Modern net door design ideas for grilles are more than a means to beautify your entryway. They are an effective measure to keep your abode safe and secured. Adding an aesthetic net door can reinforce the feeling of security that only your home can provide.

modern net door

Here are 12 attractive modern net door design ideas that make style and safety go hand in hand. Draw inspiration from them and uplift your entryway!

1. Classic Net Door Design for Strength and Protection

Classic net door designs with grid-pattern grilles have been in vogue forever. They have a timeless aesthetic, making them an ideal choice for all entryways. This design works well with single doors, as shown in the image above. But if you install this design for double doors, you will be equally delighted.

Consider this style when you want a simple yet attractive modern net door design that ensures ample strength and protection for your entrance.classic net door design

2. Net Door Idea with Mesh Grilles for Rustic Vibe

Net door designs combined with mesh grilles make for a fine rustic entryway idea. Draw inspiration from the door pictured above to add a unique design touch by opting for a complementing grille atop the entrance. This combination serves as an amazing double-door design style. Opt for a matching colour pattern for the grilles, and you will have a winning net door idea.

double-door designnet double-door design

3. Geometric Modern Net Door Design to Lend a Versatile Charm

The versatility of geometric grilles is that they look fabulous, regardless of whether you use them for your entryway or kitchen door design. One of the most popular grille patterns that work well with modern net door design ideas is the one shown in the example above. Try experimenting with a triangle, oval, circle, or mix-and-match design to lend your door a unique appeal while ensuring complete security for your home.

geometric modern net door design

4. Floral Style Grille with Net Door to Create an Exquisite Look

Here’s an example of a grille with exquisite floral-style motifs that attracts immediate attention. Combine such a grille pattern with a modern net door design and give your entryway an instant makeover. The example of the door above uses a black-and-white combination. But you can play around with different colours and lend your door a stunning effect. Go for complementing wall colour to complete the look.floral style grille door

5. Modern Net Door Design to Go the Quirky Way

The interesting thing about quirky net door designs is that you don’t have to conform to set standards. Rather, allow your imagination to run free and come up with a creative idea. Take a look at the example above, and notice how the grille has been attached to the door from the exterior. Apply this modern wooden net door design for your home by replacing the back of the grille with a net, and get ready to lend your entrance a grand look.wooden net door design

6. Iron Grille Door Idea That Ensures Safety

If you are looking for a modern net door design that ensures optimum safety, it would be ideal to use iron. The example above illustrates the use of iron to create a safety door design that is easy to operate and aesthetically gorgeous. The all-black colour gives the door a sleek, sophisticated look. Such a design will easily enhance your house’s curb appeal and turn your entryway into a conversation starter.  iron grille door idea

7. Aesthetic Net Door for Modern Homes

When you want to infuse style and functionality in your net door design, combining wood and iron should do the trick. The image above illustrates this idea, with how the door adds a unique character to the entrance. If you are open to experimenting with different materials, try using a sunmica door design instead of wood and give your entryway a more customised touch. Go for an intricate grille design to further elevate the appeal of this modern net door design idea.aesthetic net door for modern homes

8. Modern Net Door Design to Exude a Gothic Appeal

Here’s a modern net door design that calls for special mention. The decorated door incorporates a Gothic aesthetic into the surroundings. It is a simple idea to use an iron grille with a net door design. But the application of wood in a unique pattern makes the door stand out. For those of you who want your entryways to be an interesting blend of exquisiteness and functionality, it is worth investing in such a door design, regardless of whether you opt for the stucco work or not.gothic appeal net door design

9. Ornamental Net Door Design Idea to Add a Vintage Touch

Are you someone who adores all things vintage? We have the perfect modern net door design idea to incorporate a vintage appeal in your entryway. Have you noticed the gorgeous vintage-style door in the image above? The perfect blend of rich blue wood colour and black grille motifs offsets the neutral wall colour. While this idea works perfectly for small entryways, you can also adopt it for larger entrances. Try experimenting with light colours if you find a combination like the one above to be too overwhelming. ornamental net door design idea

10. Full-Length Door Design Idea to Create a Lasting Impression

Doors with full-length iron grilles set in wooden frames are an easy and effective means to add grandeur to your home entrance. The example above shows such a modern net door design. While the door frame in the image features a simple look, you can opt for a carved wooden frame with an exotic motif all over. Full-length grilles within a carved wooden frame will lend your door a matchless appeal. full-length iron grilles door

11. A Colorful Door Design Idea for a Fresh Look

Here’s a bright and colourful modern net door design idea for you. Looking at the image above, you will notice that the grilles in this design are installed outside. This adds a fresh touch to the whole setting. The bright colour of the wooden door further adds to the unique charm of the net door. A pair of door handles in a golden hue completes the structure’s look. Take inspiration from this design and create a dramatic appeal for your main door.colourful modern net door design idea

12. Arched Door Design Idea to Lend an Old-World Charm

There’s no denying that arched doors carry a majestic appeal. If you want to infuse old-world charm in your entryway, an arched modern net door design is a great choice. What’s interesting is that arched doors with grilles can instantly uplift the mood of any entryway. Whether you have a single or double door, the combination of arched glass and grille above a net door can serve as an ideal setting for the entrance. arched door design idea


An impressiveC can enhance your entryway décor and create an instant impression. We hope the above ideas will help you select the right door for merging security and aesthetics. If you want more ideas and guidance, get in touch with our design consultants at Homelane!attractive modern net door design


1. What Are the Popular Grille Patterns Used with Modern Net Door Design?

The popular grille patterns used with modern net door design include grids, mesh, floral motifs, and geometric patterns. Traditional motifs and auspicious symbols are also quite popular among homeowners. These include designs such as the lotus, the sun, etc.

2. What Types of Locks Can Be Used to Lock Net Door Designs?

When it comes to locks for modern net door designs, plenty of options are available. These include padlocks, mortise, deadbolts, and even keypad locks. You can also opt for a smart lock that can be operated through a smartphone. You will have to input the password on your phone to unlock the door. 

3. Which Materials Can Be Used for Making Grilles for Net Door Designs?

You can use several materials to make grilles for net door designs. Some of the popular materials include the following:

  • Iron: Iron is the strongest material used to make grilles. This material can be moulded to shape grilles in any chosen design. The only drawback is that it can rust when it comes in contact with humidity and moisture. But regular maintenance can help overcome this drawback.
  • Steel: Steel is a highly durable material that can sustain in internal and external environments. Grilles made of steel are heavy and strong. They can resist moisture. Also, steel is easy to maintain and can be used to create grille designs of various designs and styles.
  • Aluminium: Aluminium is another material that finds extensive use for making grilles. This material can be fashioned into grilles of different designs. Aluminium is a rust-proof material that can withstand outdoor weather conditions. But one drawback of this material is that it isn’t as strong as steel or iron.

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