaced. Even with the advancement of architecture and interior decor, the ancient Hindu view of decorating and organising the house per Vastu is hard to change. Vastu Shastra has a huge significance in India, and no Indian Hindu home is considered truly auspicious until it’s Vastu compliant.

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If you’ve recently relocated to a new home, are in the process of buying one or just reorganising your current home and looking for Vastu Decorative Items for Home, this guide is for you!

7 Vastu Home Decor Elements for Your Home to Invite Positivity

Considering home decor as per Vastu? Here are a few Vastu home decor items to make your house perfect!

1. Place a Laughing Buddha Statue to Spread Smiles

If you always thought the only point of keeping a laughing buddha statue at home was to complement the decor, you might be mistaken! The laughing buddha statue is amongst the most relevant Vastu decorative items for the home. As per this science, the gleeful face of stout buddha symbolises happiness and abundance. It is believed to remove all the heaviness and burden from your life and replace it with joy and prosperity. So consider placing a laughing buddha statue in the southeast direction of your home and witness the difference. 

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2. Vibrant Artwork to Attract Wholesomeness

Looking for aesthetic Vastu decorative items? As per Vastu Shastra, hanging pictures and paintings on the walls can shift your home’s atmosphere. If you get your hands on a vibrant wall painting – hang it on the eastern or southern wall of your living room to bring optimism and cheerfulness. Other Vastu good luck paintings for the home that you can go for include pictures of different landscapes, flowers, horses, etc.

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3. Decorate Your Centre Table with a Flower Bowl for Positivity

This Vastu decorative item could come in handy for you! In Vastu Shastra, placing a bowl filled with flower petals and rosewater is believed to send positivity throughout your home. This aesthetically pleasing Vastu decor item will also bring harmony and calmness to your life. So if you are looking for a centrepiece for your living room tea table, this bowl of flowers and rosewater can do the trick while helping you uplift your home’s spirit.vastu decorative item

4. Remove Negative Aura from Your Home with Wind Chimes

Wind chimes Vastu has huge relevance. So if you wish to reap the benefits of Vastu Shastra, you should consider putting this Vastu decorative item in your house. This Vastu-approved gizmo purifies your home’s energy and eliminates any negativity from the air. Hang it in your window pelmet or verandah and let its mellow music fill your house. Not to mention how this tiny addition will beautifully elevate the semblance of your home, making it look calm and serene. aesthetic vastu decorative items

5. Elephant Figurines to Bring Wealth and Prosperity

Since Vastu Shastra is a revered Hindu architectural science, it derives many rules from the Hindu culture. And it’s no secret – elephants have a huge significance in Hinduism. One of the longest-standing Vastu tips for your living room, the elephant statue, is believed to be one of the most prosperous Vastu decorative items for the home. As the mammal embodies happiness, abundance, and positivity, according to the Hindus, placing them near the entryway brings prosperity and blocks negativity. vastu decorative items for the home

6. Lush Green Houseplants Do Wonders in Attracting Auspiciousness

If you need one reason to get indoor plants, here’s the best one. In Vastu Shastra, indoor plants are said to affect the house and its inhabitants positively. More than anything, plants like tulsi, lucky bamboo, snake plant and jade are believed to bring luck and health to the family members. Therefore, these are quintessential Vastu decorative items for the home. Put them in the east or northern end of the house to be Vastu compliant.  vastu home decor

7. A Bowl of Crystal to Help Remove Negative Energy

Crystals are some of the best decorative items, as per Vastu. If you feel surrounded by negative energies and despair, get a bowl of crystals and see the effect of this decorative item. It is believed that crystals soak in all the negativity from their surrounding atmosphere and allow positivity to roam around. An exceptionally wonderful Vastu decor item for the bedroom if you suffer from sleep issues like insomnia or sleep paralysis.

vastu decor item for the bedroom


If your home isn’t in compliance with Vastu Shastra, don’t worry – these Vastu decorative items for your home will save you the hassle. Just welcome these elements into your space and enjoy positivity and auspiciousness! 

We hope these small decor ideas and Vastu decorative items for your home will help you lead a healthy, wealthy, and peaceful life. For more tips on Vastu and home decor, book your appointment with a HomeLane professional today!  vastu decorative items for living room


1. Which Showpiece Is Lucky for Home?

There are several showpieces and statues that are considered prosperous in Vastu. However, stone or crystal figurines of a tortoise, elephant and the buddha statue are amongst the most significant ones as they are believed to bring positivity and prosperity.

2. How Should We Decorate Our House as per Vastu Shastra?

Some basic Vastu Shastra rules you must follow include- avoiding south-west facing homes and circular rooms. Additionally, Vastu Shastra also suggests that the centre of any house should be a free space – without any heavy furniture or decor.

3. What Things Should Not Be Kept at Home, as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, paintings and figurines of animals and birds, like pigs, snakes, eagles, crows, vultures, etc., should not be kept at home. Other than this, cracked or broken mirrors and wilted plants should also be removed as soon as possible. 

4. Can Vastu Dosh Be Removed from a House?

Yes, it is possible to remove Vastu dosh from a house by making a few changes. For example, if the Vastu dosh spreads negativity in your household, placing crystals can help remove the negativity and invite positivity. 

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